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Thread: An Archaic Revival in the Kali Yuga

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    An Archaic Revival in the Kali Yuga

    By Natasha Maria.

    Source: Triggerwarning

    There is a demand within our soul for the primitive and archaic. The veins are pumping hard beneath the spectacle, and be it by natural growth or a violent eruption, the soul of humanity will get what it needs and desires.

    Let me preface this article by saying I am not interested in the partisan spectacle which, much like a toxic vortex, pulls us into it’s ‘pendulum’ like gravity. It is my preference to be non-attached and approach politics in a ‘meta’ or ‘apolitia’ manner. I do have ideological positions, but what matters most is ‘seeing’ and ‘comprehending’ the higher direction and currents which are taking place. Being pulled into the spectacle can be as destructive as a harmful drug. Transcend it as much as you possibly can, despite being immersed within the swirling ruins.

    In the Darkness

    If you have not noticed already, or have not much read, we are living in the depths of the Kali Yuga. The darkest of the cyclical stages according to the Puranas, and elucidated on specifically in the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. Metaphorically speaking, and one way to see it, is that the Earth is furthest from the Sun, as in, the mundane is furthest from the Transcendent. There is a wide divorce between the mundane and the Transcendent. The veil is thickest, order has decayed into disorder, harmony into disharmony, coherency into incoherency. Without the light, crude materialism reigns. The once vertical, which aspires to the Transcendent Ideal, dissolves into the crude horizontal. Just as there are seasons in nature, cyclical stages, we are in the winter.

    This does not mean doom and despair, though if ensnared in the incoherency it certainly can be such suffering. It is said though one is immersed in the Kali Yuga physically, it is also a state of Being. At the most ideal, one may be externally living in the Kali Yuga, but their inner state can be that of the Satya Yuga. I cannot say who or if such is fully possible, but it is best to aspire to it in humility and to the best of one’s ability and resources. It can be debated as to which is the ‘best’ or ‘correct’ path. A perennialist may see each as ‘correct’ in their own way, to the individual, while not being a relativist in such, only seeing the flexibility and spectrum. Others may disagree, declaring another method more ‘correct’, or accurately put, more ‘efficient’. This is beyond the scope of this article, but relevant all the same.

    Archaic Revival

    Terrence McKenna, his egalitarian and leftist inclinations aside, stated that we are experiencing or soon to experience what he called an ‘archaic revival’. Rampant materialism, base quantification, neurotic dog-eat-dog capitalism, nihilistic consumerism, we have become encased in the dross results of industrialism. It has morphed into the bizarre spectacle that is late capitalism, with its political partisan circus and soft totalitarianism. It has deprived us of vital aspects which ancient civilizations held as cornerstones. Be it ceremonies and rituals reenacting eternal mythos, the vital function of family and tribal community, a better understanding of what the psyche and soul needs rather than big pharm substitution or vain consumerism, and the use of psychoactive plants which in this darkest of dark we are of in dire need. McKenna saw the ‘free love’, tattooing, scarification, piercing, drumming, gender and sexual spectrum, polyamory, communal attempts; as transgressions against the suffocation of the materialism we breathe. These attempts, sometimes foolhardy or misplaced, other times beneficial, are man’s desperate attempt to bring forth the archaic which we once were but now sorely lack.

    nterestingly we are seeing this again, despite how materialism attempts to commodify and degrade it at every turn, we are seeing this primitive resurgence. We are seeing this from the left and right, or better put, from those who are inclined to a partnership model and those inclined to the dominator model. These concepts were first theorized by Riane Eisler, and then discussed extensively by McKenna. Briefly put, the partnership model is more egalitarian, an interdependent mesh which allows a spectrum of individual expression, more communal and ‘feminine’ inclined. As opposed to the dominator model, which is hierarchical, applies force and vertical structure, has strict order and is highly ‘masculine’ inclined. McKenna advocated for a change to a more partnership model, particularly away from the toxically overly competitive industrialist structure, and away from Abrahamic restriction. Personally, I do not subscribe to one being ‘morally better’ than the other, for both are expressions of nature in their own way. Although it is also important not to project our ideological inclination onto nature, for nature simply is.

    We are currently seeing an archaic resurgence of both expressions. And while they oppose and contrast with one another, there are deeper background current(s) of which they are deriving from, and for a reason.

    More: Triggerwarning
    “Every integral man has inside him, in his heart of hearts, a mystic center around which all else revolves. This mystic whirling lends unity to his thoughts and actions; it helps him find or invent the cosmic harmony. For some this center is love, for others kindness or beauty, others the thirst for knowledge or the longing for gold and power. They examine the relative value of all else and subordinate it to this central passion.” - Nikos Kazantzakis, 'Report to Greco'

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    This reminds me of what Guillaume Faye talked about regarding Archeo-Futurism, how we are heading towards a merging of the archaic with the modern.

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