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Thread: School's Purpose Is Indoctrination

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    UK school goes veg-only, no packed lunches… or freedom of choice. Better hungry than eating meat?

    Children being made to eat vegetarian food for lunch in schools in Britain and France, and not allowed meat or fish, raises some serious questions about freedom of choice and possible dietary deficiencies.

    Oxford is known as the City of Dreaming Spires, but it could soon have a new nickname. The ‘city of the schoolchildren not allowed to eat meat or fish at dinner time or bring in their own packed lunches.’ Ok, I admit it’s not as catchy, but it could be just as appropriate.

    The newly-opened Swan ‘free school’ in the leafy, very middle-class suburb of Summertown ( a part of North Oxford where the Lord Adonis was once an elected councillor), has a completely vegetarian canteen, where children looking for toad-in-the-hole or a piece of steak and kidney pudding at lunchtime will be very disappointed.

    The school’s head teacher Ms Kay Wood, has cited “three main reasons” for the policy.
    First, economy (‘it allows us to serve better quality meals for the same money’).
    Secondly, the ‘huge environmental and sustainability benefits,’ and
    three ‘it allows students of all faiths and different dietary requirements to eat together.’

    Well, reasons two and three are laudatory, I admit, but even so, isn’t banning non-vegetarian food at lunchtimes and not allowing children to bring in their own lunch going a bit too far?

    One mum, quoted in the Sun, says her daughter came home ‘very hungry’ and that she‘d heard “lots of other children were very hungry too.” Is making school children hungry the way to go, to build a better world? Surely there could be some sensible compromise?

    Many of us could probably all do with eating a little less meat, especially less processed meat and we should do all we can to make sure that the animals we do eat are well looked after. We should go ’organic’ and opt for ’free-range’ whenever we can afford to. But enforcing vegetarianism, as some seem to desire, is another thing altogether. There’s no getting away from the fact that meat, and this is particularly relevant for those growing up and the elderly for whom anaemia may be a problem, is a valuable source of protein and other essential minerals.
    Here, for example are eleven benefits of eating beef. And here’s a 2019 newspaper report citing health professional and university professor Robert Pickard, on the six top health benefits of eating lean red meat. They include the maintenance of strong bones and the boosting of our mental powers.

    Fish too has many health benefits. The traditional British dish of ‘fish and chips’ as well as being absolutely delicious, is also extremely nutritious.

    Vegetarians, and even more so vegans, are missing out on quite a lot.

    My grandmother loved eating fish and chips (and indeed fatty pork and plenty of other ‘bad things’ ) and died just a few months shy of her 101st birthday. Boxers are renowned for eating bloody steaks, and not veggie burgers, the night before their fights for good reason. I feel very sorry for the children at Swan who will be denied their Friday fish (or fish fingers) and chips, their steak and kidney pies, and their bangers and mash with gravy (double yum yum), and also children in other schools in the UK that have followed the same virtuous, but hunger-inducing path. We’ve gone from campaigning (quite rightly) for children to have a vegetarian option, and not discriminating against vegetarians (who are often very worthy people, George Bernard Shaw for example), to making veggie the only option. The trend is spreading across the Channel too. In France, a new law has just been passed requiring all schools to offer at least one fully vegetarian lunch per week. But will it stay as one? My hunch is that it’ll change to two, and then three, and then…

    Back to 2019, and eating meat has become the new smoking. A quite terrible, shameless thing which needs to be discouraged. We should be made to feel as guilty for eating a bacon butty, as if we were lighting up a Sobranie behind the bike sheds. And our children must get into the right ‘habits’ at an early age (smoking pot of course is ok, in the new utopia, and it goes without saying that everyone will be on antidepressants).

    Freedom of choice? No, that doesn’t really come into it, you carnivorous reprobate. You do what we tell you. Please open your bag so that security can check you’re not carrying a roast beef and mustard sandwich. How ironic that all this virtuous banning is happening as we ‘celebrate’ the coming down of the Berlin Wall and the victory of ’freedom’ over tyranny. There’s probably more rules (based on very laudatory aims of course), governing what we can or can’t do now in the West, than there was inGoulash CommunistHungary. But please don’t mention goulash during the school lunch hour, because you may get into trouble.

    R T Better hungry than eating meat? UK school goes veg-only, no packed lunches… or freedom of choice 13 IX 2019.

    it allows students of all faiths and different dietary requirements to eat togethercan’t imagine if our children were in a foreign country that they would care whether the food suited them or not. There certainly would be no likely hood that they would change the menu accordingly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagdmesser View Post
    it allows students of all faiths and different dietary requirements to eat togethercan’t imagine if our children were in a foreign country that they would care whether the food suited them or not. There certainly would be no likely hood that they would change the menu accordingly.
    This is bad. One of the reason (or key) why Finns kids have succeed so well in PISA results has been the school food they eat. As kids/teenagers are growing up ... healthy meal is very important. Without it pupils will not be able to concentrate same ways 45min lessons time ... and they'll learn less.

