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Thread: 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Primaries

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    Mike Bloomberg dropped out today, endorses Joe Biden.
    Michael Bloomberg, who spent hundreds of millions of dollars to self-fund his 2020 presidential run, announced Wednesday that he is suspending his campaign after a poor performance on Super Tuesday and will endorse Joe Biden.
    What he's saying: "I’ve always believed that defeating Donald Trump starts with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it. After yesterday’s vote, it is clear that candidate is my friend and a great American, Joe Biden," Bloomberg said in a statement.

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    Democracy Dies in Darkness

    The Democratic Party is profoundly stupid.

    The unholy alliance of neoliberal oligarchs and neoconservative Jews that constitute the American ruling class, armed with the cudgel of POC puppets (or as Tucker Carlson referred to them, “a constellation of aggrieved interest groups animated by their hostility to traditional Americans. . . united in their desire to take power and redistribute the spoils to themselves”) is currently making the same mistake it made in 2016. The ruling class is running the empty and senile suit Joe Biden, former Vice President to Barack Hussein Obama. This seems to be happening for two primary reasons: (1) the power elite see the mental deterioration of Biden, quickening apace, as a vacuum which they can easily exploit; and (2) Senator Bernie Sanders has been deemed “too radical” to beat President Trump, either out of genuine fears of “electability” or out of a more hidden fear that Sanders would not fall in line with the agenda of the ruling class (a fear which I think is mistaken).

    By employing this obtuse strategy and running Biden, quite literally falling to pieces on national television, the Party may very well be kneecapping itself. It seems evident that Sanders is in no way, shape, or form “too radical”; he would probably have been our forty-fifth President had he been allowed the nomination four years ago, and if he were nominated today, he would present an extremely formidable challenge. I’m not confident at all that President Trump could defeat him. The American public is at this moment in time highly receptive to populism; our people are ready for drastic, “radical” solutions. The only question is who will provide them; will they come from the Left, or from the Right?

    Presently, only the Left is offering solutions that can be heard by broad enough swathes of the populace, as it retains a stranglehold on all of the institutional establishments in our country. President Trump is asleep at the wheel; he harnessed the dwindling white vote four years ago, and we delivered him unto the throne. Now, it is clear that we, the forgotten men and women, have been forgotten by our self-appointed savior; rather than remember his electorate and taking the hard-edged steps he promised us, he spent almost the entire first half of his State of the Union address in a sickeningly pathetic display of Negrophilia. At every campaign rally, Trump expends massively inordinate amounts of time celebrating our dispossession through feminist careerism and “minority” economic power. Crowds of would-be patriots and America Firsters are reduced to cheering for these depredations. He will never gain the vote of those he seeks to influence.


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