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Thread: Does anyone hike/trek in the wilderness?

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    Some might remember that I mentioned this product (chat room) at Christmas time?
    I was pretty excited about it back then.

    Well ... unfortunately it just was not for me. Yes, I liked the idea, simplicity and fact ... it was light (easy to carry) but it just had too many compromises for my taste.

    1.) The hammock was too small (both sides length and wide).
    2.) At rainy days one can not get backpack /gears under any cover
    3.) At rainy days one can start to feel claustrophobic ... if staying long time inside (awaken)
    4.) At rainy days there are no place where to cook etc.

    It might work for someones; who is looking for extremely light total weights, only hiking in good weather, or only stays short periods in wilderness and wants to try hammock. But not for me. Good sleeps are must thing for me, otherwise I'm so tired next day.

    Unfortunately for those Austrian guys/developers (I respect people who tries to develop something new) ... today there are already several Asian copies from their idea. As normal ... half of the price vs original. The copies looks to have worse quality and seems to share all the same weakness.

    Well ... I sold mine. And instead ... I bough separately:

    * Hammock (clearly bigger size)

    * Tarp/cover

    * Mosquito net

    * Underquilt (for colder nights) ... underside of hammock.

    * Pad (for colder nights) ... inside of hammock

    All together? Those came to cost the price of good quality tent . And almost double vs. that flying tent. All are Ticket to the Moon products. It is world wide famous producer in hiking hammocks. Yes, there are many much cheaper ones available, but TTTM products are produced with high ethics (no matter they do them in Bali). No child labour used, good working conditions, reasonable salaries and company is helping local peoples' lifes (education & healthy care). As I was ''forced'' to buy Asian products anyway, I chose them instead of cheaper ones. Top quality, 2 years guarantee.

    On the other hand ... that is very flexible system, all parts fits to each others, and perhaps the best one can find (if hiking with hammock). Tarp/cover is 3,5m * 3,5m size ... so at rainy days I can easily cook and do other things under it. Plus keep my backpack there. Also separate underguilt and pad allows to use the hammock all the seasons except the coldest winter (if your sleeping back just is good enough). Surely too hard wind will not be nice either.

    I will wrote later what I think about that (after used it) and has it replaced my tent. As next I'm going very north, I will stick on my trusted tent. There will not be suitable trees for hammock and wind can be pretty hard in open fells.

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    I think it would be cool to bike somewhere and camp and hike a bit (pushing the bike or biking when possible). My bike isn't a road bike but a mountain bike with sort of hybrid road/dirt tires (narrow flat centre good for road but with threads on the edges which don't touch the road but are useful on dirt trials).

    I guess I'd be concerned to hear a bunch of coyotes start howling and yammering if I was out at night. There are moose and bears that have been seen around here.

    maybe a day trip

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