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Thread: Paedophilia and Satanism

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    Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia (Just like in the USA)

    The New World Order cult that rules the world administers a Satanic Pedophilia Network, including top-level politicians like Australian Prime Ministers and US Presidents.

    • THE STORY:

    Australian woman Fiona Barrett, a former victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse & part of an international VIP paedophile ring, went public to a expose Satanic paedophilia network composed of famous politicians & celebrities incl. 3 former Australian PMs & 1 former US President.


    The child trafficking, sex slave and Satanic network exposed here is international in scope. Why do former victims and whistleblowers all over the world report the same themes when going public? Why are paedophilia and Satanism the lifeblood of the ruling class?

    The New World Order cult that rules the world administers a Satanic Pedophilia Network, including top-level politicians like Australian Prime Ministers and US Presidents.

    The Satanic Pedophilia Network

    which underlies the New World Order was again exposed in the last few months by another brave whistleblower. Australian woman Fiona Barrett showed a ton of courage in going public at a Sydney press conference in October 2015 and naming names. Fiona, a former victim of Satanic ritual abuse and part of an international VIP paedophile ring, not only exposed the existence of the Satanic paedophilia network and its international child trafficking ring, but actually named 3 former Australian Prime Ministers and 1 former US President as perpetrators. She reveals that this network, composed of famous actors, celebrities, judges, politicians and other high-flyers, has infiltrated all the key organizations and institutions in Australia – just as it has in the US and Britain.

    Warning: what follows is graphic and requires a great deal of maturity to swallow, but if you’re interested in the real truth of what’s going on in the world, read on. Fiona saw it all – Satanic ritual, rape, torture and murder – but actually says “the way I’ve been treated for reporting the crimes I’ve witnessed and experienced has been far worse than my original abuse experiences.” That speaks volumes about people’s collective denial and amnesia, doesn’t it?

    Fiona Barrett, right, with her family.

    Pedophiles Running Rampant Down Under

    Fiona proclaims that Australia is a paedophile haven. She explains how after WW II Australia took in a large number of war criminals, including her own step-grandparents. She was introduced by her own family to an international child trafficking paedophile ring based in Sydney. Some victims are kidnapped off the street, some are “bred” for it (without ever getting birth certificates – more on this later) and some are brought into it through multi-generational abuse. These latter ones are trained and expected to become the perpetrators and future administrators of it.

    Fiona has had flashbacks to being abused as young as the age of 2. Later on, when she was still a little girl, she was dropped off at VIP parties, instructed to say “the starchild is here”, then watch as famous politicians, actors and celebrities snorted cocaine, raped her, had sex with each other, then pretended to drown her in a pool. She wasn’t just sexually abused and raped; she also suffered Satanic ritual abuse in the form of torture (e.g. suffering cattle prodding electroshock to cause disassociation). She reveals how this pedophile ring goes to the highest levels, and included orgies at Parliament House (in Canberra) itself.

    Naming the Names

    Fiona names the names of the people who sexually assaulted, raped and tortured her:
    – Antony Kidman (actress Nicole Kidman’s father) (Nicole Kidman is a victim of the ring too, but was nasty towards fellow victim Fiona);
    – Dr. John Gittinger (Lithuanian camp guard and CIA agent);
    – Actor Bruce Spence;
    – Former US President Richard Nixon;
    – Former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam;
    – Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke;
    – Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating;
    – Former Australian Minister of Education Kim Beazley Sr.;
    – Former NSW Premier Bob Carr;
    – Former Australian cricketer Richie Benaud;
    – US Evangelist Pastor Billy Graham;
    – Ted Turner (CNN).

    Barrett also mentions the brave Aussie politician Franca Arena, who got up in Parliament under parliamentary privilege and said there is a large paedophile ring involving politicians, judges, doctors and media moguls. He named Kerry Packer, Bob Carr, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Robert Menzies, Alan Jones (radio announcer), Bernard King (cook), Molly Meldrum (TV presenter), Elton John (musician), John Kerr (Whitlam and Kerr were homosexual lovers) and Justice Lionel Murphy.
    Fiona has drawn her
    abuse pictures here.

