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    The UK Prime Minister Johnson’s remote speech to his party conference saw him dismiss the idea of returning to normality. Is PM Johnson using Covid-19 to follow the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ agenda, as many have warned?

    It’s not really about public health or a virus. They have another agenda.’ That’s what the so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been saying since March, when the first British lockdowns were imposed and our lives were turned upside down. Those ‘conspiracy theorists’ were denounced, as always, as ‘cranks’ and ‘flat-Earthers’ but here we are in October, and, let’s face it, there is absolutely no sign, despite very low numbers of deaths ‘with’ Coronavirus, that we are returning to anything like normal. In fact, in hiskeynote speech yesterday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson specifically ruled out a return to normal, not even with a vaccine. “After all we have been through, it isn’t enough just to go back to normal. We have lost too much. History teaches us that things of this magnitude – wars, famines, plagues, events that affect the vast bulk of humanity, as this virus has – they do not just come and go. They can be the trigger for economic and social change.”

    When I heard Johnson utter those words I thought, ‘where have I heard this stuff before?’ Well, the answer is in the book ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’ by Klaus Schwab, the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, and Thierry Malleret. They too, like Johnson, invoked the Second World War as the trigger for fundamental changes, not only to the global order and global economy, but to society and the way human beings interact with one another. Like Johnson, they don’t want to
    return to normal. Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is never.”

    Instead, Schwab and Malleret want a world changed forever by a virus which they admit is only ‘mild’ compared to others in history. Covid-19 is seen as the catalyst for the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. As to where all this is heading, I recommend you read Schwab’s ‘Great Reset’, and his earlier ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, but please don’t do so late at night, because they will probably give you nightmares. Schwab’s elitist Davos-man utopia is a trans-human, socially distanced, utterly soulless dystopia for the rest of us. Think of the most terrifying sci-film you’ve ever watched and that still doesn’t go anywhere near it. And the worst thing is that it is sold to us as some kind of ‘progressive’ vision.

    Johnson, in his speech yesterday, showed he’s a fully-signed up ‘Great Resetter’. It was, for me, the most chilling oration ever made by any British prime minister at a party conference. The man who justified a national lockdown in March on a purely temporary three-week basis to ‘flatten the curve’, and ‘protect the NHS’, and who said in the summer, after the lockdown had lasted three months, that he hoped Britain would return to ‘significant normality’ by November, now tells us: “We have been through too much frustration and hardship just to settle for the status quo ante – to think that life can go on as it was before the plague; and it will not… We are resolving not to go back to 2019.”

    For Johnson, using the globalists’ phrase ‘Build Back Better’, this is the time to launch Britain on the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. “From internet shopping to working from home, it looks as though Covid has massively accelerated changes in the world of work… as old jobs are lost and as new ones are created… The Covid crisis is a catalyst for change…” he said.

    Did Schwab actually write his speech? It looks like it. Although Johnson didn’t use the phrase ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, he did mention a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ twice.

    Johnson foresees a future in which every home in Britain relies on wind power (he certainly produces a lot of that), and “instead of being dragged on big commutes to the city” people can “start a business in their home town… and bring up their children in the neighbourhoods where they grew up themselves.”

    Working from home is here to stay, with “gigabit broadband,” shopping from home, conferencing from home… in fact, let’s do everything from home. Who needs to meet other human beings? Not that there’d be anywhere to meet, with pubs, cinemas and theatres all closed down due to the never-ending coronavirus restrictions.Johnson pledged to make Britain “the greatest place on Earth” but to me it sounds more like hell. The question, as ever, is who benefits?

    The World Economic Forum, founded by Schwab, has been incredibly influential when it comes to the changes we’ve already seen in 2020, and what is being openly planned for the future. It was the WEF which co-hosted the Event 201 conference in New York in October 2019, which modelled a fictionalglobal pandemic.

    It was at the WEF’s annual meeting in Davos on January 24, 2020 that Bill Gates’ Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovations (CEPI) held a press conference to announce a ‘new partnership’ to develop vaccines for the virus, when the number of confirmed worldwide cases was still in the hundreds.

    It was the WEF’s Schwab who declared in June: “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world.

    It was the WEF that in July was promoting a Covid-19 Health Passport app, the ‘brainchild’ of one of its ‘Young Global Leaders’, as the future for travel and attending events.

    And for those who don’t have the app or a ‘negative‘ test result? Well, you can just stay at home.

    If you take a look at the founding partners of the WEF’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution you’ll see names such as Microsoft, Palantir, Facebook, Netflix and Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Yes, that’s right, hi-tech online giants and hi-tech multi-billionaires supporting a big shift towards a stay-at-home, ‘do everything on the Internet’ society.

    Is it a ‘conspiracy theory’ to say that Covid-19 is being used as a convenient opportunity to introduce long-planned changes to the economy and society, when those pushing for such changes like Schwab openly talk of there being a “rare but narrow window” for a major ‘reset’?

    Actually, after Johnson’s speech yesterday, the biggest ‘conspiracy theorists’ now are those who DON’T think the British government is working to another agenda.

    A conspiracy theory is no longer a conspiracy once it becomes fact. ("A conspiracy theory is no longer a theory once its confirmed to be an actual conspiracy and not a theory.") It is a fact that governments in Europe, America, Australia, and others are doing everything that they can in order to maintain control of the masses. Why? Possible answer: The massive debt incurred by governments is completely out of control and can never be paid back. Also, the $700+ Trillion derivatives market, along with stock markets and bond markets, are about to implode. We’ll soon find out. November is going to be an interesting month in America.

    The only covid conspiracy theorists are those who claim that it exists.

    Tyrants too are just puppets in this game. It needs money to become a Tyrant. And who controls the money ?

    The sheeple won't be ready to rise up until the Rulers have established such an effective AI-technocratic-robotic-Big Brother Police State that, literally, "resistance will be futile". When you are under 24/7 surveillance of AI computers that can send a drone to execute you, or cancel your digital "credits" (which you need to buy food which you cannot share with others, as the AI will notice that), the ability to "resist" will be eliminated. The rulers are fully prepared to kill off anyone that resists their dystopia. And the sheeple are bringing it all about with their full support of the construction of this Big Brother Police State - the rulers having created 9/11, 7/11, the IRA, COVID-19, and countless other "transformational events" ("order out of chaos" / action-reaction) precisely to elicit this support.

    R T:
    As Boris Johnson announces Britain’sgreat reset’, were ...

    10 X 2020.

    A few thinking and whispering "the emperor has no clothes" is not enough. MSM sell Covid like Churchill in 1939 – that’s their reason d’etre / their job.

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    Former Australian Senator Claims “Great Reset” is Real Agenda Behind COVID Panic

    Former Australian Senator Cory Bernardi presented a piece for Sky News Australia in which he claimed that the agenda behind the COVID panic was for elite Davos billionaires to bring about a “great reset” that would see permanent social and economic changes.

    Noting that there is “something unusual about the continuing pandemic panic,” Bernardi cited medical experts who “now acknowledge that lockdowns don’t work” and asked viewers to “consider if there is another agenda at work.” Indeed, in a recent interview with the Spectator, the World Health Organization’s special envoy on COVID-19, Dr David Nabarro, called on world leaders to stop using lockdowns as their primary method of control because they were making “poor people an awful lot poorer.”

    Bernardi then highlighted comments made by Klaus Schwab, founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum, who told fellow globalists that COVID-19 had proven the old system to be inadequate and that, “Now is the historical moment of time not only to fight the… virus but to shape the system… for the post-corona era.”

    “(Mr Schwab) admits that COVID is the new excuse to usher in the Green New Deal that climate alarmists, profiteers and big government have been pushing for years,” said Bernardi, adding that “the global response to COVID has been a green socialist’s dream.”

    The former Senator noted how the coronavirus pandemic had facilitated the opportunity to impose a very similar crackdown that technocrats had previously sought to justify under the banner of climate change, namely, shutting down economies, lowering fuel consumption and airline travel as well as curtailing civil liberties and freedom of movement.

    “Why do you think the Australian Greens have been so quiet these past months … it’s because their policy agenda is coming to life?” asked Bernardi. “After decades of peddling climate change lies and propaganda to force government by the elites, the socialists have used a media induced hysteria over public health as their latest weapon of economic destruction,” he added.

    Highlighting how many of the same scientists who have convinced governments to impose draconian lockdowns were also involved in IPCC computer modeling that produced alarmist global warming forecasts, Bernardi concludes that the COVID lockdown looks an awful lot like the ‘Green New Deal’ and will have the same disastrous impact on the global economy.

