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Thread: Eurovision Song Contest 2019-...

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    Germany have not done much better (3d last), and of course zero points from the audience... imagine Israel would get zero points from the audience in Germany, all hell would break lose LOL

    Madonna caused at least a little scandal, pinned one Israeli and one Palestinian flag to the backs of her dancers
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    Nul points again: how exactly can the UK win Eurovision?


    Hahaha!!! I've just been informed that the UK finished last! SaxonPagan.

    On the Eurovision’s official website,, it states: “Traditionally, 6 countries are automatically pre-qualified for the Grand Final.The so-called 'Big 5' — France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and last years winner.

    Nul points again: how exactly can the UK win Eurovision?

    For those who seeEurovision as a proxy war, avenging geopolitical resentments under the cover of glitter and tight trousers, the odds were always stacked against the UK winning this year’s contest.

    Pretty much every country may have had a reason to begrudge the UK. Perhaps EU nations have not forgiven us for Brexit. The Russians still cannot believe we did not swallow
    that story about their secret agents visiting Salisbury Cathedral. The Australians, they might be sore about the trade deal row.

    But maybe – just maybe – our entry was not terribly good. “Conspicuously down-to-earth” is how the Independent described the UK’s contender, James Newman, a singer-songwriter from Settle in the Yorkshire Dales. Exactly what you do not need to be to win the silliest singing competition in the world.

    The victors, Italy’s Måneskin, were glamrockers who took to the stage in flared lederhosen with their nipples out. Their singer, Damiano David, celebrated with a high kick that split his trousers and declared: “We just wanted to say to the whole of Europe, to the whole world: rock’n’roll never dies.”

    Newman, who began alone on a podium with two huge trumpets pointing at his ears, had his coat on, a thigh-length leather number with too many zips. The Italians, whose song seemed to channel Arctic Monkeys’ I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, belted out Zitti E Buoni (Out of My Head); Newman’s Embers began like a Daniel Bedingfield B-side and went downhill from there.

    Eurovision 2021: Italy's Måneskin triumph while UK gets zero points – video

    But did he really deserve to come last, the only act out of 26 to fail to win a single point from the juries? He was beaten by countries smaller than some English villages: San Marino, an enclave in northern Italy with a population of under 34,500, managed 50 points, courtesy of Flo Rida, a rapper from Florida.

    And yet, unabashed, others quickly sought to follow him. Bill Bailey, winner of Strictly Come Dancing, was first out of the blocks on Sunday morning: “I’d be happy to throw my hat in the ring for #Eurovision 2022,”
    he tweeted. More than 7 million people in the UK tuned in to watch Newman’s underachievement and now, under Covid protocols, he must spend 10 days in isolation, and perhaps reflection.

    The offer gained tens of thousands of likes and an offer of a duet from Count Binface, who recently won 24,775 first preference votes in the London mayoral election promising to bring back Ceefax and to maintain a £1 pricing ceiling for croissants. Already, there is optimism.

    The UK is no stranger to the bottom of the Eurovision leaderboard and came in last place in 2019 with Michael Rice’s Bigger Than Us. The 2020 contest was postponed because of Covid.

    Fraser Nelson, the editor of the Spectator, dismissed the idea of a Brexit pushback. “The UK was simply outsung and outclassed by smaller countries who made more effort,” he wrote, arguing that Britain stopped trying some time ago. “The BBC chooses our entry and doesn’t bother with a contest, or the live television voter-drawn trials. So every year, Britain sends some unprepared soul to perish on the world stage.”

    Nelson said the UK, in fact, would never reach the final on merit: “The BBC pays so much money to Eurovision that the UK entry goes straight to the final.” The same was true of Germany and Spain, he said, the other two nations at the bottom of the table on Saturday.

    As for Newman, now he shines in the light preserved for plucky losers. “We love you James Newman” tweeted the Bake Off presenter Matt Lucas. “Well done for laughing it off,” said Dan Walker, the BBC presenter – much the best way “to respond to a spectacular Europe-wide boot in the bits”.

    Nul points again: how exactly can the UK win Eurovision ...

    23 V 2021

    None of these countries have the 'rock and roll' history that the UK has.
    Why does the UK continue to enter year after year if this is what Europe thinks of Britain's effort?

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    Dustin the Turkey rejects accusations he tarnished Ireland’s Eurovision reputation forever

    Dustin the Turkey performing at Eurovision in 2008.

    DUSTIN THE Turkey has launched a staunch defence of his controversial 2008 Eurovision entry amid claims it tarnished Ireland’s reputation in the competition.

    No country has won Eurovision more times than Ireland with four of the Republic’s record seven wins coming during a dizzying five-year period from 1992 to 1996.

    However, it’s been 25 years since Ireland last tasted success in the competition.

    Even the United Kingdom, who often struggle, have won more recently courtesy of Katrina and the Waves back in 1997.

    Ireland’s wait is set to continue beyond this year after Lesley Roy crashed out in the semi-finals following a performance marred by technical glitches and over-elaborate stage props.

    Reflecting on the debacle over on RTE’s Liveline, several callers appeared to lay blame at the feet of John Morrison and his comedy puppet creation Dustin the Turkey.

    Dustin served as Ireland’s entry at Eurovision in 2008 with the song Irlande Douze Pointe.