    She also recalls being at Bohemian Grove. On one occasion she was in a pink bubble room and raped. On another occasion she had to participate in “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” a child rape hunt party, where children were hunted like animals and raped (as also happened to Kathy Collins and Cathy O’Brien).

    Fiona Barrett exposing the Satanic Pedophilia Network and horrific ritual at Bathurst.

    Witness at a Satanic Ritual in Bathurst, NSW, Australia, 1985

    In this video (embedded above), Fiona talks about being present at a real Satanic ritual with some of Australia’s famous people, as well as local Australian cops and priests from St. Stanislaus (a Catholic Jesuit school). She mentions Kim Beazley Sr. (Minister for Education in the government of Gough Whitlam and Labor member of the Australian House of Representatives for 32 years from 1945 to 1977. He was the father of Kim Christian Beazley, who later became Australian Labour Party and Opposition leader), Richie Benaud (famous Australian cricket captain and sports commentator), actor Bruce Spence and former NSW police commissioner John Avery. She reveals how Beazley and Benaud led the ritual by worshipping their Satanic gods, chanting “Baal”, “Lucifer”, “Satan”, “Son of the Morning” and other such appellations. She then witnessed them ceremoniously killing a pregnant mother (a “breeder” to the Satanists) in the center of the circle. After that, they pulled out the unborn child, chopped it up with a knife, put it on a gold platter, and proceed to do a type of dark communion or Eucharist. (Fiona mentions here that the Catholic Church communion is based on this older Satanic version of a communion – in line with my article Are Parts of Organized Religion Satanic?)

    After that, she states that several hypnotized children came forward like robots, who were probably mind controlled or completely dazed. Bruce Spence came forward with a samurai sword and sliced off the head of each child. Then, the entire crowd of Satanists, who were sexually aroused by everything that had just taken place, broke out into a bloody orgy. They had whipped everyone up into a frenzy, and then they drunk the adrenalized blood of the woman and child. (Satanists are addicted to and get high from adrenaline in human blood.) Lastly, Beazley forced her to take a bite of one of the decapitated heads …

    Why the Satanic Paedophilia Network?

    Some may wondering at this point why I and many others are calling this the “Satanic Paedophilia Network” and not just the “Paedophilia Network“. The answer is simple: Satanism is most definitely involved in it – in fact, it is the driving force behind it. Fiona herself mentions in this interviewthat some of the criminals who abused and raped her were “just” paedophiles, and she puts former Aussie PM Gough Whitlam in this category. Others, however, worship a dark religion called Satanism which involves the summoning of dark forces (most probably the Reptilians and/or Archons, but that is the subject of other articles) through channeling and twisted rituals, allowing these dark forces to overtake them and use them. Then, filled with this Satanic energy (such as during rituals at Bohemian Grove), these adherents commit all sorts of perverted acts such as rape, necrophilia, torture, murder, sacrifice and cannibalism.

    The Satanic Hierarchy / the New World Order Pyramid.

    The Satanic Hierarchy

    Fiona explains how the Satanic hierarchical pyramid works. Roughly speaking, at the lowest level, you have street gangs; next, you have organized crime and the mafia; next, you have recruits into the elite club; then, above that, you have “just” paedophiles (those who rape children but who have no Satanic connection); finally, at the very top, you have the elite VIPs who are full-fledged Satanists.

    Fiona states that only bloodliners can make it to the top. These people come from the 13 or so Illumanti bloodlines (as exposed by Fritz Springmeier, David Icke and other researchers). These bloodlines are revered as demigods; and the roughly 300 bloodlines or so below that can never make it to the top echelon. (Probably because they don’t have pure blood, i.e. “royal” or reptilian DNA, but again, subject for another article.)

    The OTO, the Freemasons, Scientology, Catholic Church, the CIA, the Australian military and many many others are all branches of the same Satanic Paedophilia Network. It lies at the heart of the international child trafficking ring and the New World Order.

