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Thread: Kosovo – prelude to the destiny of Europe?

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    Kosovo – prelude to the destiny of Europe?

    Kosovo seen through the eyes of a Dane.

    The situation in Denmark

    The Danes are descendents of people who entered the landscape, which is now Denmark, when the ice withdraw after the ice age 12,000 years ago. Neither the Roman Empire nor the large emigrations reached Denmark. For this reason the Danes have little experience with the kind of ethnical conflicts, which the Serbs have endured through centuries.

    It was therefore easy for different NGOs and irresponsible politicians to make the Danes accept an influx of immigrants from the beginning of the 1970ies. The immigration was presented as a “cultural enrichment”, which would bring about a “colourful society”.

    Today, 30 years later, these positive words are never heard any more. Now the key word is “problems”: Problems with integration, problems with criminality, problems with ghettos, problems with forced marriages, “honour” killings and terrorism.

    The main problem seems to be, that the vast majority of the immigrants are Moslem. A few years ago a respected Danish economist said, “I don’t think we would have had any immigration problem, if we had had 200,000 Chinese in stead of 200,000 Moslems”.

    "New Danes" demonstrating in Copenhagen

    Reality has opened the eyes of most Danes, and in 2001 an immigration friendly Government was replaced by a Government, which tries to limit the immigration. This Government is supported by a party, which is strongly opposed to immigration and which has now become the third largest political party in Denmark. But the damage has been done. Denmark has a growing population of Moslems, who are directly hostile towards the Danes and the democratic tradition, which the Danish society is based on.

    Riots in the streets - including many cases of severe arson, primarily targeting schools and cars - have become part of daily life in Denmark. Stabbings, which until a few years ago happened very rarely in Denmark, are now an integrated part of the nightlife. The vast majority of the culprits are young Moslems, and the victims are almost always Danes.

    Enormous economic means are spent in an attempt to fulfil the demands of the Moslem immigrants, who have been given many special privileges. But most of these attempts are immediately rejected as “too little” and “not good enough”.

    The well-known “Mohamed-cartoons” can be seen as an attempt to overcome the atmosphere of fear and terror, which gradually descend on public life in Denmark.

    The situation in EU

    The situation is similar in all the old EU-countries. Growing groups of Moslems are becoming increasingly hostile towards their host countries. Fear, terror and self censorship has become part of life in many large cities all over Europe. Everything is done to appease the Moslem immigrants. Piggy banks are abolished, people refrain from wearing crosses in necklaces, companies abolish the traditional Christmas lunch, schools serve halal-food, and criticism of negative sides of Moslem culture silences. Freedom of expression is gradually abolished and with it democracy itself. EU contributes actively to this development. The European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) supervises the development in all EU countries, and any attempt to counteract the negative influence of Islam is condemned by the Centre as being “Islamophobia”.

    At the same time EU is developing the Euromediterranian project, the aim of which is to merge EU with the countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

    Demonstrating moslems in Copenhagen. Officially they are called "new Danes".

    The demographic consequence of this project is obvious. Millions of people from these countries will rush into Europe and multiply the 40 millions, who are in EU already. But even without this future influx, the collapse of the European civilisation seems to be inescapable. The low birth rate of the Europeans and the high birth rate of the Moslem immigrants will have the consequence, that the Europeans will be outnumbered within few decenniums, - unless something drastically is done very soon.


    The demographic development, which is now threatening the mere existence of the European civilization, has been going on for many years in Kosovo. And the consequence looks the same.
    Albanians have the highest birth rate in Europe, so even without the ethnical cleansings of non-Albanians from Kosovo, the Albanians would have made up the majority anyway.

    Now USA has used its power to give Kosovo as an appeasement gift to the Moslem world. Let’s hope that the last word has not yet been said in this matter.

    At the same time it is a fact, that the future of Serbia does not look bright with Kosovo as part of the country. The high birth rate of the Albanians will inescapably have the consequence that the Albanians are going to become the majority in Serbia within a number of years.

    I do not need to tell Serbians how life is for Christians under Moslem rule.

    Denmark, EU and Kosovo

    In many ways the development in Kosovo looks as a prelude to the fatal development in the rest of Europe. The hostile attitude and behaviour of Moslem immigrants in Denmark and other EU-countries reminds of the hostile attitude and behaviour of Albanians towards non-Albanians in Kosovo. However, only few Danes know the facts about Kosovo’s newer history. Most media start the description of the situation in 1989, when an “evil nationalist” named Milosevic abolished the home rule of Kosovo. They never mention, why the home rule was abolished. Only few people remember what the newspapers wrote about Kosovo back in the 1980’ies. At that time they actually mentioned how non-Albanians were chased out of the province.

    Most Danes believe the official truth, which is, that USA/NATO intervened in 1999 in order to stop suppression and ethnic cleansing of Albanians, and most Danes accept the secession of Kosovo, because the media never tell the full truth about the newer history of Kosovo. Most media describe Serbs as “nationalists”, when they want to keep Serbia united, and they describe Serbs in Srpska as “nationalists”, when they express wishes of doing as the Albanians did in Kosovo. “Nationalist” is a negative word, which is never used about Albanians.