    I saw an interview with someone claiming to be an insider of the elite cabal, and he reckons Australia is run by the global elite, a secret collective of several thousand people who compartmentalize their activities, but only several thousand know the whole picture. These people also run the dark projects, they are in effect, a powerful secret corporate type of government, where the lines between corporations and governments are blurred. We as citizens of our respective countries do not know what's really going on, because of the compartmentalization system these people implement to prevent lower tier whistleblowers from connecting the pieces. So we are virtually 2 legged sheep sleep walking towards their engineered dystopia future for us. Some leaders, such as Trump cannot defeat them. If he gets elected, at best he will only buy us some time from the inevitable. That is until they get their hands on an A.I. that doesn't go insane. Once that happens, it's over for the common man and woman. We are at their mercy. A.I. will make the pandemic seem like just another flue season. Other cabals are trying to win the race to create a sane A.I. who ever gets there first will rule the world indefinitely.

    If they were REALLY going to do something about green house gasses, they would have to cap, and control innumerable, and very deep, underwater fissures that spew TONS of gasses EVERY HOUR! But hey, it's you and your darn, driving to work that is the issue, maybe if you threw a bunch of money at lowering YOUR exhaust fumes...well that would solve EVERYTHING! While multi-million dollar airlines fly 24/7, 7 days a week, but viola'.....that's not the's YOU worthless eaters!

    Former Australian Senator Claims “Great Reset” is Real Agenda Behind COVID Panic

    14 X 2020.

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    Only Donald Trump Can Save Us from the Great Reset

    Build Back Better. This is the slogan of the New World Order – aka the Great Reset.

    You hear it often these days intoned — in the manner of dutiful Stepford Wives — by everyone from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the
    Prince of Wales to Canadian blackface artiste Justin Trudeau and, inevitably, Joe Biden who has adopted it as hiscampaign slogan.

    About the only leader you won’t hear using it is Donald Trump because he recognises its true significance. Build Back Better is the code phrase for one of the most terrifying and dangerous, globally co-ordinated assaults on liberty and prosperity in the history of mankind. If the plan succeeds, the world you inhabit will be unrecognisable, your children will have no prospects and your life will barely be worth living. Build Back Better means totalitarian rule by a global, technocratic elite – as constrictive and immiserating as life under fascism or communism. This hideous New World Order is the Great Reset.

    It sounds like a conspiracy theory but the people behind it are perfectly open about it. Why else would they dedicate a special issueof Time magazine to outlining their masterplan?

    One essay – titled ‘It’s 2023. Here’s How We Fixed the Global Economy’ – imagines a world where things all started getting better with the ousting of Donald Trump.

    The U.S. began to change its approach after Nov. 3, 2020, when Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the presidential election and the Democrats held the majority in both houses of Congress.

    So how do Biden and his Great Reset pals fix the global economy in this apparently desirable future?

    Simple: Big Government takes care of everything, only not on a national scale this time, but a global one. It will be managed by a technocratic elite over whom you will have no democratic control.

    Jobs and high minimum wages will be guaranteed; shale gas will be replaced by solar; businesses — in return for massive bailouts from the government — will agree to be run more like communist worker co-operatives; car lanes on freeways will be replaced by cycle lanes; companies are no longer driven by profit by ‘public interest’ and goals like sustainability. Oh — and you needn’t worry about your mortgage repayments any more — because private property will be abolished.

    (And yes, they’re serious about abolishing ownership. Here’s their website boasting about their plans back in 2016.)

    Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city – or should I say, “our city”. I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes.

    It might seem odd to you, but it makes perfect sense for us in this city. Everything you considered a product, has now become a service. We have access to transportation, accommodation, food and all the things we need in our daily lives. One by one all these things became free, so it ended up not making sense for us to own much.

    What’s unusual about this global communist takeover plan is that it originates not from some meeting of hair-shirt sociology students at Berkeley but from the World Economic Forum, which hosts the annual meeting at Davos where billionaires lecture millionaires on how ordinary people live.

    The founder of the World Economic ForumKlaus Schwab has written a book — several books in fact — on his masterplan.

    His latest, called Covid-19: The Great Reset, makes no bones about the fact that the chaos of the Coronavirus pandemic represents the perfect opportunity to accelerate the entire world towards a ‘new normal’.

    At the time of writing (June 2020), the pandemic continues to worsen globally. Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never. Nothing will ever return to the ‘broken’ sense of normalcy that prevailed prior to the crisis because the coronavirus pandemic marks a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory.

    Got that? As far as your new globalist overlords are concerned, you are NEVER going to get your old life back, however much you might wish it. Also, be clear: this is being done for your own good because your old way of life was based on a ‘broken’ model.

    Such is the author’s conviction that the new normal is what we need and should want, he scarcely bothers to pretend that Chinese coronavirus is anything other than a handy pretext.

    Unlike certain past epidemics, COVID-19 doesn’t pose a new existential threat.

    Schwab is clear in his book that coronavirus is not so much a crisis as an opportunity to be exploited – a chance to accelerate the birth of the New World Order he calls The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    Radical changes of such consequence are coming that some pundits have referred to a ‘before coronavirus’ (BC) and ‘after coronavirus’ (AC) era. We will continue to be surprised by both the rapidity and unexpected nature of these changes – as they conflate with each other, they will provoke second-, third-, fourth- and more-order consequences, cascading effects and unforeseen outcomes.

    This might all seem pie in the sky — the demented ravings of a German so sinister-looking and sounding that he would have made an excellent Blofeld in the Bond movies — were it not for one major problem: lots of world leaders, billionaire businessmen and other masters of the universe are totally onboard with the project. This includes, if we’re very unlucky, possible future President Joe Biden.

    Because it all sounds like something out of a dystopian novel in the manner of Nineteen Eighty-Four, many people are under the illusion that the Great Reset is a conspiracy theory they can safely ignore. But as a commenter at Lockdown Sceptics puts it: ‘It’s not a conspiracy when they tell you what they are doing.’

    Slowly people are waking up. One of them is Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, formal Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, who has written an open letter to President Trump warning him of the threat posed by the Great Reset.

    A global plan called the Great Reset is underway. Its architect is a global élite that wants to subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of entire populations. In several nations this plan has already been approved and financed; in others it is still in an early stage. Behind the world leaders who are the accomplices and executors of this infernal project, there are unscrupulous characters who finance the World Economic Forum and Event 201, promoting their agenda.

    The purpose of the Great Reset is the imposition of a health dictatorship aiming at the imposition of liberticidal measures, hidden behind tempting promises of ensuring a universal income and cancelling individual debt. The price of these concessions from the International Monetary Fund will be the renunciation of private property and adherence to a program of vaccination against Covid-19 and Covid-21 promoted by Bill Gates with the collaboration of the main pharmaceutical groups. Beyond the enormous economic interests that motivate the promoters of the Great Reset, the imposition of the vaccination will be accompanied by the requirement of a health passport and a digital ID, with the consequent contact tracing of the population of the entire world. Those who do not accept these measures will be confined in detention camps or placed under house arrest, and all their assets will be confiscated.

    The Archbishop is right to be concerned. This is not a drill. The Great Reset is an imminent, deadly threat of which everyone who cares about freedom, prosperity and national sovereignty should be aware.

    It still has had remarkably little coverage in the media. One of the few MSM outlets to address it has been Sky News Australia, whose Rowan Dean described the Great Reset as ‘an anti-democratic enterprise designed to destroy your job, steal your prosperity and rob your kids of a future.’

    You can watch my brief take on it here – also at Sky News Australia.

    There’s an excellent, longer-read summary of the key issues by Marc Morano at Climate Depot. Morano recognises that the Great Reset is actually just a repackaged version of the Green New Deal, only with Covid-19 now being used as the big excuse for wholesale Socialistic transformation, rather than ‘climate change.’

    He quotes healthcare journalist Peter Barry Chowka, who calls it ‘A flu d’état”

    ‘A flu d’état”

    Health care journalist Peter Barry Chowka was blunt, calling the COVID/Climate “solution” linkage “a flu d’état.” “A takeover of our supposedly democratic political process by unelected & unaccountable administrative state medical bureaucrats,” Chowka warned, noting that all of the COVID solutions were virtually the same as the Green New Deal “solutions” to the purported climate “crisis.”

    “Overnight, our society is doing what radical leftist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her fellow Green New Deal fanatics have demanded: An almost total end to air travel; personal automobile travel down to a trickle; promises of free health care for all quickly becoming the new status quo; and the ability of people to sit at home without working and receive a paycheck from the government. The Democrats want that to continue indefinitely,” Chowka wrote.

