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Thread: Texas principal removed after allegations of anti-immigrant bias

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    Texas principal removed after allegations of anti-immigrant bias

    The number of teachers fired over prevalent anti-American or anti-Anglo bias: zero.

    This is another case of political persecution over nothing really. The extent of her sin? A MAGA pun ("Making Andrews great again") and calling illegal migrants "illegals". Apparently that costs you your job as a principal. It doesn't matter whether the trivial allegations are even true, not for progressives, all they want is to destroy someone's life in order to show off their power to destroy yours if you step out of line.


    A Texas elementary school principal was removed from her school this week after allegations emerged that she discriminated against immigrant parents and made a pun in a newsletter about President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

    Families of students at Andrews Elementary in Austin were notified on Wednesday that principal Gabriela Soto would not be returning to campus, KVUE ABC news reported.

    “I wish to inform you that your current principal, Gabriela Soto, will not be returning. Please be assured that we will continue to review and address the concerns that have been brought forward regarding Andrews Elementary," Betty Jenkins, Austin Independent School District (AISD) executive director, said in the letter.

    AISD spokesperson Michelle Cavazos told KVUE ABC earlier that the school district is investigating claims that Soto treated families and staff members “disrespectfully, especially related to immigrant status.”

    “We take these allegations very seriously and the district is conducting an investigation. Whether we validate the specific claims or not, what is evident is that there is a feeling of unwelcomeness and that is not okay. At Austin AISD all are welcome," a spokesperson said in a statement to The Hill on Thursday.

    "Presently, the district administration is meeting with staff and parents of Andrews Elementary School about these allegations," the statement added.

    Soto was accused of referring to undocumented parents as “illegals,” removing them as PTA board members and blocking them from attending school field trips, KXAN reported.

    She reportedly also prevented students from speaking Spanish.

    Gina Banda told KXAN that she removed her 4th grade student from Andrews Elementary last fall.

    "Intimidation game was her favorite, once she knew she could get away with it, she went full force," Banda said of Soto.

    Soto also used a spin-off of Trump’s slogan in an official school newsletter, writing “Making Andrews Great Again," KVUE reported.

    Cavazos denounced the use of the reference to “MAGA," saying it is not supported by the district.

    “Whether these allegations are true or not, there is a sentiment of feeling not welcome at the school, so that is what we’re working to address,” Cavazos said.

    The East Austin School Manifesto Coalition, a local education advocacy group, also alleged that Soto was verbally and physically abusive to staff members.

    "The children, parents and staff have suffered daily from an onslaught of anti-immigrant bias, racial slurs, bullying, threats, intimidation and retaliations for over a year," said Jim Harrington of the coalition.

    Soto was placed on leave late last month and the school district said she is under investigation. Officials are now reportedly looking to transfer the principal.

    “At this time and until the completion of the investigation the district can't comment on her status with the district,” AISD said in a statement to The Hill.
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