    The violation of international law is never mentioned by the media.

    However, there are more and more Danes – including the third largest political party, who reject the official policy, and many Danes argue in letters to editors and in blogs and homepages, that if it is accepted, that the Albanians can tear away Kosovo from Serbia, then immigrants in Denmark can also tear away parts of Denmark and declare independence.

    There is an increasing understanding for the Serbian point of view among Danes. But it is a struggle against the clock – and the Moslem birthrate. Moslem immigrants and the supporters of immigration were those who most strongly demanded “bomb Serbia” in the early 1999.


    Why do the leaders of Europe want to destroy their own civilization and exchange it with a culture, which has never produced anything but babies and poverty?

    And why does USA support this development, for example by speaking for Turkish membership of EU?

    There are many theories about this, and it is beyond the scope of this article to explain them here. But of course the oil of the Arab countries plays a key role. During the first oil crisis in 1972 the Arab oil countries demanded, that EU should open for “Arab culture”, which is the same as Islam. The first outcome of this demand was the Arab European Dialogue, which started in the middle of the 1970’ies.

    The support of USA and EU to the Moslems in both Bosnia and Kosovo shall no doubt be understood in this context.

    Because of the power of energy resources, the friendship with Russia is Serbia’s best hope for the future. And I dare say: Probably the hope for Denmark and the rest of EU as well.

    Kosovo – prelude to the destiny of Europe? -

    Euro-Mediterranean partnership

    The key objective of the trade partnership is the creation of a deep Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area, which aims at removing barriers to trade and investment between both the EU and Southern Mediterranean countries and between the Southern Mediterranean countries themselves. Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreements are in force with most of the partners (with the exception of Syria and Libya).
    The scope of these agreements is essentially limited to trade in goods and a number of bilateral negotiations are on-going or being prepared in order to deepen the Association Agreements. These ongoing or future negotiations are related to further liberalisation of trade in agriculture, liberalisation of trade in services, accreditation and acceptance of industrial products and regulatory convergence.

    EU and the Mediterranean region

    The Union for the Mediterranean aims to establish a common area of peace, stability, and shared prosperity in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
    EU-Southern Mediterranean relations at bilateral level are managed mainly through the Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreements.

    • Nearly all countries have concluded Association Agreements with the EU. Preparations are going to deepen these agreements through the establishment of deep and comprehensive free trade areas.
    • Negotiations for a Framework Agreement between the European Union and Libya are currently suspended.
    • Steps towards the signature of the initialed Association Agreement with Syria are currently suspended.

    Country Status Date signed Entry into Force Reference
    Algeria Signed April 2002 September 2005 OJ L 265
    Egypt Signed June 2001 June 2004 OJ L 304
    Israel Signed Nov 1995 June 2000 OJ L 147
    Jordan Signed Nov 1997 May 2002 OJ L 129/02
    Lebanon Signed June 2002 April 2006 OJ L 143/06
    Morocco Signed Feb 1996 March 2000 OJ L 70/00
    Palestine Signed Feb 1997 Interim Agreement July 1997 OJ L 187/97
    Syria Initialled (December 2008)
    Tunisia Signed July 1995 March 1998 OJ L 97/98
    Turkey Customs Union January 1996 Customs Union December 1995 OJ L 35/96
    These agreements cover trade in goods and are complemented with a number of additional ongoing negotiations and preparations for future negotiations:

    • to open up additional agricultural trade,
    • liberalise trade in services and investment,
    • to negotiate agreements on accreditation and acceptance of industrial products,
    • to establish deep and comprehensive free trade areas.

    Deepening South-South economic integration is a key goal of the Euro-Mediterranean trade partnership. It is an essential element towards the establishment of a fully-fledged Free Trade Area. However, regional economic integration between Southern Mediterranean countries is still limited: intra-regional trade is a small fraction (5.9% in exports, 5.1% in imports) of the countries’ total trade , one of the lowest levels of regional economic integration in the World.
    The EU supports the strengthening of trade relations amongst Southern Mediterranean countries:

    • the Agadir Agreement between Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, and Egypt, in force since 2007, remains open to other Arab Mediterranean countries;
    • Israel and Jordan have signed a Free Trade Agreement;
    • Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Palestinian Territories, Syria and Tunisia have signed bilateral agreements with Turkey.
    • Negotiations are underway between other Mediterranean countries to establish similar agreements.

    The EU works closely with each of its Southern Mediterranean partners to support economic and social transition and reform, taking into account each country’s specific needs and characteristics. These programmes are funded under the European Neighbourhood Policy .
    Trading with Euromed region

    Euro-Mediterranean partnership - Trade - European...

    Rather naïve, foolish and short sighted to think the mostly muslim ‘mass 3rd world invasion of Europe’ was happening by accident. Its all been planned, financed and organised as part of the globalist NWO project.

    This could never have been foisted on Europeans without the compliance of MSM. There's a saying, how do you know a politician's lying? Their lips move.

    To say our leaders are traitors is a huge understatement.

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