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Thread: Multiculturism in Britain

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    Multiculturism in Britain

    A Month of Multiculturalism in Britain: January 2019

    · More than 5,000 people signed a petition to boycott Marks and Spencer toilet paper: they alleged it was embossed with the Arabic word for God. Marks and Spencer, in a statement on Twitter, denied the claims: "The motif on the aloe vera toilet tissue, which we have been selling for over five years, is categorically of an aloe vera leaf and we have investigated and confirmed this with our suppliers."
    · The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe urged Britain to make it a legal requirement for Muslim couples to register their marriages civilly before or at the same time as their religious ceremony, because Sharia marriages alone "clearly discriminate against women in divorce and inheritance cases."
    · The Guardian reported that hundreds, and possibly thousands, of young girls in Britain are being subjected to so-called breast-ironing, an African practice whereby mothers or grandmothers use a hot stone to massage across the breast repeatedly in order to "break the tissue" and slow its growth. The objective is to stop unwanted male attention.

    more on depth long article

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwab View Post
    · More than 5,000 people signed a petition to boycott Marks and Spencer toilet paper: they alleged it was embossed with the Arabic word for God. Marks and Spencer, in a statement on Twitter, denied the claims: "The motif on the aloe vera toilet tissue, which we have been selling for over five years, is categorically of an aloe vera leaf and we have investigated and confirmed this with our suppliers."
    Is this the place in which to comment upon the toilet habits of Muslims? I mean, it took over five years for at least one of them to notice. Maybe we should be grateful that they do not like to shake hands.

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    LONDONISTAN / Melanie Phillips


    From the late 1960’s onwards, however Britain started to take in many more Immigrants, first from Afro-Caribbean countries and then in much larger numbers from Asia and Africa. These waves brought in people from very different cultural and religious backgrounds, particularly those from the Asian subcontinent who unlike the Christian Afro-Caribbeans, were muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and other cultures foreign to the Judeo-Christian Western heritage.

    Many of these newcomers, like earlier immigrants, very much wanted to identify with a nation whose own culture, values and history they admired and within which their separate identities could flourish under the shared sense of national identity. But they found that Britain was no longer willing to assimilate them to a national identity because it no longer had any belief in it, and certainly did not admire it – or even necessarily know any longer what it was.

    This collapse of national self-confidence arose from a combination of things: postwar exhaustion, the collapse of the British Empire and therefore of national purpose, postcolonial flagellatory guilt of the kind that White liberals have made their speciality, and the Suez debacle in 1956, which brutally revealed to the humiliated British their own powerlessness in the world. This left the British establishment particularly vulnerable to the revolutionary ideology of the left, which took deepest hold during the 1960’s and 1970’s in the Western world, at the core of which lay a hatred of the mores of Western society. As a consequence, the British elite decided not only that the British nation was an embarrassment but that the very idea of the nation was a damaging anachronism responsible for all the ills of the world, from racism through colonialism to war.

    Britain in particular, and the nation in general therefore had to be unravelled and a new world order constructed from principles untainted by the exclusive particulars of national culture. Thus Britain became enmeshed in the European Union, subscribed to the doctrine of universalism expressed through human rights law, and placed it’s faith in transnational institutions such as the United Nations, International Criminal Court or European Court of Justice as the major sources of legitimacy. Only the universal and the nation-busting could be innocent of prejudice. Only by being dismantled could the nation become legitimate again.

    The expression of British majority values therefore became synonymous with racism. Multiculturalism and racism were now the weapons with which minorities were equipped to beat the majority. Not all minorities mind you – jews were not considered to be a minority because of the prevalent Marxist analysis that racism necessarily involved power, and since jews were seen to be powerful they were part of the majority and so could never be victims. Anyone from the third world, however, was suitably powerless and therefore their values had to trump those of the majority. And anyone who resisted was pronounced guilty of racism or xenophobia. This was the new ‘tolerant’ society.

    In 2000, a widely remarked report by the multiethnic campaign group the Runnymede Trust said that there should not be ‘a fixed conception of national identity and culture’ declared that ‘Britishness has systematic, largely unspoken, racial connotations,’ and suggested that the nation was an artificial construct. It recommended that government should declare Britain to be a multicultural society, that candidates for senior police ranks should undergo training on racial equality and cultural diversity issues, that contracts should only be awarded after the production of plans to increase black and Asian staff at all levels, and so on.

    All this has duly come about. Multiculturalism has become the driving force of British life, ruthlessly policed by a state-financed army of local and national bureaucrat enforcing a doctrine of state-mandated virtue to promote racial, ethnic and cultural difference and stamp out majority values. Institutions have been instructed to teach themselves that they are intrinsically racist and to reprogramme their minds in nonjudgementalism. Government, local councils, the police departments and other bodies now give preferential treatment to ethnic minority candidates and projects and discriminate against white Western applicants.

    The BBC has its own Asian network providing news and features inside the UK in Urdu, Bengali and Gujarati. There are now more than 140 housing associations in England catering to ethnic minorities; one of them, the Aashyana in Bristol, provides special apartments for muslims with the toilets facing away from Mecca. The Lake District National Authority wanted to drop it’s guided walks organised by volunteer rangers because the participants were ‘too white and middle class.’ Almost 10% of the bodies subsided by the Arts Council describe themselves as black or ethnic minority organisations. British culture is not a single entity; we should rightly speak of British cultures’ the Arts Council said.

    from the book - LONDONISTAN.