    Also definitely worth a view — if you don’t mind being greatly depressed — is this explainer from Dave Cullen (aka Computing Forever), who says:

    ‘You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy…Sounds an awful lot like global communism.’

    I also recommend this account by James Corbett on the Corbett Report, who pulls together all the World Economic Forum / WEF’s own statements — including interviews given by Klaus Schwab — to construct a damning and frightening case as to the horrors that await us if this thing progresses any further.

    #WhyAreTheyDoingThis has become a popular hashtag on Twitter for the increasing number of people concerned at the extraordinarily draconian and often scientifically inexplicable policies being adopted by governments the world over to deal with Coronavirus.

    The Great Reset may be the answer.

    And if it is the answer — and so if so many world leaders are on board — then my view is that there is only one man in the world who can save us from it.

    That man is Donald Trump.

    It’s why, in my view, this presidential election is probably the most important political event anyone alive will live through.

    On the outcome depend our liberty, our prosperity, our civilisation.

    If DJT doesn't win, God help us all!

    defeat will mean the Islamic Fascists along with Blacks Love Marxism not to mention the Lefty/ Marxist MSM , will run riot and claim victory and vindication for themselves ...heaven forbid.

    Presumably at this moment they’re cooking that up in Wuhan - or possibly Porton Down (the UK's top secret laboratory, where scientists carry out research into chemical weapons and deadly diseases.).

    Presumably ‘Covid-21’ will be designed to be a lot more lethal than Covid-19, to increase the level of terror among the populace, and to facilitate a far more savage level of repression by Globalist governments.

    Burn Loot n Murder will run riot whatever happens.

    Probably the most important article on BB this year.

    Only Donald Trump Can Save Us from the Great Reset

    01 XI 2020.

    " The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants" Thomas Jefferson, 3 rd President of US.

    Every generation needs a new revolution -- Thomas Jefferson.

    Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day. I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens, who, reading newspapers, live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in the world. Thomas Jefferson. (Letter to John Norvell, June 14, 1807)

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    Smash the Great Reset, Crush the NWO!

    Smash the Great Reset, Crush the NWO!

    “The Great Resetis a massively funded, desperately ambitious, internationally coordinated project led by some of the
    biggest multinational corporations and financial players on the planet and carried out by cooperating state bodies and NGOs…The mathematical reason for the Great Reset is that thanks to technology, the planet has gotten small, and the infinite expansion economic model is bust—but obviously, the super wealthy want to continue staying super wealthy, and so they need a miracle, another bubble, plus a surgically precise system for managing what they perceive as ‘their limited resources.’ Thus, they desperately want a bubble providing new growth out of thin air—literally—while simultaneously they seek to tighten the peasants’ belts, an effort that starts with ‘behavioral modification,’ a.k.a. resetting the western peasants’ sense of entitlement to high life standards and liberties (see awful ‘privilege’).

    “Thus, the practical aim of the Great Reset is to fundamentally restructure the world’s economy and geopolitical relations based on two assumptions: one, that every element of nature and every life form is a part of the global inventory (managed by the allegedly benevolent state, which, in turn, is owned by several suddenly benevolent wealthy people, via technology)—and two, that all inventory needs to be strictly accounted for: be registered in a central database, be readable by a scanner and easily ID’ed, and be managed by AI, using the latest ‘science.’ The goal is to count and then efficiently manage and control all resources, including people, on an unprecedented scale, with unprecedented digital anxiety and precision—all while the masters keep indulging, enjoying vast patches of conserved nature, free of unnecessary sovereign peasants and their unpredictability. The king’s world feels far more predictable and relaxed when the chaos of human subjectivity is contained for good.”

    Plus, as a potentially lucrative aside, a bunch of these tightly managed “assets” can be also turned into new financial instruments and traded. Game on! In other words, it’s an “efficient” global feudalism that goes much farther than its medieval brother since the scanner is all-seeing: every person, every mineral, and every berry is digitally tagged and tracked. Under that framework, every peasant has a function that is derived not from the mystery of life, and not from their inner calling—but from AI, the master of efficiency and the servant of the king. Ideally, the peasants can be convinced that it’s good for them (or necessary to be safe, see “contact tracing”) and that this is what progress and happiness are like—but if not, there are other ways, from classic violence to virtual prisons to “morality pills.”

    The reform in question is meant to disrupt all areas of life, on a planetary scale: government, international relations, finance, energy, food, medicine, jobs, urban planning, real estate, law enforcement, and human interactions—and it starts with changing the way we think of ourselves and our relationship with the world. Notably, privacy is a huge thorn in the collective eye of our “great resetters”—and—as I am typing this, they are pushing their sweet talking points about how privacy is really an outdated concept—especially when it comes to people’s medical data, sheesh—and that we simply cannot move forward with the bright future if silly people keep clinging to their privacy.

    I will briefly go over different elements of this slippery reform in a sec—but to sum it up, the desired end result is a giant, joyless, highly controlled global conveyor of everything and everybody where privacy is tremendously expensive, dissent is unthinkable, and spiritual submission is mandatory. It’s like a 24/7 medicated reality, except the medications are both chemical and digital, and they are reporting you back to the mothership, which can then punish you for bad behavior by, say, blocking your access to certain places or by putting a hold on your digital bank account—perhaps without any human intervention at all.

    Thus, on a sensory level—as it relates to money and power—this conveyor is an attempt of the super wealthy to organize and monetize their “assets,” including people—more efficiently than ever before. On a theological level, the initiative is shaped by transhumanism, a formal belief system rooted in a pathological feeling of being repelled by all things natural—and a resulting view of biological forms as defective robots, which are made perfect, serial killer perfect, by merging with machines in a way that redefines the meaning of being alive and defies death itself.

    I would like to stress that we should never underestimate the importance of subjective feelings and theology in the shaping of historical events. Our entire history is a sum of subjective choices—where the choices of the more powerful and the more driven weigh more. And religious reform, which typically stems from various powerful individuals’ subjective preference for what the big picture should be like, has been a driver of large-scale social, economic, and cultural changes on this planet for centuries. What we are looking at here is a new religion—and as much as I want to believe in the general cleanliness and rationality of the system—on the higher level, we are not dealing with a rational, scientific, honest, benevolent—or even misguided—attempt to make things better. When it comes to the masterminds of the Great Reset, we are dealing with a combination of standard greed—and the emotional pathology of restless, rotting madmen who are freaking out over the maintenance of their property in this new era, and who resent their biological nature as such and want to be gods. Sadly, the crazies are rich and well-connected, and they can hire a million underlings to put on a convincing, feel-good, rational external-facing presentation about their new religion. And to bribe the media. And politicians. And academics. And campaign organizers. And non-profits. And let’s not forget my brethren, the artists, who, out of starvation and indignity, will then create beautiful, artful, moving ads for anything that pays. And by the time the circle is complete, we have a brand new public opinion and technically, still a “democracy”! If only those conspiracy theorists went away…

    So, who are the people leading this, and how coordinated is this effort?

    From the looks of it, it seems to be the usual suspects: top capitalists of the world, historically wealthy dynasties from different parts of Earth, members of secular and religious royalty, billionaires, etc.—in other words, it’s the people who have enough money to feel like this world is theirs, the 0.0001%—and maybe also the people immediately under them who are seeking upward mobility. Some familiar faces, some faces we’ve never seen.

    Obviously, they are not a monolithic mass, and I am sure that they don’t agree with each other on everything and probably compete over who gets to eat more peasants. There is certainly rivalry between the American and the Chinese elites, for example, or between the American and the Russian elites—as well as between different individual super sharks. But all in all, even as they compete, they have shared interests and shared messaging, and there is more strategic camaraderie and common ground between them than between any of them and any of the peasants. For example, none of them is likely to turn down the idea of creating a new class of financial assets to make money off! In addition, they also have advisers—who, in turn, are competing with each other for the highest pay, trying to push their ideas through. All subjective, yet also extensively—and expensively—coordinated in areas of their shared interests.

    And currently, the “winning” concept of the day seems to be a world filled with abbreviations: AI, 5G, IoT, and so on. A world where the money is digital, the food is lab-grown, where everything is counted and controlled by giant monopolies, and the people are largely deprived of free will. A world where each element of nature and each living being is either a data host, or a source of energy—or both. A world where the flow of the peasants’ everyday is micromanaged by ever-monitoring, ever-nudging AI that registers thoughts and feelings before the people even get a chance to make those thoughts and feeling their own. A world where living itself is outsourced to the machine, and a human being is essentially a meat suit.

