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Thread: With Northern Ireland Govt in Crisis, UK to Impose Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage

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    Christian Charity Loses Access to Banking After LGBT Activists Campaign

    Barclays bank has reportedly informed a Christian charity in Northern Ireland that it will have its banking facilities revoked following an online pressure campaign mounted by LGBT activists, who claimed that the organisation engaged in so-called gay conversion therapy.

    The Christian charity, Core Issues Trust (CIT), said that Barclays informed them that their bank account will be terminated by September. CIT claimed that the move came after pressure from an LGBT social media campaign that targetted the group for allegedly practising conversion therapy.

    The charity also said that they were removed from Facebook, as well as from Paypal, who terminated its CIT accounts without warning and with no explanation, restricting the ability of supporters to make donations.

    The CEO of CIT, Mike Davidson told regional newspaper The Belfast News Letter: If a social media mob can cause a bank to close the account of a Christian ministry, then there is nowhere for Biblically faithful Christian ministries to go. The UK is now becoming an intensely intolerant country, Davidson warned.

    Andrea Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, said: If it is Core Issues Trust first, it will be churches next This refusing of services to a Christian ministry is demonization. The move to refuse banking services may have breached
    Section 28 of The Fair Employment and Treatment (Northern Ireland) Order 1998, the newspaper claimed, which prohibits banks from discriminating in the services they provide.

    In response, Barclays said: We do not comment on individual cases. Our terms and conditions like other banks allow us to end a relationship with any customer, provided we give two months notice.

    Core Issues Trust said that the organisations purpose is to challenge gender confusion; upholding science and conscience. The group says that they attempt to help people who wish to move away from gender dysphoria (gender dysphoria being an NHS-recognised condition where somebody feels discomfort because they believe they belong to a different gender like a man who says he feels like a woman). The Christian charity says that it engages in one-to-one support for individuals voluntarily seeking to leave homosexual behaviours and feelings which some characterise as a form of conversion therapy.

    The CEO of the charity, Mike Davidson, rejected that terminology, telling the lobby group Christian Concern: This is a pejorative, imposed term, coined by an American gay activist, Dr Douglas Haldeman in 1991, that names some extremes such as electro-shock and aversion techniques only ever conducted by medics, long since abandoned from the 60s, or extreme behaviours already outlawed such as corrective rape for which there are no prosecutions in the UK. Because the term speaks of talking therapies and counselling as pseudo-science in association with these extremes, to be heard defending talking therapy and counselling for unwanted same-sex attractions is then taken to be a defence of the indefensible Conversion Therapy label. We reject this accusatory term, Davidson added.

    Organisations who offer therapy for people who wish to abandon sexual urges have become increasingly a target of activist groups. The pressure has resulted in Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing that his Conservative government will be looking to ban conversion therapy. On the gay conversion therapy thing, I think thats absolutely abhorrent and has no place in a civilised society, and has no place in this country, said the Prime Minister. What we are going to do is a study right now on, you know, where is this actually happening, how prevalent is it, and we will then bring forward plans to ban it, Johnson went on.

    A leading Liberal Democrat leadership candidate and self-described pansexual, Layla Moran, said that Mr Johnsons conversion therapy statements were welcome, but said that urgent government action to end this outdated and harmful practice for good. Gendered Intelligence, a trans charity, criticised the Prime Minister for the use of the term gay conversion therapy, saying: Whilst we hope the prime minister used gay conversion therapy for brevity, we must ensure the ban on conversion therapy covers all LGBT people, including trans people.

    Anymore, freedom of speech, and faith, only matters if you belong to the leftists.

    It wont stop with transgender issues. For example I expect religious schools to be cut off from banking for refusing to hire teachers who live in any way at all antithetical to the schools religious doctrine.

    Naturally, such practices will be limited to Christian schools. The Islamic indoctrination centres will be given a free pass, allowed to say and do whatever they please. Real hate is never punished - as evidenced by the BLM thugs and the free reign (of terror) they are afforded.

    Conversion therapy? The GayKGB should be thankful someone cares enough to lift them out of their wretched lifestyle.

