The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has announced that it will in future not commission shows which only have white actors—and that a show like the comedy “Monty Python” would be shunned because it was made up of “white blokes.”

BBC head of comedy Shane Allen told media in Britain that program featuring “six Oxbridge white blokes” were no longer of interest to viewers who “crave sketch shows and sitcoms with a sense of place”.

“Oxbridge” is a UK reference to graduates from Oxford and Cambridge universities.

Speaking as the BBC unveiled a “raft” of new comedies starring female and nonwhite leads, Allen claimed audiences had seen enough of the “metropolitan, educated experience.”

He cited BBC Three sketch show “Famalam,” which has an all-black cast, as an example of how the corporation was giving a platform to new talent 50 years after Monty Python, which he described as a “producer-led gang show.”

Allen said: “If we’re going to assemble a team now it’s not going to be six Oxbridge white blokes, it’s going to be a diverse range of people who reflect the modern world and have got something to say that’s different and we haven’t seen before.”

In 2016, the producer of the BBC’s “Dr, Who” show, Steven Moffat, was quoted in an interview as saying that that corporation intended to lie deliberately about Britain’s history to pretend that nonwhites played a role in the country’s past.

Telling the BBC that the “Dr. Who” show must “find new ways to get ethnic minority actors on screen in future,” he said that “Sometimes the nature of a particular show—historical dramas, for instance—makes diversity more of a challenge.

“We’ve kind of got to tell a lie. We’ll go back into history and there will be black people where, historically, there wouldn’t have been, and we won’t dwell on that.

“We’ll say, ‘To hell with it, this is the imaginary, better version of the world. By believing in it, we’ll summon it forth’.”

* In the Monty Python film The Life of Brian, one scene made fun of a man wanting to be a woman. In terms of today’s mentally ill “transgender” nonsense, this scene would undoubtedly result in an uproar.