    Now, I don’t think that this exact vision will ever come true in full. It is likely to implode before it gets half-way there—and some of what I just described is no more than daydreaming of a very broken mind. But the powerful crazies are trying their best to make this nightmare reality. Thus, the danger is not in being overtaken by suddenly self-conscious AI but in the disruption of normal life and in the utter misery that the crazies may cause to our minds and bodies as they rush to slice and dice the world, using various convenient catch phrases such as “global health crisis” or “climate change.”

    And yes, there is definitely coordination and continuity, as there is continuity in dynasties and philosophical trends. Some of it is more ephemeral, and some of it is more concrete. On the ephemeral side, the vision of the “resetters” is related to the futuristic ideas that were popular in the early 20th century, to the dream of a global corporate monopoly that propped up the bolshevik revolution of 1917, and to the overall crave of controlling the world with technology, something that was attempted and failed in the Soviet Union in the 60s—using the language very similar to today’s. On the concrete side, the Great Reset (which by the way is very well coordinated, to the extent that both Biden and Johnson are using the same coded words put forward by the WEF) grows out of the post-WWII efforts to maintain a “correct” power balance in the world, with “correct” financial interests reaping the benefits.

    The “sustainability” language, which is an important pillar of the Great Reset marketing kit, was initially created as a part of various United Nation’s programs—such as “Agenda 21” and “Agenda 2030,” and I am sure that during the production of those programs, both elements—conspiracy and benevolence—were present. Both are sets of extremely dry and boring documents about resource management and justice, which read like something written by a tired, square Soviet teacher with a good grasp of bureaucratic terms, written mostly to justify the paycheck of the bureaucrats and the existence of the United Nations. What’s interesting about the latter is that typically, the UN is pretty useless, meaning that people get together, talk, come up with long bureaucratic documents and non-binding resolutions—and then nothing of essence happens. But not this time. Not now. The program’s on! So it must be important to somebody who’s paying. And yes, I am cynical. In everything that happens, there is always a combination of good intentions, greed, ambition, personal relationships, financial interests, delusions, and so on. Politicians talk to financiers, generals talk to politicians, somebody is somebody else’s uncle, and this is how things get done. Unfortunately, the less straightforward the top-down messaging, and the more abundant the propaganda, the less the value of good intentions, and the easier it is for villains to pull off utter absurdities.

    And of course, initiatives of such great magnitude may go through very long and quiet “planning phases,” during which the desired ideas are being planted in the heads of the desired people through private conversations, small meeting, funded research, industry conventions, and the like. So by the time the “action” button is pressed, it feels like a trend is already there. And let me repeat again, absolutely everything in history is a result of subjective choices made by subjective people. The way everything in history happens is that people get together, decide what they want to do, and do it. When important people act, the impact is more visible. So, in a way, everything is a “conspiracy,” because everything comes through human agency. And often, the important people cover up their deeds, that shouldn’t be a radical idea.

    And yes, by now, the top power holders in the West have figured out that it’s more cost-effective and less labor-consuming for them to just bribe the media “of record,” the scientists, the academics, the politicians, and even the “controlled opposition”—and have them convince the peasants—than to police everything and everyone by force. And by the way, while the pinnacle of this tower is a conspiracy in earnest, in a sense of it being a coordinated effort where the masterminds are acting in general alignment with each other, without disclosing their true long-term goals to the peasants—the rest of the tower is probably the usual human stuff, multiplied by the lack of the old-fashioned, moral sense of responsibility. The usual human stuff is a medley of ambition, hustling, greed, carelessness, arrogance, and even good intentions. The closer to the bottom, the more ignorance and the better the intentions—because most people do believe that they are doing good—but it doesn’t change the tragic trajectory of the “resetting” cavalcade.

    Okay but maybe hold on, there is a real crisis, and the rich have woken up because they want to live? What if there is no conspiracy per se, and they have simply realized that the planet is a mess, and now they want to address the issues of overpopulation and pollution because there really are too many people on the planet who are all over-consuming and polluting? What do you say to that?

    I am glad you asked, so let’s talk about that.

    It is absolutely true that the soulless, utilitarian approach to nature, to life, and to other living beings has been extremely destructive—with the most immediate, most visible destruction outsourced to “third world countries” and to the less financially fortunate people in the West. (See landfills, Cancer Alley, and unhealthy, poison-filled non-organic foods). It is true that massive consumerism and the use disposables (brought to us by more or less the same parties who are now scolding people for consumerism) have created a lot of messes. It is true that our oceans and lungs are full of plastic, that the amount of chronic disease is skyrocketing, and that many species are dying off. It is true that our soil, our food, and our bodies are tainted with highly toxic glyphosate. It is true that usually, decades pass between the time manufacturers realize the toxicity of their product and the time when saying so in a conversation stops being a conspiracy theory. All true. However, it is also true that the people who are pointing fingers at social ills and telling us that we need a Great Reset are from same camps and lineages that have caused it in the first place. It is true that underneath the language of their marketing brochures, there is toxicity and havoc that greatly exceed what we have today. Thus, they are either idiots or liars—and I am afraid it is the latter. However rich, they are not even remotely morally qualified to fix anything in this world. And whatever we choose to do to heal our relationship with nature and with each other—it definitely isn’t the technofascist, neofeudal Great Reset.

    A metaphor: If the leader of the Rapists Party came up with a Platform Against Rape that didn’t stop the raping but that rebranded the very act by saying that if one uses a pink dildo made of recycled plastic to penetrate, then it’s not rape… would you think it’s a platform against rape in earnest?

    So no, they are not the people to lead the way (just check out this garbage in space idea). If we go along, we will end up with a world that looks like this:

    Speaking of solutions, there are plenty of activists and local leaders, such as Vandana Shiva, for example, coming up with ways to heal our relationship with nature. There are whistleblowers. There are lawyers fighting corporate giants and sometimes winning. There are doctors risking their careers to protect their patients. There are local farmers. There are artists baring their souls. There are truth tellers. There is dignity, and there is respect if we insist on them. I believe that good long-term solutions come from inner honesty and peace, and that each of us possesses the unique genius that helps us locate our piece of the puzzle, which ultimately heals the world.

    As far as there being too many people on the planet, I think even that is spin. Actually, Vandana Shiva has produced analysis of industrial vs. traditional local agriculture in terms of numbers, and it looks like we’ve been lied to by Big Ag about their importance, too. Also, the biggest “demographic problem” in the West right now is the growing number of the old vs. the young. And even in the “developing world,” the trends seem to be different from what we are are taught to think. And furthermore, the planet has enough for all, and the reason we are facing scarcity is because that 0.0001% of people control a lot. Ironically, they are the same people who are worried that there is not enough, pushing the idea of overpopulation—often while breeding enthusiastically—and infecting young brains with the idea of overpopulation to the extent that now, some middle-class young people don’t want to have kids, “to save the planet.” How messed up is that?

    And yes, the idea of overpopulation has been worrying the leaders for some decades. I would argue that at times, their thoughts have carried eugenics overtones (see, for example, this 1974 Kissinger Report that brags about “incentivizing” Indian men to get vasectomies). And no, it wouldn’t be completely crazy to posit that eugenics hasn’t quite gone away, and that whoever believes themselves to own the world, probably wouldn’t mind a little more surgical management of the demographic trends. Can I read their minds? No. I can’t say who exactly thinks what exactly, and luckily for me, I am not invited to their meetings—but every now and then, personas like Gates or Prince Charles say things that make me wonder. On the other hand, I don’t find it particularly shocking because human nature hasn’t changed since the time when eugenics was socially acceptable in the “respectable society.” Thus, my theory is that some powerful people of the world are truly evil and probably fiddling with eugenics—and some are probably just indifferent to the desires of the peasants—but on my end, I don’t really care which one it is. Evil or indifferent, I don’t want them to destroy my world. Is that too much to ask?

    My job is Poison Distributor.
    My condition is
    Hatred of Biological Forms.
    They call me deranged
    But I am the sanest of all.
    They call me a merciless killer,
    A sadist, a robot, a king.
    But I am just a perfectionist.

    My job is Poison Distributor.
    My religion is
    Hatred of Unpredictable Shapes.
    My poison will find you
    In words,
    In the water you drink,
    In food,
    In the air your breathe,
    This way or another,
    It’ll find you.

    My job is Poison Distributor.
    A very practical job.
    You are welcome.

    Now, let’s quickly look at the areas that, according to the blueprint of the Great Reset, need to be disrupted and completely redesigned. That is a giant topic in itself, and I will only touch upon it lightly, with a special focus on the language used and how it overlaps with the “pandemic response.” I strongly encourage you to go to the World Economic Forum/ WEF website and look around.