    The World is Run by a Satanic Cult

    It’s a tough and bitter pill to swallow, but we have to face the cold hard truth: the world is run by a Satanic cult, whose members have infiltrated the top layers and power centers of Australian, American and British society (and those of numerous other countries). They are inter-related, and they are bound together by bloodlines and Satanism – with paedophilia, rape, murder, war and genocide to follow. Fiona warns that every organization in Australia has been infiltrated, including hospitals, psychiatry, politics, child advocacy groups – everything. The Satanists have even created a False Memory Foundation, a fake organization set up by paedophiles, to stop true victims from coming forward with their stories, by convincing people they didn’t really experience what they experienced.

    Satanic black magic rules the world. Only when enough of us truly grasp the enormity, horror and shock of this fundamental truth – now exposed by a mountain of evidence and a ton of whistleblowers and victims – can we hope to heal it by bringing these psychopaths to justice and restoring some semblance of honesty, peace and freedom to our world.









    The Freedom Articles

    Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia (Just like in the USA)

    03 IV 2020.

    If MSM reported on this topic it would still go on but to a much lesser extent. Of course MSM is complicit.

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    I'm looking for the source where I originally heard this, it might be wrong, I know Maryland is number 10 for missing persons cases in the country, and somewhere back when all the Pizzagate videos were on youtube, it was mentioned it had the highest proportion of missing kids. 2,200 kids disappear in DC yearly.

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    America will be shocked at the level of pedophilia, satanic worship in government - Lin Wood.

    Before Team Trump gets to fully blowing the lid on election fraud, there could be a whole lot of other revelations that come first, according to attorney Lin Wood, one of President Trump’s attorneys.

    During a recent interview on the Thrive Time radioshow, Wood discussed how Trump is wasting no time getting his ducks in a row.

    “The SupremeCourt is being realigned,” Lin stated. “The Department of Defense was recently realigned by the president with a cyberterrorism and a terrorism expert.”

    Lin also pointed to a 2018 executive order issued by Trump that specifically dealt with foreign interference in our national elections. He has been preparing for quite some time, in other words, to “release the kraken,” as attorney Sidney Powell
    put it.

    The ultimate goal, Wood says, is to put everyone in prison who belongs there, which is a lot of folks who have been in and out of government for many decades.

    “In a perfect world, I’d like to see John Durham’s report come out and people go to jail,”Wood says.
    “I’d like to see people affiliated with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell go to jail.I’d like to see what’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop and see those people go to jail. I’d like to see what’s on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, and I’d like to see alot of people go to jail. And then when we get to the final phase of the election fraud, I’d like to see a lot more people go to jail.”

    In other words,there is a whole lot of prosecution on the docket. And once the process really gets going, there will be a whole lot of bombshells being dropped that will shock the world.

    “So there is potentially a great awakening,” Wood warns, noting that in a “perfect world”all will go according to plan. “The truth has to come out and I believe it will … Every lie will be revealed. This country is going to be shocked when it learns the truth about who has been occupying the Oval Office for some period of years. They’re going to be shocked at the level of pedophilia.”

    Wood chillingly noted that there are soon to be mass revelations about folks, many of whom are idolized by the public, being involved in all sorts of satanic worship – people that most would probably not suspect of such.

    Did you or someone you know vote military absentee ballot in Georgia? Contact Lin Wood!

    Wood is also working in the state of Georgia to get to the bottom of the election fraud that took place there,supposedly delivering the vote to Joe Biden.

    Trump won Georgia by five points in 2016, only to smash the record for the most vote sever for a sitting president in 2020. How, then, did he supposedly lose Georgia, a typically red state, to Biden?

    The answer is that Trump did not lose Georgia, as will soon be revealed. And Wood is helping to make that revelation possible very soon, in the meantime asking for help from Georgia patriots.

    “I need identity of any GA voter who cast a MILITARY ABSENTEE BALLOT,” Wood tweeted to his followers.
    “If you cast such a ballot or know someone who did, please email meat … We The People will take action to secure our votes.”

