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Thread: Carl Gustav Mannerheim ... Marshal of Finland

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    Carl Gustav Mannerheim ... Marshal of Finland

    I think most of here knows Mannerheim (someway)? His role & importance to Finland. At the time the country became independence, Finland's civil war (against communists forces) and finally in WWII (both Winter war and Countinuation war)? As Finland became 100 years old (1,5 years ago) Finns voted him ''The Greatest Finn'' ever with clear margin to second.

    His background and earlier years might still not be as well known?

    At first Mannerheim was mainly German (his background) and smaller part Swedish. He hardly spoke Finnish (even in his older age).The original family name had been Marhein. As his ancestor had moved from Germany to Sweden .... Sweden's King Charles XI made his ancestor Swedish noblemen (1693) and changed the family name to Mannerheim (back then Finland was part of Sweden). Mannerheim's own father moved to Finland and got married with Hedvig Charlotta Hélène von Julin (who was a daughter of rich industry family in Finland ... very Finnish name? LOL ... nope; Swedish speaking family.). At that time Finland was Grand Duchy of Finland (= autonomous part of big Russian Empire).
    Mannerheim joined army and got his military educations/trainings in St Petersburg / Russia. Mannerheim served well in Tsar Nikolai II's army ....both in Russia - Japan war (1904 -1905) and WW I (1913 - 1917).... ending/rising to one of top generals. He moved back to Finland as Tsar's family became murdered and Bolsevics had step into the power. Bolsevics had also sent him a letter: Your services are not anymore needed.

    Interesting person?

    Anyway... there was a idea to make a big budged film about him 10 years ago (in Finland).
    He would have been the main actor:

    Director? Finn Renny Harlin. Still the project run out of money, never become finished and the manuscript disappeared.

    And finally now ... in to the topic. I just became known that another film has been made from marshal Mannerheim. A few years ago.

    Here is the ''Mannerheim'':


    They even put Africans to sing Jean Sibelius's Finlandia hymn (in finnish)

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