    Statehood and Governance.

    In the new world, countries still exist but they all abide by a central order. It’s “cooperative” (wink, wink). A lot of government functions are automated and delegated to AI. Decisions are based on data and algorithms, there is no privacy, and there is a lot more fluidity as far as migrations (so unfortunately, the very humane sentiment of being kind to immigrants that is being promoted in the media might not about kindness, which is a bummer to me personally). There is also a possibility of replacing human governments with AI altogether, but not immediately. The reasoning is simple: In order for the super wealthy to manage global inventory, individual governments have to act more like mid-level managers accountable to international authorities than like independent federal governments. (Remember how “mom and pop shops” were pushed off the market and replaced by chain stores? Same thing here except in this case, the mom and pop stores are countries.)

    Traditional America, now, is very much in the way of this. Its habit of generous consumption and free expression, its self-centered foreign policies, its sense of entitlement, and its big suburban houses are a no-go. A traditional, independent, strong America is an obstacle. In that light—and with a disclaimer that I don’t think that there is such a thing as a just empire, I feel like there is an active effort to “even America out,” to co-opt its government, to destroy farms and small businesses—especially the ones that are not consistent with this all-digital future—and to bring down the entitled middle class, especially in “outdated” career paths. It feels like we are currently in the middle of a “color revolution,” a soft coup. Usually, American elites do it to other nations—but now it’s happening on the domestic soil. It feels like the Great Reset agenda, through its messengers and through its money, is shaping both the schizophrenic “COVID response” and the suddenly mainstream and well-funded, super corporate “social justice / climate” movement, which are all at this point intertwined in terms of messaging. Both pretend to promote pubic good, and both skillfully weaponize real issues and get a rise out of people who have a real love of fairness in their hearts—all to clear the way for the financial goals of the “great resetters”—such as a complete erosion of privacy (see contact tracing), moving all human activities online (see, well, everything), AI-based law enforcement and precrime (see “defund the police”), and so on. And yes, America has many honest problems. But it’s not like the current structures are being replaced with a council of spiritually grounded, wise indigenous elders who are deeply connected to Earth and who will not hurt any innocent life. What’s being attempted—however fuzzy the marketing coverup—is far worse, far less humane, and far more destructive than what we have today. I don’t like it.


    It’s digital currency, crypto, and mobile payments all the way. The citizens must be totally transparent and leave a trace of everything they do, remember?


    All I can say is I hope you like cockroach meat, because it’s coming.

    Cynical remarks aside, the “future of food” is a disaster. The liars in high chairs have the nerve to use good words like “sustainable development” but there is nothing sustainable about this thing. It’s BigAg on steroids, very toxic. And, incidentally, it’s also energy-consuming as all these robots, sensors, and data centers ain’t free, but who’s counting that.

    Also, today’s farms have to go. Not only are the pesky traditional local farmers competing with patented lab-grown food and—also patented—GMOs, and—also patented—soils—they are also taking up the space needed for royal recreational areas, as well as wind turbine and solar panel parks (which all take up a lot of space, by the way). And what do you know, maybe the kings really want to “conserve” some patches of nature by keeping it free of people. It’s their inventory, after all, it makes sense to maintain it well.

    No wonder the “COVID response” is hitting the farms so hard, forcing them to go out of business…





    So far, in both medicine and education, we are very much on track, thanks to the global pandemic…


    Now, this one is interesting. Because fossil fuels, the devil of today’s marketing, are genuinely bad. It’s true that oil extraction is abusive to the planet. The spills create a lot of havoc, and they happen all the time. Oil barons are bandits. People who live close to refineries get sick. Plastic, which comes from oil, is polluting everything, from the oceans to our stomachs and lungs. However, fossil fuels are also the only energy source—besides nuclear—that is currently capable of supporting the world’s population’s consumption levels. Furthermore, if you look under the hood of “green,” it’s not that green, really, unless we are talking the color of money. Solar panels take up a ton on space (see below), they degrade quickly, and turn into toxic heaps.

    Wind turbines also take up a ton of space and have their own problems. Both are highly dependent on weather and don’t provide sufficient energy. It is also noteworthy that the recent film by Michael Moore, Planet of the Humans, which was exploring some of the not so green aspects of “green energy” and shedding light on some of the corruption in the environmental movement, was attacked by the leading environmentalists to viciously and so uniformly that the film was removed from major platforms and kind of disappeared from the public eye.

    Anyway, what’s going to happen if fossil fuels go away? By the way—and this is an important point—I am not actually convinced that the “resetters’” intend for fossil fuels to truly go away. I think we could be looking at an act of rebranding. I did think until recently that they really wanted to “disappear” fossil fuels—but then I looked into “climate tech”—and now I am thinking that the things are more complex, that it could be a strategic geopolitical manoeuvre. I don’t know. There are some peculiar technological overlaps between fossil fuels and “green” energy—but time will tell. In any case, if they either go away or pretend to go away, we’ll quickly discover that wind and solar are not cutting it—and then, we’ll meet our new king of “green” energy, nuclear fusion, yay.

    When that happens, our friend, the famous philantrocapitalist, will come to rescue. He is heavily invested in nuclear fusion reactors—in fact, his favorite project, according to himself. (Actually, he happens to be very deeply involved in about every bullet point on the Great Reset list, what a business genius he is.) But wait, to make the intrigue even more interesting, the WHO, which of course enjoys his generous funding, has in the past gone to great lengths to underplay the health toll of nuclear incidents such as Chernobyl and Fukushima.

    Speaking of energy and finance, let’s talk about “human capital.” In the new world, “human capital” is not just a metaphor for HR or labor. Microsoft, for example, has a patent for a method of transforming human behavior into cryptocurency, which is done through an unspecified device coupled with a server that registers body activity and “mines” crypto. Since under the New Normal, digital and crypto are supposed to become mainstream, this looks suspiciously like a tool that can be used both to tightly control the behavior of the poor who may depend on this for income—and to literally minethe bodies of otherwise “useless” welfare dependents / UBI recepients for energy (which, by the way, is an actual thing, believe it or not).

    Furthermore, this patent could potentially be used to create a new financial instrument because, if mined for energy, these people become “assets” that could possibly be bunched together into virtual portfolios and virtually traded. See how neat? Now, we are talking proper serfdom! And yes, this sounds very sci-fi but let’s not forget how some billionaire “visionaries” think—not like normal people, or else the workers at Amazon warehouses wouldn’t be wearing diapers to skip bathroom breaks. Also let’s not forget that today, there is trading of very theoretical items as well as betting on weather. A lot of money in this world is made on strange, arbitrary things!

    Speaking of weather, the Great Reset also legitimizes the dangerous, invasive atrocity that is geoengineering, and makes it potentially “cool” and “life-saving,” just like some “climate change movement” white papers do. I noticed that and mourned that fact a couple of years ago, screaming from the rooftops about how messed up it was. Spraying toxic crap in the air is cool and “green”? What an act of linguistic trickery.

    Also, a word on carbon. I am not going to get into the entire thing because the article is already long, however, it seems that whatever the story of carbon was at birth, by now the story has transformed into a tool of creating a market out of thin air, and a bunch of financial instruments to make money off, also out of thin air. For example, look at this plant, backed by Gates and some oil giants. My favorite part is that after carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere using a cocktail of chemicals, one of the ways to store the loot is to burn a bunch of trees (sorry, “biomass”). Yes, that makes perfect sense, because who can make money off simply leaving trees alone and letting them do the job, for free? What kind of idiot would allow that?

    I would also like to point out the fact that when it’s stored, it’s stored deep underground in ways never done before. (What does is do the inner processes of the planet? Did anybody think this through?) It also requires building pipelines to transport carbon dioxide from one place to another, much like transporting oil. And finally, carbon capture and storage is incredibly energy intensive, and the energy comes from… fossil fuels? Nuclear? Wind turbines that then have to take up half of the planet’s surface? Oh I don’t know… And speaking of language, the goal is not “zero carbon emissions,” it’s “Net Zero Carbon Emissions,” which means that we can keep polluting, and then build a new lucrative industry on top of it, while creating a new kind of pollution. In other words, business as usual…

    Also, while we are on the topic of “green sustainable development,” isn’t building a lot more surveillance tech and infrastructure—which are all extremely energy-consuming not to mention unclean—at odds with the idea of green? I thought about it a while ago when I read, with great initial excitement, the text of the Green New Deal proposed legislation. I was, like, yay justice and indigenous rights, yay…. wait… “smart” power grids? Isn’t it exactly what Big Tech wants, and doesn’t it imply a need for smart sensors that come with more infrastructure and satellites, more towers, a loss of privacy, and new kind of wireless pollution producing untested health effects? It stopped me on my tracks and compelled me to look into various “green” initiatives—and as a result, discover various skeletons in the closet. And then I stumbled into the work of Cory Morningstar, and I was like, wow. My instincts were right, it’s not exactly what it seems!!

