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Thread: Europe’s Monetary Sins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drusilla View Post
    Do things have to keep "growing"? Yeah, that's what everybody wants. Not that I agree with it. Forcing it at any price is the worst way. The problem is that the whole world is extremely competitive and no one wants to be left behind.

    Is it counter-productive? It depends. If you have enough resources (not just capital) it's the best thing you can do, so much that several companies spend absurd amounts on R&D.

    But how do we do it without creating lots of trouble for our own contries and culture?

    I was in the hypothetical field. It depends on the country.

    Without being specific you create incentives for private equity to do this for you (mutual interest). And you invest massively in education, in the same style that South Korea did in the 1970s.

    With this you use a short-term plan to pay for a cultural change that will benefit the next generations.

    South Korea are the successful cases of this policy. Oh! China in certain points has the same policy but in the case of China nothing is what it seems to be... And China has several advantages like being the industrial park of the whole world, literally.

    Europe is fragmented as always.

    Will things get worse? In the short / medium term? Yes. It's a very uncertain time in terms of technology. For everyone.
    For sure, you can have growth without sacrificing country and culture, not to mention the people. But that doesn't seem to be the way things are done, it is of course all designed to fail/sellout to the Third world.

    My country, Australia has an abundance of coal resources and yet they are closing down coal mines. Plenty of goods and materials that we could easily make here are instead imported. Meanwhile, companies even export labor by having offshore customer support centres where the staff can barely speak English and their customer service skills are shocking.

    Put aside the obvious master plan at work and there plenty of things that can be done to keep things growing and increase wealth for all.

    The Education system in many Western countries needs an overhaul as well as the teachers just push their Left wing cancer on the kids. Again, all part of the master plan.
    I grew up on a belief of honour, courage and the old world values. The world isn't about that anymore, preferring to die a slow death of fast food and cheap thrills.

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