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Thread: Pensioner Perks Facing Axe

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    Pensioner Perks Facing Axe

    Pensioner perks facing axe:
    Free TV licence and winter fuel cash at threat 'to help young'

    Peers faced a furious backlash last night for demanding that the elderly are stripped of free TV licences, bus passes and winter fuel payments.

    Triple lock protections that guarantee pension increases should also be axed, the House of Lords said. And older employees must be made to pay National Insurance on their earnings, they said.

    A report says the curbs would help make society fairer for younger generations.

    It claims OAPs are now too well off to need allowances that were introduced to end old age poverty.

    MPs accused the Lords of penalising people who had worked hard all their lives.

    And charities warned against pitching old against young as they highlighted rising pensioner poverty.

    "These people have paid their taxes, worked hard and were at one time young themselves. We shouldn't bow to the cult of youth."

    The report on intergenerational fairness said it was time to rebalance government policy in favour of the young to stop resentment festering between the generations.

    It said the "triple lock" for state pensions, which guarantees payments grow every year by the highest level of inflation, growth in earnings or 2.5 percent, should be dropped.

    Instead, increases would be pegged only to average pay.

    Free television licences for the over-75s, which will be paid for by the BBC from June next year, should be phased out.

    Instead, the Government should decide if it should subsidise the concession, which is enjoyed by around 4.55 million households, for viewers on low incomes.

    Crucial winter fuel payments to help pensioners meet soaring fuel bills and free bus passes should only be triggered five years after state pension age is reached.

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