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Thread: Prostitution and 'Sex Work'

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    Post Prostitution and 'Sex Work'

    My personal view on prostitution has always been negative. I find the idea of paying someone for something that should always be mutually consensual between adult men and women to be abominable.

    While walking downtown to a bookstore at the age of twelve, I was propositioned by a middle-aged prostitute, which frightened me, and I ran away from her.

    At the age of nineteen, I was propositioned by two younger women while walking by a local university campus on my way to a library, to which I sternly responded, "No thanks".

    While serving in the army a year later, I encountered three more incidents involving such illicit propositions, to which I walked away from while feeling disgusted.

    Around the age of twenty-eight, I encountered an attractive, well-dressed, young woman in a local bar I frequented at the time. She was emotionally disturbed and wanted to know if she could leave with me. So I escorted her to my car while trying to ascertain just exactly what was obviously troubling her so badly. This is when she slid up against me and revealed her true colors by saying, "If you buy me a bottle of Jack Daniels I'll go home with you."

    Well, that cut right through me like a sword. So I took this troubled vixen to another bar I used to frequent, seated her shapely behind on a bar stool, and had the bartender set a fifth of JD whiskey in front of her that I paid for. I then whispered in her pretty little ear, "Very well. I provided you with what you really want, so enjoy your evening with it." And then I walked out of the bar and went home with my manly pride intact.

    I recently discovered that the sordid practice of prostitution now extends to the Internet as well as the real world due to a couple of chance encounters I had on seemingly benign forums not even related to sexual matters.

    The topic, "The Thot Audit (It Has Begun)" started by Chlodovech concerning these seductive online prostitutes inspired me to compose this topic concerning the world's second oldest profession. (The first being war, of course.).


    Prostitution is a gendered, sexualized, and racialized labor system, one that typically involves the exchange of sexual services for money, goods, or other benefits. Sex work encompasses different types of intimate arrangements that blur the boundaries between erotic, emotional, and economic labor. Sex work is also part of an industry and commercial market that is global in reach and diverse in its spatial, legal, and occupational organization. This article investigates the multifaceted dimensions of prostitution and sex work in a twenty-first century context. In it, we explore how sex work as an intimate form of labor has evolved alongside other social and economic shifts, such as technology innovations and the growth of neoliberal globalization. We further examine the divergent contexts in which sex work takes place, how scholars have differentially approached its study and how states' employment of disparate regulatory strategies and antiprostitution policies have, in many instances, stigmatized sex workers."
    Aside from an ever increasing number of mortals who have willfully chosen to worship Satan and his minions, our battle has always been against the powers and principalities operating surreptitiously throughout this twisted world.

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