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I can assure you that Pagans have not 'submitted' to the ragheads, Astra

On the other hand I know an awful lot of drippy Christians who are 'pro-diversity' these days. My wife stopped attending Church because of them!

As for the USA (without wishing to turn this into a Europe v USA issue) I get the distinct impression that many Christians have submitted to Zionism. They even call themselves Judeo-Christians
It depends. The pagans are anyway to few to really matter politically.

As for the mainline churches in Europe, as far as I can assess it, of course, it seems they've exchanged their brand of Christianity for some wishy-washy form of humanitarianism, which includes globalism, multiculturalism, open borders and the like.

I think the point you were responding to is that there isn't a commonly accepted public brand of Christianity in European Nations anymore. Hence Islam has gotten a gap to step in, expecting not much of resistance. On the other hand it doesn't seem as if Europeans are converting to Islam in droves. Some converts exist and Muslim-organisations frequently advertise with them, but they are the total exception.