    British TV chef Jamie Oliver even visited in Finland ... as he tried to fix school food problems/issues in UK. Unfortunately he missed on that ... as kids'll learn to eat one kind of food at home. What works somewhere else will not work another place. Still taking away all meat or fishes ... hardly a solution.

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    Let teachers speak

    Let teachers speak

    A teacher has been struck off for insulting his pupils in an anonymous blog.

    You have to watch what you say very carefully if you are a teacher these days. Last year, Eton teacher Will Knowland lost his job after suggesting that there are innate differences between men and women, and refusing to remove a YouTube video making a similar point. But the censorious trend is not limited to upmarket schools – as shown by a case last week from a thoroughly undistinguished comprehensive in North Wales.

    Alexander Price, a technology teacher at Denbigh High School, wrote an anonymous blog post 18 months ago (available
    here, unfortunately not for free), in which he slated the school. Girls at the school were, he said, interested in little other than the annual school prom. At that event, well-off boys merrily snorted cocaine and the girls looked like a cross between ‘Eastern European prostitutes and trans-human Kardashian clones’. They were plastered in fake tan and ‘make-up so thick that when it cracks it rivals tectonic plates’. They wore ill-fitting prom dresses which their parents could ill-afford. Educational standards were, meanwhile, abysmal: some pupils, Price said, had ‘literacy so poor they cannot read the instructions on sachets of brown goop that leak into every pore’.

    In another blog post, Price referred to the school’s headmaster as Grima Wormtongue, the two-faced, sycophantic Lord of the Rings character.

    After a little sleuthing, the blog was traced to Price, who admitted he wrote it. He was sacked in 2019. But this was not the end of the story. Though understandably disillusioned with teaching and determined not to return to it, Price was subsequently hauled before the Education Workforce Council (EWC), the Welsh government’s disciplinary body for teachers. He was accused of professional misconduct. On Tuesday last week, the EWC ruled against Price. What he had said in his blog was ‘critical’, ‘disrespectful’ and ‘likely to cause offence to any pupil or parent’, it said. Even worse, his prom post had focused on ‘families from poor backgrounds’ in an ‘unnecessary and unwarranted way’. In line with the ruling, Price has been banned from teaching anywhere – a ruling he cannot apply against for at least two years.

    This episode has raised a lot less comment than the Eton debacle, but should worry us more. This was not simply a case of a teacher being sacked from one school and told to look elsewhere. Price has been forbidden by law from teaching anywhere – even at a school that wants to employ him. This is a serious sanction, as it essentially equates to the state taking away his livelihood.

    This can be a justified response to some serious cases of misconduct. Actual threats or danger to pupils are one example, and sexual offences are another. So too is old-fashioned incompetence. But none of these categories applied to Price. For one thing, his blogpost was anonymous. It could therefore offend only those who actively decoded the references in it.

    Regardless, what was the actual harm the post caused? Offence and damage to the self-esteem of a few families and pupils, granted. Possibly also embarrassment to some other teachers at the school. But however unpleasant matters like this may be for the school, none of these things provides any good reason for the state to prevent Price from teaching.

    However disconcerting Price’s claims about the parlous state of Denbigh High might have been for families, students and staff, no one appears to have said they were not true. Indeed, there is reason to think they were uncomfortably accurate: at about the same time as they appeared, the school was ignominiously placed in special measures as a failing institution. The fact that Price was punished for making these failings clear says a lot about the dire state of Wales’ education system.

    There is also a wider point to be made. This is a case about a professional disciplinary body. These bodies are becoming as much of a threat to freedom of speech as dictatorial employers are – possibly even more so. Most, like the EWC, now demand that their members do nothing to diminish public confidence in the teaching profession as a whole. This is a requirement that effectively bars teachers from saying anything in public that may offend someone. And, of course, the consequences of breaching the rules are immeasurably greater when they are determined by one of these bodies: not simply a P45 from one particular employer, but legal loss of livelihood.

    Technically, the Welsh teaching profession is separate from the English, so what happens in Wales will not necessarily spread across the Severn. There is also cause for hope: last month, the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) disgusted the liberal establishment by courageously refusing to disqualify teacher Richard Lucas from the profession. As leader of the Scottish Family Party, Lucas had defied received progressive opinion by saying in a YouTube video what he thought about sexual morality – as well as criticising Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson for producing a ‘fatherless child’. The GTCS said he was not guilty of professional misconduct, since his argument had been measured and sedate, and there was no clear evidence that people would think him intolerant or prejudiced as a result of it.

    But we are not out of the woods. The case of Will Knowland remains live. In addition to being dismissed from Eton, he too has now been referredto the English teachers’ disciplinary body, the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA), with a possible view to being struck off. It remains to be seen what view the regulator will take on the problem of educational wrongthink and identity politics – but don’t hold out too much hope.

    Andrew Tettenborn is a professor of commercial law and a former Cambridge admissions officer.

    Let teachers speak - spiked

    29 III 2021.

    The ‘prom’ / formal is out of control with made to measure dresses and hired limos for 15 / 16 year-olds. That’s a lot of financial pressure on families, many of whom can’t afford it. No mention either of booze, just drugs.

    The object of Secondary School is academic achievement in exams.

