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Thread: SO SASSY SAS: Ant Middleton Declares War On Victim Mindset In Extract From New Book The Fear Bubble

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    SO SASSY SAS: Ant Middleton Declares War On Victim Mindset In Extract From New Book The Fear Bubble

    Source: The Sun

    FROM losing his dad at the age of five to witnessing the horrors of war first hand, SAS: Who Dares Wins star Ant Middleton has endured more than his fair share of trauma.

    But the former special forces sniper says that far from being scarred by the experiences, he is 100 per cent fine.

    Which is why he is so alarmed by the number of people with far *easier lives who are willing to make excuses for themselves and wallow in their victim status.

    In his new book, The Fear Bubble, Ant explains how he harnesses fear to overcome lifes challenges. Here, in an exclusive extract, he dismisses the snowflake culture.

    People have found a way of making victimhood work for them, and are broadcasting their messages of complaint and accusation to try to raise themselves up.

    These people are dominating our national conversation. They look at reality and choose to see only dangers.

    They blame everyone else for these dangers, persuading other people to make special allowances and alter their behaviour to accommodate their wishes.

    I feel the pressure to conform to todays victim culture all the time. These people dont like the fact that a man like me can be happy, successful and positive in my outlook.

    Ive been to war. Ive witnessed absolute horrors, men wailing in shock and agony with their own intestines cradled in their arms, and eight-year-olds strapped up with explosives and used as *suicide bombers.

    Ive picked up a wig, in a *terrorist encampment, only to realise it was a fresh human scalp. Ive carried the headless, limbless torso of a fellow marine on to one stretcher and helped stack his severed body parts on to another.

    Ive committed acts of street violence. Ive been kicked out of the police force for drink-driving. Ive taken steroids. Ive lost my father. Ive been to prison.

    And I have not been damaged by any of it. Im absolutely 100 per cent fine.

    In fact, Im more than fine. Im loving life. And yet time and time again Im told, But Ant, you cant be fine. You must be damaged. You must be traumatised.

    When I insist Im not, these people refuse to accept it. Youve killed people, so you must have suffered, they say.

    Not at all, I reply. In fact, I miss the battlefield almost every day.


    But how can you live with yourself? People are dead because of you. It was nothing personal. It was what I had to do.

    Well, there must be something wrong with you, youre just not admitting it. Youre out of touch with your emotions. In denial. Youre too caught up in your own toxic masculinity.

    Ive had conversations along these lines dozens of times with various people. When I dont fit the assumptions of the victim mindset, they respond with *disbelief then become offended.

    Whats truly sick about all this is that they actually want me to be traumatised. They want me to have nightmares and an alcohol problem. They want me to suffer from PTSD.

    My life isnt a victim story, and that just doesnt compute with them. They take my happiness and healthiness as a personal insult. Im continually being given the message that its not OK to be OK.

    Well, Im here to tell you that this is a grotesque way of seeing the world. It is diabolical. It *condemns positivity and *success, and celebrates pain and damage.

    But believe me, I do understand how useful the victim mindset can be. Crying victim is the most efficient way of cheating the system.

    Some time after my arrest for assaulting a police officer, the charges were raised from actual bodily harm to grievous bodily harm because the officer in question claimed he had suffered permanent damage to his eye.

    On top of that, I was charged with common assault against a female officer who I never *actually touched. Apparently she felt that her safety was under threat, and in todays victimhood culture, if a person feels harmed then they are harmed.

    Id hoped that I would get away with a fine or a caution, and was surprised that this was actually going to trial. At one point, however, someone on my team offered me an almost guaranteed way out.

    The reason you flipped out is because of your experience of war, he said. Its as simple as that. Its trauma. PTSD.

    It simply wouldnt have happened had you not witnessed the horrors of conflict in *service to your country.

    Add in the traumatic loss of your father at a young age, too, and the argument starts to make itself.

    All you need to do is apologise, talk about your PTSD, get some psychological help, therapy or counselling or whatever, and we can easily make this go away, Im almost certain of it.