    An undoubtedly bizarre, comedy-led entry, the song failed to make it past the semi-final stage, finishing 15th out of 19 entries on the night.

    Since then, the Dustin the Turkey debacle has regularly been cited as the moment Ireland lost the respect of its European peers in the competition. To some, the decision to enter Dustin was seen as a deliberate attempt to exit the competition early or, worse still, seen as something mocking the entire Eurovision experience.

    Dustin and Morrison, for their part, refuted such suggestions during an interview with Ray D’Arcy on RTE Radio 1. "Where did it all go wrong indeed? I caught the end of liveline there,” Dustin said. "They release them every year, they put the Euronuts. They should just keep them, lock them up in RTE and then release them every year around Eurovision.

    "Look asking [three-time winner] Johnny Logan and Dana to fix Eurovision is like asking Beethoven to fix the X Factor.

    "Firstly, fair play to Lesley last night, I thought she was absolutely brilliant. I genuinely did. "I thought should've gotten through, but six countries don't and that's just the way the cookie crumbles, as they say.”

    Responding to claims he was drafted in to deliberately perform badly, Dustin said: "The reason I went in 2008 is because the year before that Ireland finished plum last. "And the year before that I think a couple of You're a Star rejects went over and finished last.

    "So, if I've cursed this, fair play, I've saved the country a fortune so I'm happy with that." Dustin, meanwhile, was only full of praise for Ireland's 2021 entry Lesley Roy, despite her early departure.

    Dustin the Turkey rejects accusations he tarnished Ireland ...25 V 2021.

    No doubt with Europe and the Eurovision Dustin the Turkey went down like a lead balloon. Never to dare be repeated by anyone.

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    French minister says Eurovision's Italian winners could be disqualified over alleged drug use

    Italian Eurovision winners snort Coke on television and it's OK

    France's Europe minister said Monday that Italy's Eurovision winners could be disqualified if it is found they used cocaine during the song contest – a move that would render France's second-place contestant the winner. Damiano David, the vocalist for 2021 winners Maneskin, has agreed to take a drug test after a video appeared to show him snorting something from a table backstage during the contest.

    France's Europe minister on Monday called for "total transparency" over speculation that one of Italy's victorious Eurovision contestants used cocaine during the song contest, saying it should be grounds for disqualification if confirmed. "I think there needs to be no doubt here, and total transparency," Europe Minister Clément Beaune, who attended the show in Rotterdam, told RMC radio. "If there is a problem, there are penalties ... Provisions are made for sanctioning measures, including potential disqualification in case of problems," he said.

    Damiano David, the outlandish vocalist for Italian rockers Maneskin, has agreed to take a drug test after video footage appeared to show him snorting something from a table backstage during Saturday's contest.

    French hopes had been riding high on singer Barbara Pravi, who was a bookmakers' favourite to end France's 44-year Eurovision drought with her moody ballad "Voila". But she was edged out at the last minute by a surge in public votes for Maneskin – Danish for “moonlight", and a tribute to bass player Victoria De Angelis's Danish ancestry – who won with a total of 529 points. France came in second place while Switzerland, which led after national juries had voted, finished third.

    "I don't want to be a sore loser," Beaune said, but "in terms of image, we can't let people think that such competitions can result in such behaviour".

    The president of France's public broadcasting group, however, said Monday that France would not contest its second-place finish, no matter the speculation over David's backstage antics. "France has absolutely no intention to lodge an appeal," France Télévisions chief Delphine Ernotte told the Parisien newspaper.

    French minister says Eurovision's Italian winners could be ...

    27 V 2021.

    Eurovision continues the degenerate trend, this time snorting coke for all to see.

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    Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest

    Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine celebrates after winning the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest at Palaolimpico arena, in Turin, Italy, May 14, 2022.

    Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, after making a plea on stage to help save Ukrainian fighters holed up in Mariupol, and receiving landslide support from the European public in a phone and online vote. “I ask all of you, please help Ukraine, Mariupol. Help Azovstal, right now,” he said, referring to the besieged steel plant. Currently, only fighters from the neo-Nazi Azov regiment and some units of the Ukrainian military are believed to be inside the facility. Last week, both Russia and Ukraine said the evacuation of civilians from the sprawling industrial complex was complete.

    Ukraine was a clear favorite ahead of the finals, with bookmakers giving it a 60% chance of winning, amid overwhelming Western support for Kiev in its struggle against Moscow. After the jury vote, Kalush Orchestra scored fourth with 192 points, but an immense 439 points from the European public propelled it to the top, despite claims that Russian hackerscould try to disrupt the voting.

    Who would have GUESSED. What a circus. Ukraine didn't win, it was selected as the winner long before the propaganda show started. They jump up & down and crow like frogs. This band should be called 5 frogs. They won because the Pentagon ordered they must win. Eurovision continues to be the biggest EU inside joke! The deserved and honourable peremoga of ukies at the Western Pride of LGBT. Very inspirational and symbolic for Global Western Crisis. Eurovision is now similar to Nobel prize, both select candidates on political grounds. Both belong to the Empire of lies.

    Eurovision is a disgusting gay parade. Ukraine winning the Eurotrash contest is like Richard Levine (US) who declared himself a tranny, becoming Dr Rachel Levine and winning the WOMAN OF THE YEAR award!

    R T:

    Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest
    15 V 2022.

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