    A lot of truth in what he said. In this 'Woke' society free speech won't be tolerated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaxonPagan View Post
    I came to this conclusion a good couple of decades ago.

    It's not just for the pupils either; the indoctrination is aimed at everyone in the staff room as well!
    The system is setup for indoctrination in a broader sense. Kids have to listen to a grown-up several hours a day. This grown up decides about the marks they will get and often that highly affects their relationship with parents. So their is an incentive to be in the good books of that grown up (teacher). Agreeing with him on stuff he says may seem to be like a good idea. But that's not the only point in the equation for this.

    For one this grown up gets his pay-cheque from government. So he will be inclined to be pro-government, the officials that decide about him having that job or political appointments, they also decide what textbooks will be bought as well as how the curricula should look like. Now the teachers may come from different backgrounds and have different opinions on matter. But they must get along with their colleagues and have an incentive to be compliant with group norms there. Those norms aren't fixed of course, but most people being opportunists they will comply to norms and they will be somewhere centred about some key tenets of an ideology or meta-ideology. The teachers have different biographies, but they mostly have in common that they went to university to study for several years after their matriculation. What was taught at university and what the hegemonial ideology was on campus would have likely influence them as well and they'll drag this into the class room.

    So government schools will make people more prone to be pro-state and pro-college-ideology. Well, since the universities are also funded by the state, they will be pro-state-funding of education as well. And on an expanding level one should add, since only expanding fields will provide for academic career opportunities.

    In the past teachers may have been pro-patriotic, if this was what universities upheld. But nowadays they are pro-diversity, pro-gay, anti-nationalist, anti-racist, anti-sexist and usually have some resentment against entrepreneurial or self-reliant people. There is also a resentment against workers that became more successful. For the Marxists this is blasphemy against the class-consciousness and fixity of class, for the rest their may be some resentment against non-academic people that may earn more income than they themselves do.

    For sure you won't get optimum knowledge acquisition at a state school.

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    RAPE CULTURE UK govt launches immediate investigation into sexual abuse in schools

    UK govt launches immediate investigation into sexual abuse in schools, after 11,000 alleged victims post testimonies online

    An immediate review of safeguarding policies in British state and independent schools will be launched, the government has announced, following the online posting of thousands of reports of sexual abuse.

    In a statement on Tuesday, the Department for Education said it had asked the UK’s education watchdog, Ofsted, to look at “the extent and the severity of the issue”, and ensure the correct practices are in place to support potential victims. The review will be carried out by the end of May and will involves the police, as well as representatives from social services, victim support groups and schools. A new helpline, run by the NSPCC, the UK’s leading children’s charity, will also go live from Thursday to support young people and help them report sexual abuse in school to the police, the department said.

    The scale of the problem facing British schools has been laid bare in recent weeks, as more than 11,500 testimonies of rape, sexual violence and abuse were posted to the website Everyone’s Invited.

    “Sexual abuse in any form is abhorrent, and it is vital that these allegations are dealt with properly,” UK Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said in response to the deluge of allegations of abuse.

    While the review is to focus on state-run and independent schools, in recent weeks, the spotlight has also been thrown on alleged serial abuse in private institutions that don’t have existing formal co-operation networks with police.

    The fee-paying Highgate School, in London, which is named in the allegations posted to Everyone’s Invited, has said that a former Court of Appeal judge will conduct a review into its alleged “rape culture”.Two other private schools in the capital, Dulwich College and Latymer Upper School, which have been hit by hundreds of allegations, have both reported incidents involving their pupils to police. London’s Metropolitan Police said last week that it is investigating a number of the complaints posted on Everyone’s Invited and has engaged with the platform owner.

    I went to school in England. From 5 - 16 yrs age. I was never harassed, or threatened in any way, ever. But I went in an England still living as it had pre-WWII; no "woke", no "you must not smack your children, must not tell them off, etc". No pornography freely available via computers to kids from 5 yrs old upwards, and no explicit sex in films, even on TV. No mention of sex, including "sex education". I went to an all girls school and saw little of any boys - and I travelled 10 miles every day. Any boys I came across kept to themselves and didn't even talk to me. Everything you have now, you brought by the way you let the "intellectuals, intelligentsia" whom Lenin described as the excreta of a society, bring in the appalling social changes they have promoted via their University Humanities teachings of ersatz liberalism, which fed into journalism, TV / movies / and worse of all schools. You have to change the roots of a society to stop this - and that means adopting conservative values from 100 yrs ago.

    When I was at school in UK between 1968 and 1975, I was appalled at the level of physical, verbal and sexual abuse that took place at my school. Recently arrived in the UK from Czechoslovakia, I was horrified at a school culture that was quite alien to anything that I had encountered under communist rule. The British seem to revel in a culture of violence, be it physical, sexual, verbal. It is something quintessentially British. I surmise that the huge influx of foreigners into UK over recent decades will finally drag the British into their way of life.

    R T :
    UK govt launches immediate investigation into sexual abuse in schools, after 11,000 alleged victims post testimonies online
    02 IV 2021.

    Because this is ignored by the establishment, police and Media like the grooming issue by Pakis, it will get bigger and bigger.

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