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Thread: Germany The Least Pure Germanic Nation?

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    Germany The Least Pure Germanic Nation?

    Do you see Germany and Austria as least pure Germanic nations?

    There is sadly a significant slavic genetic influence in parts of both nations.

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    If we are speaking about ancestry/genetics, which I guess, then all Germanic peoples have seen some degree of admixture with non-Germanics and that early on in their history, already a thousand years ago.

    We have some DNA samples from ancient Germanics by now (Anglo-Saxons, Vendel Era Scandinavians, Longobards, Alamanni (but the samples are probably actually transplanted Longobards) and a few probable Ostrogoths) but all of them are a few centuries late. Most of them seem to come out rather like modern North Dutch/Frisians.
    But as long as we don't have samples from the Jastorf area we can't really be sure what the early Germanics (and what you see as that is actually a matter of definition, when does that begin and when does it stop?) were like genetically.

    But modern Germany actually isn't a well researched country genetically, most studies I've seen haven't got any German samples as comparison for that reason.

    But here's one at least and I guess they probably used samples from Schleswig-Holstein, Bavarian Swabia (Augsburg) and possibly from Saxony (Leipzig) because these are the only ones I know:

    You can barely make them out because they got swallowed up in that huge Celto-Germanic blob, so they aren't much different genetically, but they're in orange.
    The most visible one is probably not ethnically German at all but an Irish expat because there's simply no reason why any German would come out on the edge of the Irish cluster and actually even on the other side of it (so basically he would be more Irish than the Irish samples of that study).

    Most of the others we can see are on the edge of the Celto-Germanic cluster, somewhat drawn to the edge of the Polish samples. But this edge of the Polish cluster must have significant Germanic ancestry themselves.
    As we can judge from the fact that the Sorb samples (the somewhat admixed but still almost pure pre-Germanic Slavic remnants of Eastern Germany) in purple actually come out as more Slavic than those Poles.
    And actually some of the Scots in dark green (of whom they could have used a bit less for visibility's sake) are almost equally close to those easternmost Germans.
    And the other ones we can, barely, make out are simply right within the Celto-Germanic cluster.

    See also this post of mine.
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    Ancient DNA: List of All Studies analyzing DNA of Ancient Tribes and Ethnicities(post-2010)

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