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Thread: Atheist Scientists Are in Minority, Survey Suggests

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolgadeutscher View Post
    First, atheism is itself a religion.
    How so?
    A nation is an organic thing, historically defined.
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    “Reason is no substitute for faith, just as color is no substitute for sound.” - Nicolįs Gómez Dįvila

    “That is what religion promises: not a purpose, necessarily, but something that removes the paradox of an entirely law-governed world, open to consciousness, that is nevertheless without an explanation: that just is, for no reason at all. The evangelical atheists are subliminally aware that their abdication in the face of science does not make the universe more intelligible, nor does it provide an alternative answer to our metaphysical enquiries. It simply brings enquiry to a stop. And the religious person will feel that this stop is premature: that reason has more questions to ask, and perhaps more answers to obtain, than the atheists will allow us. So who, in this subliminal contest, is the truly reasonable one? The atheists beg the question in their own favour, by assuming that science has all the answers. But science can have all the answers only if it has all the questions; and that assumption is false. There are questions addressed to reason which are not addressed to science, since they are not asking for a causal explanation.” - Roger Scruton

    I never considered the answers science has given us or can give us as relevant to any of life's major questions nor as a justification of atheism in itself. I don't think invoking science as a jack-in-the-box or that science's answers must lead one automatically to atheism.

    Technically speaking atheism means the absence of religion given a lack of belief in the divine, hence it's not religion - but humans can make a religion out of everything - and atheists play their part in identity/group politics. As such some atheists may very well become indistinguishable from religious people, no less dogmatic.
    "To the meaningless French idealisms: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, we propose the three German realities: Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery." - Prince Bernhard von Bülow

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