    Islam and the LGBTQ+ groups share the most important trait and that is absolute hatred for Jesus Christ. Hatred for Jesus binds them together forever.

    Christian Charity Loses Access to Banking After LGBT Activists Campaign

    26 VII 2020.

    LGBT acceptance and laws have to be imposed from the top. The only need for them is for promotion of the LGBT agenda.

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    TV doctor tells court he did not want to cause Arlene Foster distress

    Television Presenter Doctor Christian Jessen arrives at Belfast High Court.

    A celebrity doctor has said he posted false rumours that Northern Irelands First Minister Arlene Foster was having an affair to expose any possible hypocrisy.

    Dr Christian Jessen told the High Court in Belfast that he didnt want to cause Arlene Foster any distress when he tweeted an unsubstantiated rumour of an extra-marital affair. He admitted that the tweet, posted in December 2019, would have been unpleasant for her.

    First Minister Arlene Foster.

    The TV presenter Dr Jessen, who appeared in court for the libel proceedings, said he posted the tweet based on rumours he read about on social media. The rumour was based on an allegation she had an affair with a close protection officer.

    Dr Jessen, who is best known for the Embarrassing Bodies TV show on Channel 4, is being sued over the tweet. Top of Form
    Bottom of Form

    There was extensive online comments about this rumour, Dr Jessen told the court. It wasnt just one or two, there were many hundreds of tweets going back quite some time about this rumour. It seems too prolifically talked about to have been conjured from thin air. The comments and articles that were around at the time. It was covered in a number of disconnected websites.

    Dr Jessen was questioned about the basis of his tweet by David Ringland QC, acting for Mrs Foster. Mr Ringland asked the celebrity doctor why he tweeted the disgusting falsehood about the first minister. The defence barrister accused him of trashing Mrs Fosters reputation.

    Dr Jessen told the court he wanted to highlight possible hypocrisy behind it, referring to the Democratic Unionist Partys position on same-sex marriage and abortion.
    What I had presented to me, from the myriad of corners from which I was seeing this same rumour repeated, that I could conclude that (it) was not false, he added. My issue was more the possible hypocrisy behind it. Given the extent of the rumours and given the DUPs stance on things like equal marriage and abortion, I felt strongly that if there was a possibility that these were true, this is a public figure that was answerable to her public. If there were any truth to these, that hypocrisy needs to be pointed out and accounted for. I was interested in making sure that if there was any truth in it, that any hypocrisy that may have been behind it was noted.

    Mr Ringland put it to Dr Jessen that he posted the allegation to his 300,000 followers based on rumours that were possibly true. Do you understand how shattering and damaging it is for a happily married woman to be accused of adultery? Mr Ringland added.

    Dr Jessen replied: Im sure it was very unpleasant for her and I would not wish to cause her any distress.

    Mrs Foster previously told the court how she felt humiliated by the tweet, which came at a particularly stressful time when she was involved in talks to resurrect the powersharing government in the region.

    A ruling on the scale of damages was delayed after Dr Jessen was cross-examined on claims he was not aware that legal proceedings had commenced. He told the court he had not watched or read news in the last 12 months and believed that all court proceedings were suspended because of the pandemic. Dr Jessen, who is soon to be working as a Covid-19 vaccinator for the NHS, also told the court that he moved back to his parents home in March last year because of his mental health problems.

    Counsel for the DUP leader cross-examined Dr Jessen for more than three hours over claims he did not receive correspondence from Mrs Fosters legal team. Dr Jessen said he gave up his job in January 2020 because he was too ill to carry on with his work. The court heard how he was going through a distressing time. I had to make some major life decisions at that time and I had stopped my work in the hope I would be able to get back on track with my health, he added. I tried my best to do that, it didnt work. In fact things got worse for me and around this time I took the decision that I needed to move home with my parents.I wasnt coping with life very well and I needed some help from family. This was a really dark and confusing time for me.