    Absolutely not, I said. Im here because I made a bad choice. Thats what happened. I dont have PTSD.

    Despite this apparent opportunity to *wriggle out of trouble, I chose to take responsibility for my actions. Although I was hopeful that the judge wouldnt send me to prison, I was *willing to take that risk.

    When he sent me down for 14 months I didnt regret my decision for an instant. I wasnt the victim of *circumstance. This was all my fault. I had made a choice.

    A bad one. And I would accept the *consequences. Its unfortunate that we live in an age in which my decision might be seen as surprising or unusual.

    Its as if no one accepts they should be held accountable for their actions any more. If someone wants to manipulate the system for personal gain, they simply find a way of being a victim.

    This kind of negativity can only breed more negativity. If thats your mindset and your focus, then thats who youre going to become.


    People who are motivated to see the world as made up of competing victim groups are condemned to become the kind of people that they claim to despise.

    If you decide to view reality as being made up of warring genders or racial groups then thats the world your mind will create for you.

    And then what happens? As soon as youre in that world, youll pick your team.

    And human minds being human minds, youll start being biased towards your own team and prejudiced against the other one.

    Youll start bitching out your rival group, only ever seeing the worst in them. And guess what? Now youve become a sexist. Now youve become a racist. Congratulations. Welcome to victimhood hell.

    The truth about victimhood is that everyone has some fact they can point to that proves that life is more difficult for them I was poor, I was abused, my dad was a drug addict, my mum hit me, I was depressed, I hated my body, I was ugly, I was bullied, I drank too much.

    The list never ends. What about this one? I, Ant Middleton, am the victim of multiple sexual assaults. I am harassed repeatedly, whenever I make a public appearance.

    If I had a pound for every time a woman groped me, Id be able to buy myself a solid gold crown with V for victim picked out on it in rare *diamonds and rubies.

    Im a married man. Even if I werent, its not at all pleasant to be treated like this.

    Or how about this one? You might not be aware that theres a well-established prejudice in society against short men.


    Male leaders in business, politics and the military are significantly taller than average. At 5ft 8in I, Ant Middleton, am a short man.

    This isnt one of the fashionable prejudices that receives endless attention in the media or gets government funding and special programmes.

    But even if it were, Id never dream of using it as an excuse. Quite the contrary you use such prejudices as extra motivation. You use them as fuel.

    I worry, too, about the effect that victim culture is having on our children. That be careful message that parents and teachers *bombard kids with as a matter of course has gone haywire.

    Theyre being raised in a *victimhood culture and its terrifying for them. By the age of 12 or 13 theyre often suffering from anxiety and depression.

    Were filling these little minds with fear and negativity. What kind of adults are they going to turn into?

    What victimhood culture doesnt comprehend is that you cant remove all conflict and pain from the world. Its *simply not possible.

    There are always going to be winners and losers in life. But in trying to eradicate it from childhood we are failing our kids. Its through conflict and pain that they learn how to deal with conflict and pain.

    Its how they learn courage. Its how they come to understand that when they do lose, which will inevitably happen, they can pick themselves up, brush themselves off and try to win the next time.

    We dont have to conform to victim culture. We can fight back, allowing our children to be children and our teenagers to be teenagers.

    We dont have to tread on eggshells whenever we talk. I never go out of my way to offend, but no matter what you say in this day and age someone will always be offended.

    Peoples offence is their own problem. When I get any negativity over something Ive said or done, I usually ignore it.

    As long as you have the courage to be brutally honest with yourself about your flaws, no verbal abuse ever has the power to knock you over.

    "I identify as fascistkin so my pronouns are hit/hitler/hitlerself." - Roxie Wolf

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    Everyone is a victim these days because society tolerates it.

    If these snowflakes were told enough times to shut the fuck up and deal with it, they'd go away and you wouldn't hear of everyone being offended, hurt, upset, ad infinitum about everything in the world.
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