    If you or someone you know cast a military absentee ballot, you, too, can help by emailing the above link and aiding Wood in the fight to take back Georgia from the election thieves who are trying to illicitly deliver it to Biden.

    Read Demonic for more stories about the rise demonism in America.

    Lin Wood: America will be shocked at the level of pedophilia, satanic worship in government

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    Occultism, Cruelty and our Pitiful Elites, an Intel Drop

    Occultism, Cruelty and our Pitiful Elites, an Intel DropAgain, the elephant in the roomIntroductionIf you might have wondered why the Catholic Church has saints or why Constantine pushed for the Trinity, the explanation is here. It is more than polytheism and even the term “occult” is understatement.Google and nearly everyone else has worked, during the past few years, to clean every reference to satanic cults and, in particular, the US military where satanism had taken root long ago under the guise of Dispensationalism and Dominionism.By Gordon DuffOccultism is behind our political and religious world, an occultism ruled and defined by thousands of years of ritualized worship that is almost always based on cannibalism and child rape and murder.When did mankind first reach out to unseen entities? What deals were cut? If humankind is, as Darwin would tell us, a natural evolution of our previous reptilian selves, developed to nurture, then how do we explain what we have created, the hell we live in now?Could mankind have been bred from animals to serve, as so much of our speculative fiction postulates, the needs of unseen entities that thrive on supplication, on pain, on suffering and humiliation and on butchery?The answer is a simple one.Certainly!This planet is ruled by people who through bad genetics and personality flaws remain infantile. Freud was on the right track. They are those who discovered that “thing” in their pants. It gave them not just control of what to them is the most important thing in their lives but it gave them purpose as well. You see, making that “thing” in the pants work led to experimentation.That thing worked better when combined with cruelty, sacrifice of animals and butchering ones family members as with some well known biblical figures.The orgasms got bigger the more bizarre and cruel the behavior, the more brutal, the more perverse and there is nothing more important for the infantile mind that what is in the pants and institutionalizing what is needed to make that “thing” go off as big and often as possible.To do that, one needs power and control, one needs power over others, institutions and social rules that create a structure that exalts not just “rule breaking” eroticism, sex with kids, ritual murder, but does it on a planetary scale through politics and religion.But something early on made it so much worse. It is clear, or should be, that many seek wealth and power to serve their sexual sickness. But there is something else as well.Are there really gods?Is that a word we should use to describe something non-human, seen or unseen, perhaps hidden from all but the sickest elites? Would mankind allow itself to be led by myth and fable for thousands of years without a level of evidentiary function?We often, at VT, head back to the 1980s when the Temple of Set was uncovered having taken over the US Army. We know it, others do, the public is kept in the dark as it always is. The basis of the new religion our military took on itself is ritualized child sex, child killing in order to commune with “the old gods” who provide a promise of eternal life.Let’s take one basis of most religions, one which is likely true.Consciousness is separate from physicality and, thus, can survive death in some form.If there are beings other than humans (or animals as well call them?) that survive death in some form, does one then enter a reality where physical rules are pushed aside and a realm of universal consciousness with different rules proves itself what is now and has always been the root of our failed concept of “existence?”What if, at that level, other manifestations and existences, call them gods, demons, entities, ghosts, all language constructs, were always there, knew the rules and even were capable of manipulating the construct where survival after death, if real, sends our “mortal souls?”This is extremely likely.What we also know to be true is that these entities, and we will call them that, reach into this plane and present themselves to adherents, some who claim spiritual inspiration and others who attract, through ritual, a darkness?Then this, does that unseen world feed, somehow, on the seen world? Could pain and cruelty, could suffering and disease enhance the environment for a certain “class” if you were, of unseen entity that has the ability to commune with followers, such as Moloch/Baphomet with the elites of Freemasonry?Could literature from the dawn of man circle this construct as it does, incredible consistency, without reason?The vapid and weak, which makes up the majority of humanity, are the fodder used to enslave us all. Slavery is why government was created, why gods were created, why religion and politics are very much the same.But behind it all, there are truths, not good truths, but truths just the same. Things you can’t see can really hurt you.Were one to examine the top 3 religions, according to the West anyway, those that are nominally monotheistic, one delves into tortured constructs steeped in not only polytheism but occultism as well.Behind it all there are tenets that can no longer be hidden, that religion and politics are one in the same and their purpose is to institutionalize cruelty and hate for some unseen purpose.Let us remember, that the nation states of Europe on which the US bases its political system are based on political leaders that are subservient, by law, to an unseen force, to an entity or entities, who choose and sanctify leaders through birthright as with the Davidians of Europe’s Habsburg based royalty, descendent from David, and even Christ if modern scholarship is to be believed.This is how royal bloodlines are defined, not publicly but true all the same. You can’t be “royal” without direct decent from David (or Christ and Magdalene). The Cathars/Albigensians were erased to keep this secret.The Templars were purged to keep this secret.One reason this may well be the ‘end times’ is that the lines have blurred to such an extent, the lines between the hidden or esoteric occult world that exists in the political and religious realm, of cults and secret societies and that of what is presented to the cattle, read “goyim,” who might well march on the Capitol, send millions to grifters and hucksters or who steep themselves in the sick sexual supplication of “patriotism” to sacrifice their lives aiding occult elites in butchering the innocent.Harsh words?Really?It’s always good to keep an open mind on these topics. The first 50 times I hear them, I dismissed them as being too ‘far out’, however, after spending decades doing research and reading MKUltra report after report after report of little kids testifying to either being raped, tortured, or otherwise abused by Lizards, I’ve done an about face and now take these topics very seriously in my studies. There is no conceivable way all those different reports could be faked as the ‘False Memory Syndrome Foundation’ claimed. Different countries, different kids, no links whatsoever.Anyways, about these people that can be ‘taken over’ and turned into reptilians. Three things really necessary to understand.1. I’ve heard from many researchers that humans consist of genetic material from 13 different EBE groups. One is a reptilian. The core of the human brain is reptilian. This is the basal ganglia, or reptilian primal brain in the triune brain model. We all have it. Allegedly, when humans were created, it was after the Reptilians completely destroyed a different planet with billions of inhabitants, then sunk Atlantis, and a compromise had to be reached.2. Since we all have this Reptilian basal ganglia, likely any human can get soul scalped. However, the ‘royal bloodlines’ have a greater Reptilian genetic makeup, so a hostile takeover is easier.3. Once this outside entity takes over a person, they can, with ‘royal bloodlines’, allegedly shapeshift.Occultism, Cruelty and our Pitiful Elites, an Intel Drop15 VI 2021.
    Every year without trace 800,000 children and young people go missing in the USA and throughout the world it's 30 million.Where have they gone and what happened to them?Why does MSM universally have nothing to say about this?

