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Thread: £100 Fine For Swearing In Street!

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    £100 Fine For Swearing In Street!

    Council jobsworths slap £100 fines for SWEARING in the street

    Cursing, bird feeding and even dropping your kids off at school can get you penalised under the anti-social behaviour laws

    These include 20 parents slapped with a fine simply for dropping their kids off outside the school gates, while six people were fined for swearing in the street.

    Anything from skateboarding to playing ball games and messing about with drones in a park can be included under a council's definition of what can make a pubic space disruptive to others.

    But campaigners have slammed the "busybodies' charter" which has seen the number of the on-the-spot fines soar since they were first introduced in 2014, after just 470 were issued in 2015.

    Josie Appleton works for civil liberties group Manifesto Club, which collected the data from local authorities across the UK.

    “Thousands of people are being criminalised for actions such as sitting on the floor, appealing for charity donations, or asking for casual work," she said.

    “PSPOs often target the homeless and others who lack the power to defend themselves.

    “These orders are illiberal, scary and a public joke.”

    Figures show that 22 councils have banned begging, 10 prohibited loitering, and three banned leaving belongings in public.

    PSPOs have been around since 2014, but their use is growing, and more pseudo-police forces are springing up to enforce them, alongside wardens employed by private companies.They were designed to let councils quickly ban "disruptive" activities in public places, needing only a brief police consultation to create new laws without much oversight from voters - which some say is a threat to democracy.

    The only criteria for a new PSPO is that the banned activity has a "detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality" and is "persistent" and "unreasonable".The new offences can be punished by on-the-spot fines of £100, which can be issued by both police officers and authorised council wardens.There are no set laws around swearing, but they may be able to issue a fine if a local authority is able to determine that the profanities are particularly disruptive to those in a public place.

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