    Over lengthy exchanges over claims he did not receive correspondence about legal proceedings, Mr Justice McAlinden asked Dr Jessen if he buried his head in the sand because of his mental health issues. Dr Jessen replied: I dont think so. No, not at that time. I really dont.

    The judge added that people with mental health problems sometimes do things that dont make sense. Dr Jessen also told the court it was very hard for him to explain why he had not received any documents or letters relating to libel proceedings. The defence counsel accused him of being entirely dishonest about the claims.

    I put to you, that your answers to most of the questions on (postal) service appear to bear no relationship to reality that anyone in the court has encountered, Mr Ringland added. Mr Ringland also accused Dr Jessen of trying to cover up a delay in removing the tweet until he got advice from his solicitors in London. Your evidence has been prevalent with lies, Mr Ringland added. You have been called out overtly on a number of occasions, not least in relation to the lie you told on January 7 with a view to disguise, at that stage, the delay in taking down the tweet. The case has been adjourned until Tuesday next week.

    TV doctor tells court he did not want to cause Arlene ...

    Dr Christian Jessen told the High Court in Belfast that he didnt want to cause Arlene Foster any distress when he tweeted an unsubstantiated rumour of an extra-marital affair.

    What has this Dr Jessen to do with Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster other than her Christian party the DUP oppose gay marriage and hes a gay?

    The gay lobby, though not an officially organised group, know each other and their place. They dont have to be told to close rank against any opposition.

    Rather than a career buster this will be a career boaster.

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    Arlene Foster awarded 125k damages in Dr Christian Jessen libel case

    Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster has been awarded 125,000 in damages after a defamatory tweet by TV presenter Dr Christian Jessen.

    Dr Jessen tweeted an unfounded claim that the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) leader had been having an extra-marital affair on 23 December 2019.

    The post remained online until Dr Jessen deleted it on 7 January 2020.

    A judge at the High Court in Belfast said it was an "outrageous libel" which was "grossly defamatory".

    Mr Justice McAlinden said the tweet had attacked Mrs Foster's "integrity at a most fundamental level" and involved the "trashing in a very public fashion" the relationship which was most important in her life.

    He told the court the tweet had called into question her suitability to hold the office of first minister at a time when delicate negotiations were continuing on the re-establishment of the Stormont executive after three years of deadlock.

    "To state that a woman married for 25-and-a-half years and a mother of three children, who is a committed Christian and who is recognised as such, and who has publicly made statements extolling the importance and sanctity of marriage... was an adulterer, a hypocrite and a homophobe is a most serious libel," said the judge.

    He ordered Dr Jessen, who is best known for presenting Channel Four programme Embarrassing Bodies, to pay damages of 125,000 and Mrs Foster's legal costs.

    'Cut her to the core'

    The judge also addressed the fact that Dr Jessen failed to respond to warnings from Mrs Foster's lawyer - which became the subject of mainstream media coverage. "The offending tweet remained on the defendant's Twitter account for two weeks, a Twitter account with 311,000 followers," he said. "The tweet was liked approximately 3,500 times and it was retweeted 517 times. "This outrageously bad libel cut [Mrs Foster] to the core, causing her considerable upset, distress, humiliation, embarrassment and hurt."

    During a previous hearing, Mrs Foster had told the court she was left humiliated by the unfounded rumour which "trashed" her 25-year marriage. The court was also told that Dr Jessen did not engage with the legal case for more than 12 months because he believed "most things including court proceedings" had been stalled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. He said he had taken "some considerable time off" work because of ill-health and said he rarely watched television or read newspapers.

    'Not laughing now'

    The former Harley Street doctor was asked why he had not heeded a tweet from Mrs Foster's solicitor Paul Tweed on 24 December 2019, instructing him to remove the tweet or face legal action. Dr Jessen said he had read the tweet but did not realise Mr Tweed was a lawyer, adding that he would have been "scrolling through many replies". "I never imagined and still find it hard to imagine a lawyer would tweet a statement to me over Twitter on Christmas Eve," he told the court. "The likelihood of me not taking it seriously, which I didn't, is very high."