    Now, this provides a nice segue into how the “global health crisis” narrative plays into the Great Reset.

    First, some housekeeping notes.

    As I said before, the Great Reset is an extremely ambitious plan of restructuring both the world’s economy—and the very notion of what it means to be alive. (Is an AI-nudged zombie whose decision-making is externalized really alive?) Without a cooperating population, this ambitious economic and religious reform cannot succeed.

    What is the best way of making the population cooperate with this very strange reform? It’s fear—because promises of pleasure are not enough to pull off such a massive and bizarro shift. Thus, it has to be fear and stress, whether it’s because of an external enemy, a prospect of a natural disaster, or a disease.

    Let’s not forget that prior to 2020, there has already been a very expensively organized fear narrative, supported by more or less the same players who are now pushing for the Great Reset. I am of course talking about the weaponized “climate change” narrative. And while there are plenty of environmental problems that need to be addressed asap, the corporate “climate change” movement has been strangely focused on messaging that roughly coincides with the messaging of the Great Reset campaign, serving their financial goals—and the funding trajectories also overlap. So it looks like the financial interests behind the Great Reset tried out to use the “climate movement” first but it didn’t generate the desired fear levels quickly enough. Not enough people cared. I have personally sat through a training session, and am familiar with “organizing” and the neurolinguistic programming tricks that are supposed to make the audiences very worried about the climate. The messaging is very well thought-through and gives away a generous financial backing, it’s not a hippie grassroots movement—even if a lot of individual people sincerely pour their souls into that. Just like rank-and-file Jehovah witnesses knocking on your door might be extremely sincere.

    As a human being, I don’t trust any entity that coldly, calculatedly, tries to make me scared and trigger a stress response. The people I listened to didn’t seem very afraid themselves. They were well-fed, middle-class, and not underemployed. They were not afraid to be arrested at a protest—and actually they sought to be arrested, without any fear for their future employment. After seeing that, I started asking questions as to why they wanted me to be afraid, and what they wanted me to do. When I started asking questions and researching, it turned out that the trajectory of “solutions” included things like smart grids, electric cars (that are not remotely green), and geoengineering. That, to me, was not acceptable. It also meant that they didn’t really respect the planet because if they did, they wouldn’t want to stick towers everywhere or spray crap in the atmosphere to block the sun. Now, it is very possible that the environmental movement was good and honest when it just started—but a lot of it has been since hijacked, in a very stealthy way where the people on the ground don’t even realize whom they are serving. And again, let me repeat: There is a tremendous need for true sustainability, it’s just that the practical measures implied by the coded marketing language are not sustainable at all!

    In any case, scaring the people with the official narrative of the climate emergency definitely created a ripple in people’s consciousness and a degree of environmental anxiety, especially in Gen Z—but it didn’t do enough to either paralyze or mobilize. But when the virus came along, as if by magic, things started falling into places quickly—things that had been unthinkable before. No, I am not saying that the virus isn’t real. And I am not making any definitive statements about where it came from or how it came about. I have my theories but some things, I just won’t know, and can’t change. But what I know is that the reaction has been absurd, unprecedented, and strangely consistent with the action items that had already been on the agenda. Speaking of emergencies, Woodstock happened during a big pandemic…

    So let’s see.

    Did we forcefully move most activities—such as education, medicine, shopping, sex, and recreation—online for now, as we are working on “digitizing” the physical world, for easy tracking and surveillance?


    Did we, despite the lockdowns for white collar peasants, continue with construction—including very robust construction of new telecom structures and cellular antennas, necessary to support the IoT?


    Did we succeed at near destroying the livelihoods of many independent farmers who were competing with our new “edible” products, and also at disrupting the traditional food supply chains?


    Did we also succeed at destroying a good number of small face-to-face businesses?

    Well, of course!

    Live music venues and theaters?

    For sure.

    Are we working on replacing law enforcement with AI?

    You bet! Defund! Defund! Defund!

    Are we trying to legitimize complete erosion of privacy and easy access to private health data?

    Yes! Because health emergency.

    Are we on target when it comes to tracking every movement of every person?

    Contact tracing, yes! But some countries are still behind.

    Is a digital health ID now required for international travel?

    Yes, Common Pass is live!

    Have we been able to disrupt political and legal procedures and create chaos?

    Yes, Sir!

    Importantly, have we succeeded at messing up human thinking and relationships to the extent that we, the robot, the abuser, are now everybody’s only friend?

    Still working on it but close.

    Are we well on target with prepping the people for a broad rollout of smart wearables?

    Yep. Wear your mask.

    Are we legally controlling people’s sex lives?


    Speaking of, state control of people’s bodies and sexuality is a classic sign of a religious reform. Whenever that happens, watch out.

    Or let’s take lockdowns, for example. Lockdowns and restrictions of movement and physical contact are great tools of behavioral modification—and behavioral modification, also known as social engineering, is for sure a very respected art form among the powerful ones. A self-respecting social engineer plans ten steps ahead and creates situations in which targets beg for desired changes! I posit that currently, we are subjected to an involuntary S&M dance. We are in the middle of a ritual of designed to create a sense of confusion, insecurity, and dependence—eventually to be resolved by our Masters, for which we will be very grateful because we will just want to the unbearable tension to be resolved. Already, many have developed the Stockholm Syndrome, siding with the abuser. The measures are entirely arbitrary—but it doesn’t matter, we are expected to comply and to accept that our suffering and deprivation are for our own good. It makes us a “better person.”

    In the eyes of a psychopath, there is no joy.

    In the eyes of a slave, there is an acceptance of a strange feeling of numbness where the soul used to be.

    Where do we go from there?

    I, for one, don’t think that we should accept the darkness. I think that our best option is to insist on dignity and to find our hearts. Our hearts will tell us what to do next.

    My recent radio guest Peter Koenig has been involved with the huge anti-lockdown anti-Great-Reset demonstrations in Germany. He writes that COVID is “the instrument of an invisible enemy, created by the deep dark state, the all controlling oligarchs, the psychopaths who want absolute control over people, over our health systems, our food supplies, the sickos who are behind the World Economic Forum (WEF) and their new book – their guideline to the new future, the New Normal, ‘Covid-19- The Great Reset’ – that these people must now be overcome, before they complete their agenda.”

    Smash the Great Reset, Crush the NWO! – Veterans Today ...

    05 XI 2020.

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    The Pope's New Encyclical: A Surrender?

    The Pope's New Encyclical: A Surrender?

    • The Pope, for instance, implies that the twilight of the planet's centuries old diplomatic nation-state system has arrived, prompting the need for a more globalist political system. Regrettably, that usually brings with it no transparency, no accountability and no recourse. Think of the United Nations, the UN Human Rights Council, the International Criminal Court or the European Union.

    • In the Pope's encyclical, the "stranger" is always a desperate, impoverished refugee seeking solace, never an aggressor with the will to conquer.

    • Although Francis may have been especially aware of his Muslim guests, Catholics must wonder if they, too, were included as part of the intended audience. There was simply little or no mention in the encyclical of core Catholic beliefs.

    • In truth, however, "Fratelli Tutti" seems more a contrived, secular attempt to fashion a model for the governance of humankind that could attract the support of believer and non-believer alike. Unfortunately, it may also rally those hoping to bring down Judeo-Christian civilization to assume that the West is unfurling a flag of surrender.

    The Pope's Encyclical "Fratelli Tutti" ("Brothers All") sadly seems more a massive and unwieldy political document than a religious guide to the Catholic faithful. The encyclical's intended audience appears to be secular world rather than people of faith. The 43,000-word tome contains almost no discussion of Catholic dogmas. Although the Pontiff's diagnosis of the world's ills seems accurate enough, unfortunately his proposed antidotes -- equality of result rather than equality of opportunity and individual liberty, the bedrocks of Western democracies -- would seriously threaten freedom.

    The Pope, for instance, implies that the twilight of the planet's centuries old diplomatic nation-state system has arrived, prompting the need for a more globalist political system. Regrettably, that usually brings with it no transparency, no accountability and no recourse. Think of the United Nations, the UN Human Rights Council, the International Criminal Court or the European Union.

