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Thread: The Need for Exclusive Male Political Spaces

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    The Need for Exclusive Male Political Spaces

    Alright so I know this is going to sound weird coming from me of all people but here it goes:

    I just scanned Stormfront (a dreadful and utterly ridiculous place, if you ask me) and I noticed it had a women's forum but not a men's forum.

    This is kind of silly considering that men need their own spaces too and, in my experience, men get a lot more done when you give them room to work solely with other men.

    So I guess what I'm really saying is:

    Would the mods here consider creating a men's sub-forum? Obviously, I wouldn't be able to know what you do in there but I think that this would be a genuinely smart way to help grow the forum and create a sense of male brotherhood.

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    We CAN'T have male only spaces because they all need to be invaded. Why? Because feelings and f you, that's why! The boy scouts are forced to accept girls in their midst and gamers see their hobby ruined by SJWs tinkering with the latest releases, in the name of the war on "toxic masculinity". Boys and men like something? Let's alter it or outright ban it.

    That being said, I'm not sure whether a men only subforum is a good idea for Skadi - perhaps it is - you're certainly not the to first suggest it, Dani. But we never saw a true need for it, not even a decade ago - and support for such a proposal has always been marginal. Being a new member you may eventually arrive at that conclusion too.

    I would very much prefer spaces for men only in the physical world as opposed to cyber space.
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