    Belfast-based lawyer Mr Tweed is one of the world's most high-profile libel lawyers - his client list has included singers Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and the late Michael Jackson, as well as Hollywood stars Harrison Ford, Nicolas Cage and Liam Neeson.

    Speaking outside court after the ruling on Thursday morning, Mr Tweed described the outcome as a complete vindication for Mrs Foster and a potential "watershed" for all women who are attacked on social media. Referring to Dr Jessen's "LOL" response when learning of potential legal action against him, Mr Tweed said: "I don't think Dr Jessen will be laughing this morning."

    DUP revolt

    Mrs Foster's tenure as DUP leader will end on Friday. She remains as first minister until the end of June.
    She announced her decision to resign in April after facing a revolt from DUP members. She had led the party since December 2015 and was appointed first minister of Northern Ireland the following month. She will sever her ties with the DUP when she stands down as first minister.

    Arlene Foster awarded 125k damages in Dr Christian Jessen libel case

    27 V 2021.

    Seldom do these paranoid gays get taken up and rarer are they held to account.

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    TV doctor Christian Jessen faces BANKRUPTCY of over 125,000 for defamation in Arlene Foster case.

    TV doctor Christian Jessen faces BANKRUPTCY of over 125,000 for libel for tweeting false allegations Arlene Foster had an extramarital affair

    Famous doctor Christian Jessen has said he faces bankruptcy after being ordered to pay Arlene Foster 125,000 in defamation damages.

    The TV host is asking supporters to help her raise money to cover her legal costs after the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland brought him to justice for tweeting bogus claims she had a extra-marital bond.

    Dr Jessen, 44, who appears on Channel 4s Embarrassing Bodies, said he only had 20,000 in his name and couldnt pay for an appeal without crowdfunding.

    Depression: Famous doctor Christian Jessen, 44, who appears on Embarrassing Bodies, said he faces bankruptcy after being ordered to pay 125,000 in defamation damages. He said his sanity was creaking after a Belfast High Court judge last week ruled that the tweet, published in 2019, was patently defamatory.

    Ms Foster, a former DUP leader, said it caused her serious upheaval, distress, embarrassment and humiliation.
    Dr Jessen raised over 4,900 on a Go Fund Me page but faced a backlash on Twitter after asking for help. He is asking for 150,000 in total and has said he will donate any excess to charity. His legal fees, if appealed, are likely to be 300,000.

    Obviously I deeply regret it, and if Arlene Foster says the claim in the tweet is not true, then Im sorry I caused her harm, he said. But I dont agree with the judgment. I had been brutally honest about my sanity in court and the circumstances leading up to the tweet, and the dismissal of that is really concerning. I couldnt get all of my medical evidence for my depression. I spent the last year living with my parents and not working due to the Covid pandemic and not being in good mental health. It was just a silly tweet.

    Humiliation: Arlene Foster sued Dr Jessen for tweeting false allegations in 2019 that she was having an extramarital affair and a judge ruled last week that it was grossly defamatory

    Dr Jessen continued: Im on my last 20,000 and it wont last long. I dont have any money so if crowdfunding doesnt work I may have to file for bankruptcy. It obviously didnt improve my sanity at all, and although I continue to float for the time being, I can feel it cracking.

    He added: Being gay, I took a lot of interest in DUP positions on issues like same-sex marriage thats why Ive known Arlene Foster for a long time.

    In court, Judge Gerry McAlinden called the tweet a scandalous slander against a person of great worth. It attacked Ms Fosters integrity at the most fundamental level and involved the destruction in a very public way of the relationship Ms Foster cherishes most in her life.

    Despite the increase in donations, Dr Jessens tweet sparked a backlash on Twitter. You committed the crime, but you want everyone to pay for your time wow, wrote one of his supporters.

    Another posted: No. You have a nerve. Your mess, you sort it out.

    TV doctor
    ChristianJessen faces... | The US ExpressNews

    02 VI 2021.

    Mental Health issues, like that other well known group for whom this excuse allows them to get away with everything.

    Maybe he could get a real job!

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