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Thread: Eyes Are Brain Tissue

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    Eyes Are Brain Tissue

    Planet earth itself may be simply a psychic battlefield. We have heard of the phenomena of "the evil eye", the notion that hostile or hateful glares from people can constitute a sort of assault upon the energy of ones body. Loving eyes would have the opposite affect.

    The eyes themselves are a sort of brain tissue, directly connected to the brain. That means that as you gaze upon the world the vibrations of your thoughts, would be directly impressed upon the world through your gaze.

    It's very important to avoid hostile people, even if they are people who share your politics. Hostile looks and hostile words can be very bad and it can guide people down ill roads if they don't protect themselves from the company of hostile people.

    The real battles happening in the world appear to be of a psychic nature, for instance women are known to give each other the evil eye a lot. When men congregate with one another they may destroy each other verbally which is a sort of feeding frenzy of destruction. This is why the company of people who are mutually kind to one another is important.

    So one can have a sort of warm hearth to find protection from the hostile environment, a loving home-base, and then one can walk into the public space with inner strength and be able to endure any psychic conflict if any psychic conflict should arise.

    Psychic conflict refers to verbal conflicts or perhaps hostile looks, but to be simply hated is also a sort of psychic assault, to be loved is a protection from any hatred that may be directed at a person.

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    Nice metaphor. I think we do need a "home" to build up the mental energy to take on the world.

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