    The Pope denigrates the concept of nationalism by referring to it as "local narcissism." His support for "open borders" would deny nations the right to sovereignty over their national territories. Pope Francis, a lifelong priest of the Jesuit order, appears to be calling for a system of international organizations that would possess the power to override the will of individual states and have the potential to become a global despotism.

    The Pope also makes no secret of his opposition to the global capitalist free market economy. He proposes instead that wealthy countries form a seamless bond with the have-not peoples of the global south. He implies that a redistribution of the world's wealth is a moral obligation, and should replace free economies that promote growth and jobs and have done more to cure poverty than any other historical development. The problem with redistribution, of course, is, as Margaret Thatcher famously said, "Soon you run out of other people's money." After everyone has been made equally medium-poor, then where, without incentives for hard work and production, are further disbursements supposed to come from? Think of the former Soviet Union, Cuba or Venezuela.

    The encyclical's economic platform for a more just world codifies as moral the redistribution of wealth between wealthy and impoverished regions of the world. The pope concludes, erroneously, that the free market capitalist system marginalizes the impoverished and disabled
    [1] and should therefore give way to a system that provides for a more equitable distribution of earth's resources. He reminds the public that the Church has never defended the right to private property as an absolute.[2] Instead, he recommends that it should be curtailed to serve the commonweal. The approach seems to turn a blind eye to the Church's vast accumulation of property and other goods. Would the Church perhaps care to redistribute that?

    This limitation on property ownership is followed up by the right of people to emigrate, individually and collectively, and of their right to progress.[3] What about the right of people not to take all strangers into their house? The concept flies in the face of a historical pattern: that businesses primarily operate under the rubric of enlightened self-interest for the good of all. It is capitalism, not fraternal socialism, that has improved the economic condition of generations of workers and farmers, ushering them into a middle-class status. The major flaw in socialism seems to be: where does the money continue to come from once the first disbursement runs dry? Socialist politicians seem to assume that since they will not be around forever, the problem of the government's failure to innovate or produce and distribute goods and services will be somebody else's problem. Worse, under Socialism, a coterie of leaders, and their friends and family, live extremely well while everyone else is disincentivized and impoverished, if not worse.

    In today's Communist China, citizens are also subjected to a civilian "surveillance system" that determines everything from their ability to travel to where they can live. Although even totalitarian China, through a state capitalist system, has lifted tens of millions out of poverty -- its economic model has been largely to steal information and technology from the West.

    It is also within recent memory that socialist ideologies have brought the greatest misery to the greatest number: in Soviet Socialist Russia, in the People's Republic of China, North Korea, Castro's Cuba, and now in Venezuela. Although Marxist-Leninists in the former Soviet Union called each other comrade for decades, these visionaries were responsible for the deaths -- often murders -- of up to 20million of their own people. The toll during Mao Zedong's socialist experiment in the People's Republic of China has been estimated at more than twice that in just four years.

    The text of the papal document cites a plethora of Judeo-Christian scripture[4] as the theological justification for these comprehensive structural changes in the world order.

    Unfortunately, the Pope's agenda, if implemented, would have even further dire ramifications for the United States and its allies in the Free World.

    Francis has also revolutionized the centuries old Catholic calculus for a "Just War" and rules out the possibility that in many situations people might actually find themselves better off after a conflict than before one.[5] So much for the American Revolution, the Civil War and World War II. Should people suffering under despotic rule, then, just be quiet and endure it? Has the Pope already forgotten that it was under the guidance of the Church -- propelled by the murder in 1984 of the Polish priest, Jerzy Popieluszkoand under the leadership of the Solidarity Union's Lech Walesa -- that Eastern Europe was freed from its suffocating Communism? Such a judgment also strips away the entire U.S. military strategy of forward-deployed strength to deter aggressors from initiating wars in the first place.

    The Pope further posits that, in this era of nuclear proliferation and other means of mass destruction, no war can be justified.[6] What are you supposed to do, though, if another country is aggressive but you are not? His judgment seems to rule out the moral rationale for a defensive alliance such as NATO, which pledges to defend its members against predatory states such as Russia, should it start to become restive.

    Francis' political prescription in a utopian world, as opposed to a real one, not only envisions a weakening of the nation-state system,[7] surrender of national sovereignty, open borders,[8] denial of the right of nations to morally justify participation in armed conflict and empowerment of international organizations with "real teeth,"[9] and a free economy; it also fails to comprehend that a nation without secure borders is no nation at all, and leaves its citizens at the mercy of the "stranger."[10]

    In the Pope's encyclical, the "stranger" is always a desperate, impoverished refugee seeking solace, never an aggressor with the will to conquer. Francis urges native people to be patient with newcomers[11] so that they will more easily seek assimilation. Often the reality, however, particularly in Europe, which has recently experienced a massive influx of Muslims, is that many of the "strangers" choose isolation and, seemingly, a desire to have the native population assimilate to them, along, sometimes, with dreams of supplanting the dominant religious or ethnic strain.

    Another odd and troubling aspect of this encyclical is the textual references to the personal relationship between Francis and Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb [12] of Cairo's Al-Azhar. The unveiling ceremony of the encyclical, it turns out, was attended by the Grand Imam's advisor, Judge Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Salem. There is no mention of representatives of other faiths at the ceremonials associated with the publication of the encyclical.

    That detail is noteworthy, as "Fratelli Tutti" meticulously seems to avoid any issue that might offend non-Christians, especially Muslims. Francis nowhere speaks of Jesus as God the Father made incarnate, which the Koran denounces as polytheistic blasphemy. There is no detailed discussion of Christ's passion and death sacrifice, which Muslims deny took place. There is no impetus in "Fratelli Tutti" to evangelize, no stimulus to spread the Gospel. Is that because proselytizing might have offended some non-Christians? The whole concept of the Holy Trinity is reduced to an oblique poetical reference in an afterthought prayer following the encyclical's text reading: "O God, Trinity of love." following the textual end of the encyclical.[13] This obscure and solitary mention of the Trinity, which Christians honor every time they make the "Sign of the Cross," seems possibly a deliberate omission not to offend the sensitivities of others, perhaps Muslims, who embrace the idea of "tawhid" (the absolute oneness and indivisibility of Allah).[14]

    The most confusing aspect of the 43,000 word encyclical is the lack of clarity regarding its intended audience(s). Although Francis may have been especially aware of his Muslim guests, Catholics must wonder if they, too, were included as part of the intended audience. There was simply little or no mention in the encyclical of core Catholic beliefs. There was no acknowledgement of the immortality of the soul. Not one sentence mentioned the Eucharist, the Catholic belief that Jesus as God is present in the substance of the consecrated bread and wine; no mention of the sacraments. There is only one passing passive adjectival reference to the Resurrection.[15]

    Jesus, in this encyclical, is reduced to an itinerant Jew-Preacher, a spinner of rustic yarns, not a Messiah performing miracles for the masses. The untutored reader of this encyclical cannot possibly discern from the text that this Jesus is believed by many to be the Incarnation of the Creator God of the Jewish Bible and the New Testament who humbled Himself to enter the lives of His creatures to show them the straight path to eternal salvation.

    A reader also cannot recognize in this encyclical the Resurrected Jesus, whose last command to His closest disciples was to "Go to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples baptizing them in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."[16]

    In the social dimension, Francis calls for a universal end to the death penalty[17] as a form of retributive violence sanctioned by the state but that seems only to serve a desire for revenge. Even a murderer, the Pope writes, has human rights. Francis is aligned with the evolving social conscience of most Catholics on this issue, not necessarily because execution is a form of revenge, although for many it might be, but that capital punishment has never been administered ethnically or racially fair. Catholics, like most people of good will, also fear that the state, mistakenly, has too often executed the innocent.

    To his credit, Francis explicitly condemns terrorism,[18] even religious-based terror, without specifically identifying the Islamic source of most "holy war" terrorism. He then walks the thought back a bit by blaming as incendiaries unfortunate circumstances such as hunger, poverty, injustice and oppression. Although Pope Francis insists that wrongful interpretations of scripture are employed by terrorists, he does not offer any specific passages to underscore this incorrectclaim.

    Omitted from the Pope's long letter of moralizing is the that the Koran is believed by Muslims to be the eternal and divine word of Allah, not subject to interpretation or alteration. The Koran and the Hadith (Mohammed's alleged words and deeds, the other leading Islamic scripture) are replete with hate-filled directives against Jews,[19] as well as passages condoning the unequal treatment of Christians and other non-believers, plus recommendations to punish apostates, adulterers, homosexuals[20] and other transgressors.

