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Thread: British Germanics In Roman Times

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    British Germanics In Roman Times

    The information below presents evidence that Germanic people lived in Britain prior to any so called Saxon invasions of Britain. The information below is from a book by Julius Caesar.

    Belgae(Germanics/Belgians) lived in Britain during Roman times according to Caesar

    "The interior portion of Britain is inhabited by those of whom they say that it is handed down by tradition that they were born in the island itself: the maritime portion by those who had passed over from the country of the Belgae"

    Book 5 Chapter 12 Gallic Wars

    The Belgae are Germanic according to Caesar

    "When Caesar inquired ... he received the following information: that the greater part of the Belgae were sprung, from the Germans, and that having crossed the Rhine at an early period, they had settled there..."

    Book 2 Chapter 4 Gallic Wars

    In book 1 of The Gallic Wars, northern Gaul, modern day Belgium and Northern France, was said to be occupied by The Belgae. The middle part of Gaul, by Celts. Southern Gaul by Basques(Aquitani).

    Book 1 Chapter 1

    Wikipedia states that

    In the mid 5th century, Anglo-Saxons begin to appear in an apparently still functionally Romanised Britain."

    Some may take this to imply here is that Britain became Germanic in the 5th century. This narrative is based on "The Chronica Gallica of 452" which states that Britain came under Saxon dominance after the fall of Roman rule.

    I am starting to question the narrative regarding the Saxons, and these dates, and migration stories. Julius Caesar said there was Germanics in Britain well before the 5th century. Where exactly are we getting our cultural narratives from?

    Why does official history teach that Germanics arrived in Britain after the fall of Roman rule in about the 5th century? Why does official history teach that Germanics arrived in the 5th century, when Julius Caesar himself clearly stated that Germanics lived in Britain prior to the birth of Jesus?

    According to Caesar Britain has been Germanic before Jesus walked the earth. Why weren't we tought this in schools? This isn't even alternative history, this is Julius Caesar talking.

    I am not saying I am dismissing the narratives regarding the Saxons, I am just saying this new information makes me question it. If there were migrations of Saxons that happened in the manner we are told, they weren't the first Germanics. Another possibility is the Saxon narrative could have even been political propaganda. I just don't know, a lot of the sources for the Saxon invasions come from monks in continental Europe, that was then perhaps repeated by monks in Britain. The source material needs to be looked at again.

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