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    Mexicans and Caribbean peoples also bring their ritual killings to the US. We occasionally here a sad case 1-3 times per year that make the media. Their bizarre and violent ritual killings tend to be related more to drug dealing (Satanic cults) and African superstition. As the Border remains open, we will hear more gruesome stories as our society is surely decaying rapidly.

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    This version as apparently told by Kidman, told to her by Kubrick looks very similar to information that is out there in books written on some of the secret societies.

    Members are usually inducted from Elite families and they are made to participate in bizarre degenerate rituals. One reason for this, as Kubrick explained, is so that all these degenerates have shared secrets that they wouldn't want to be made public and which discourages them from squealing or turning traitor against their degenerate secret society. By the way, Kubrick died shortly after the release of "Eyes Wide Shut". Coincidence? You decide.

    The child abuse takes place for all sorts of reasons and one important reason is that an influential figure (business, politics, media) involved in pedophilia can be controlled. The authorities, intelligence services, secret police and so on are well aware of this and are all involved in it as well. That's how politicians are kept in line. Encourage them to become involved in pedo rings if they aren't already, and once they get involved, capture the kompromat (compromising evidence) with which to ensure their loyalty.

    That's the business Epstein & Maxwell were in on behalf of the Spooks and the Elites.
    ~ **** Democracy! It's 2 wolves and 1 sheep deciding what's for dinner.

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