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Thread: Fed gov uses Agenda 21 to impose 3rd World mass invasion of USA

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    Fed gov uses Agenda 21 to impose 3rd World mass invasion of USA

    Third world INVASION of United States by unvetted, disease ridden (TB, HIV, leprosy, etc)refugees FNU (full name unknown) flown in at night so they are barely seen. Many from malevolent countries. Immediately on arrival they are refugees, then clients qualifying for a social security number, passport free food, housing and health care.

    State governors are unaware of how many ‘refugees’ come into their state. These refugees are sent by the Federal government who pay for everything.

    This deliberate scheme of unchecked mass migration is part of Agenda 21 now called Agenda 2030 which President Clinton signed the US up to. The aim is the dropping of National Borders and establishing a One World Government.

    There are homeless veterans living on the streets and given nothing but this alien ‘mass invasion’ is being financed. These migrants – refugees – are sleeper cells for a UN takeover.

    YOU MUST SEE This Video About The United
    Nations Refugee INVASION OF AMERICA - Vid
    19 Feb 2019.

    We have to be brutal, cruel and merciless if we are not to be destroyed by our non-white enemies! Survival - Bringing the unwanted population of the third world to White Nations is treason and it should be handled like that.

    James Burnham wrote that liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide.

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