    It is the seemingly calculated omissions that challenge the integrity of this encyclical and indict its author as disingenuous, sadly even deceitful. Surely there was room in this tome for a fulsome condemnation of China's lack of fraternity -- the 380 concentrations camps and torture -- with regard to their Muslim Uighur minority in Xinjiang. Also, what of the institutionalized inequality of womankind, especially female Muslims, particularly as it involves Islamic laws of inheritance, freedom of movement, liberty to socialize, the administration of divorce, unjust witness procedures or child marriage? It seems as if an "old boy's club" proclivity of the church hierarchy remains a bitter point of contention for many Catholic men who view their wives and daughters with respect and equal souls in the eyes of God.

    This unwieldy, sometimes bewildering, encyclical is ostensibly crafted to reflect the spiritual legacy of the universally acclaimed goodness of a beloved Catholic saint, Francis of Assisi. In truth, however, "Fratelli Tutti" seems more a contrived, secular attempt to fashion a model for the governance of humankind that could attract the support of believer and non-believer alike. Unfortunately, it may also rally those hoping to bring down Judeo-Christian civilization to assume that the West is unfurling a flag of surrender.

    Dr. Lawrence A. Franklin was the Iran Desk Officer for Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. He also served on active duty with the U.S. Army and as a Colonel in the Air Force Reserve.

    [1] Ft Para 109, whole paragraph.

    [2] FT Para 120 L. 4 and Lines 10-11.

    [3] Para 124 "The Rights of Peoples," Para 126, L.7

    [4] Fratelli Tutti (FT) Paragraph (Para) 61: Exodus 22:21, Ex 23:9, Leviticus 19: 33-34, Deuteronomy 24:21-22, 1 John 2:10-11, 1 Jn 3:14.

    [5] Para 259, Lines 12-15.

    [6] FT Para 262, Lines 6-15

    [7] FT Para 172.

    [8] Title of Para 3.

    [9] FT Para 173.

    [10] FT Para 139.

    [11] FT Para 226, L. 7.

    [12] FT Para 131, Line 1

    [13] FT: An Ecumenical Christian Prayer. P.74, Line 1.

    [14] Netton, Ian, R. "A Popular Dictionary of Islam." Curzon Press: 1978. P. 248.

    [15] FT Para 278,Line 8

    [16] Gospel of Matthew Holy Bible: Chapter 28 "Spiritual Fitness for the Warrior" Military Challenge Edition. P. 900 "The Great (Final Commission)"

    [17] Para 255, L. 4.

    [18] FT Para 283, Lines 4-11.

    [19] Koran: Sura 2, Verse 96 "Jews greediest of humankind,"

    Koran: Sura 2, Verse 54-59 "Jewish People's Rebellion Against God"

    Koran: Sura 7, Verses 162-171 "Jews as descendants of monkeys."

    [20] Koran: Sura 47 Verse 25, Sura 11 Verses 73-83 etc.

    Francis seems to be borrowing from the EU and the UN because coming to America is the idea of "globalism" which both the EU and UN are proponents of that theory.
    Interesting that the Pope is doing this now. If Biden gets into power, he will be easy to overrun with this nonsense since the Democratic Party is now known as the Socialist Marxist Islamic Party. Was the Pope anticipating a Biden victory when he wrote his treatise I wonder.

    So sad to watch the Catholic Church go completely off the rails. I often wonder about the resignation of Pope Benedict. In my opinion, he stepped down due to the utter sinfulness and corruption in Rome. I believe it was a nut too hard to crack and he stepped down due to the spiritual bankruptcy and the oppression he was suffering under. Only he and God know the reasons but that's what I think was the cause of his early departure. I understand he devoted himself to a life of prayer after stepping down. What a humble man. He must realize the pain and suffering the sins of the church leaders have caused to so many Catholics world wide.

    For the Catholic body, you are in my prayers and thoughts. Hold on to your faith as it's tried by these lonely sinful times. This Pope will pass like many before him. Now is the time to start looking for the next small group of Holy men to choose from. My hope is that disenfranchised Catholics would take a plunge into the scriptures. Join a Bible study and let God's Word be your guide. Not the ramblings of a socialist humanist that seems ashamed or embarrassed about the church he's supposed to be leading. Stand up for your faith in God and lean into His Word, not your own or the world's understanding.

    The Pope's New Encyclical: A Surrender?

    11 XI 2020.

    As I said before in this thread: Pope Francis is a globalist installed to implement global policies and work towards a one world religion for the One World Order. The destruction of the European Family and the Nation State are essential for the progression of the One World Order.

    I very much doubt a marxist like Francis is really either a Catholic or a Pope.

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    The Insane Tyrant Who Head Up the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” Says It Means the End of Human Autonomy

    The Insane Tyrant Who Head Up the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” Says It Means the End of Human Autonomy

    We will be merged with machines. The “fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity” will produce a transhuman.

    Schwab explains with excitement how upcoming technology will allow authorities to “intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior.”

    He goes on to predict that this will provide an incentive for law enforcement to implement Minority Report-style pre-crime programs.

    “As capabilities in this area improve, the temptation for law enforcement agencies and courts to use techniques to determine the likelihood of criminal activity, assess guilt or even possibly retrieve memories directly from people’s brains will increase,” writes Schwab. “Even crossing a national border might one day involve a detailed brain scan to assess an individual’s security risk.”

    Schwab also waxes lyrical about the transhumanist utopian dream shared by all elitists which will ultimately lead to the creation of human cyborgs.

    “Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies will not stop at becoming part of the physical world around us—they will become part of us,” writes Schwab.

    “Indeed, some of us already feel that our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves. Today’s external devices—from wearable computers to virtual reality headsets—will almost certainly become implantable in our bodies and brains.”

    Schwab also openly endorses something the media still claims is solely a domain of discussion for conspiracy theorists, namely “active implantable microchips that break the skin barrier of our bodies.”

    The globalist hails the arrival of “implanted devices (that) will likely also help to communicate thoughts normally expressed verbally through a ‘built-in’ smartphone, and potentially unexpressed thoughts or moods by reading brain waves and other signals.”

    So in other words, the “fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity” relates to the transhumanist singularity and a future where people have their every movement tracked and every thought read by an implantable microchip.

    It isn’t a “conspiracy theory” when they’re openly telling you what they want to do.

    19 XI 2020.

    For years Alex Jones on 'InfoWars' has been talking regularly about transhumanism, cyborgs, more advancements and the end of humanity. The .01% globalist elite are insane and have for a longtime been the true enemy of Western man. The Covid 'vaccine' containing the microchip, carcinogens, chemicals to alter your DNA and cause sterility is the real beginning of this.

    The Insane Tyrant Who Head Up the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” Says It Means the End of Human Autonomy

    We will be merged with machines. The “fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity” will produce a transhuman.

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    Funny that the leftists are actually the ones against the average worker.

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    Agenda 21/2030 is the New World Order

    Agenda 21 (Reinvented as Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050) is a Plan to Depopulate 95% of the World Population by 2030 and it is in full swing right now. If you go to one of your local council meetings you might notice that they are implementing it as well in your city or town. Another name for it is “Sustainable Development (CSD). Most people have never heard of this. I will post some articles and videos here for you to check out and share with others.

    The Elites, Their Agenda and Their Plan to Destroy Us All.

    WE ARE BEING PLAYED! What is happening in our world right now in 2020.

    This is Barack Obama’s (Barry Soetoro) and Hillary Clinton’s 16 year plan to destroy America. If Donald Trump had not been elected we might all be in detainment camps right now, or worse – WW3 perhaps.

    This is the New World Order ~ Agenda21/2030

    Nicholas Rockefeller admitted the elite’s goal is a 100% microchipped and enslaved World population

    The United Nations 2030 Agenda decoded: It’s a blueprint for the global enslavement of humanity under the boot of corporate masters.

    Agenda 21 (Reinvented as Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050) is a Plan to Depopulate 95% of the World Population by 2030.

    This is from 2011. The Sovereign Independent Newspaper reported on this 9 yrs ago!

    Agenda 21/2030 is the New World Order – Real

    Truth Real News
    28/06/2020 · Agenda 21 (Reinvented as Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050) is a Plan to Depopulate 95% of the World Population by 2030 and it is in full swing right now. If you go to one of your local council meetings you might notice that they are implementing it as well in your city or town. Another…

    29 XI 2020.

    The film Elysium with an off-planet 'elite' is only an inkling of what's in sort for humanity. To save the planet, the mad ruling elite intend to exterminate humanity before they merge with machines.

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