What do you do when you’re young, homeless and have a baby? As homelessness in the UK reaches the highest level in a generation, for many this is an all too real predicament. With 130,000 children now growing up with no fixed abode, the government has described the situation as a national crisis.

This film follows the ups and downs of a group of young women who, with nowhere else to go, are temporarily living in a mother and baby hostel in Luton. With support from staff, they are able to forge friendships, come to terms with the past and begin to rebuild their lives, before eventually being placed in a permanent council home.

Katie, 19, found herself homeless with twins after her relationship with her mum and stepdad broke down and she split up with her boyfriend. Talamika, 22, has lived in the hostel for three years but can’t leave until she has cleared her £3,000 debt.