    Like Rome Western Civilization will decline and there will undoubtedly be serious conflict.

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    / Melanie Phillips


    The ever-multiplying examples of British society trying to denude itself of it’s identity range from the invidious to the idiotic. Novelty pig calendars and toys were banned from a council office in case they offended muslim staff. Ice creams were withdrawn from the Burger King chain after complaints from muslims that a whorl design on the lid looked like the world ‘allah.’ Various councils banned the concept of Christmas, on the grounds that it was ‘too Christian’ and therefore ‘offensive’ to people of other faiths, replacing it with reference to winter festivals. Some London education authorities tried to prevent ethnic minitority children from watching the Queen Mother’s funeral on television, with the argument that it would not mean anything to them. A performance of Christopher Marlowe’s sixteenth-century play Tamburlaine the Great at London’s Barbican was censored for fear of upsetting muslims; the scenes where Tamburlaine burns the Koran and criticises the prophet mohammed were cut out. These decisions were taken many provoked protests from muslims and other minorities at their absurdity and inappropriateness.

    Since the London bombings, there has been some anxious discussion about the possible ill effects of the multicultural obsession. The chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, Trevor Phillips, attacked the way in which it had attacked the country and harmed social cohesion. He warned that the country was ’sleepwalking towards segregation’ along lines of ethnicity and religion, and warned that parts of some cities would soon be ‘black holes into which no one goes without fear.’

    Phillip’s main were about concerns were about separate development. But while this is indeed a troubling consequence, there is an even more significant point. Multiculturalism is said to promote equal treatment for all cultures. But this is not true. There is one culture that it does not treat equally at all, and that is the indigenous British culture. What purports to be an agenda of equality actually promotes the radial deconstruction of majority culture, the idea of the nation itself and the values of Western democracy – in particular, its understanding of morality and truth. Separatism is not the worst of it. This is a cultural scorched earth policy: year zero for the secular, universal world order, in a Britain whose consequent moral, cultural and spiritual vacuum is rightly scorned as decadence by islamists who are seizing the opportunity to fill it.

    Nowhere has the attack on this nation been more pronounced, and with more devastating consequences than in the schools. The British education system simply ceased transmitting either the values or the story of the nation to successive generations, delivering instead the message that truth was an illusion and that the nation and its values were whatever anyone wanted them to be. The country’s history and English teachers, the custodians of the core of national identity, decided that Britain’s national story and culture were racist and colonialist and should therefore be traded for a new multicultural model.

    One teacher argued that transmitting a sense of national identity through education was ‘the new fundamentalism associated automatically with the superiority of the British Empire.’ Teaching British history was to promote ‘notions of national supremacy which equate the achievements of the western society with the achievements of humanity in general.’

    An education lecturer approvingly quoted writers who questioned whether their should be any shared values at all. Two other education lecturers decided that ‘Englishness’ not only was monolithic, anachronistic and pernicious, but it funnelled teachers into such imperialistic programmes as teaching children to read rather than promoting socially desirable antiracist initiatives. A head teacher wrote: ‘The common culture of pre-1940 England, based on the canon of English literature, the Whig interpretation of history and the liturgy of the Church of England, has died . . . Life and language have outgrown the confines of English belief, history and ethnicity.’

    The consequences of such cultural obsequies was that neither indigenous nor minority British children were taught the history, culture or even the language of their country. The landmark achievements of Western civilization were barely touched upon. Non-Western societies were portrayed as heroic and good. Western societies were portrayed as oppressive and brutal. Pupils were left radically disconnected from both the past and the future. Indigenous children were left in ignorance of anything in their heritage that they could connect with or take pride in. Minority children were effectively confined to the culture of the ghetto. Disenfranchised through ignorance, they were left unattached to the society they inhabited and unequipped to take their place in it as citizens.

    At a deeper level still, the underlying message in the classroom was that there was no historical truth at all, and whatever happened in the past was merely a matter of opinion. Objectivity was bunk and so truth went out the window – and with it went the ability to weed out lies. The education system had been turned from a repository of disinterested knowledge to a vehicle for ‘antiracist’ and other propaganda. Instead of being taught how to think, children were now told what to think. The result was that, over a generation, Britain became less and less able to think at all.

    At the heart of this unpicking of national identity lies a repudiation of Christianity, the founding faith of the nation and the fundamental source of it’s values, including it’s sturdy individualism and profound love of liberty. The majority of Britons still profess to be Christian. Protestantism is the established faith through the Church of England, British institutions are suffused with it and British public life is punctuated and defined by Christian language, symbols and tradition.

    Yet Britain’s Christian identity is fast becoming notional. Few go to Church; even fewer send their children to Sunday school. For the secular elite, Britain is now a ‘post-Christian ’ society; and insofar as this is not yet the case, this elite is determined to make it so. Under the rubric of multiculturalism and promoting ‘diversity,’ local authorities and government bodies are systematically bullying Christianity out of existence. Christian voluntary groups fall foul of such bodies on the grounds that to be Christian suggests that these groups are not committed to ‘diversity.’ So they are treated with suspicion even where they have a proven track record of success.

    . .

    At the same time antireligion is being positively encouraged. Prison inmates are now allowed to practice paganism in their cells, including prayer, chanting and the reading of religious texts and rituals. In addition to a hoodless robe, prisoners can now keep a flexible twig as a wand, a chalice and rune stones. This followed a decision to give a Royal Navy sailor the right to carry out Satanic rituals and worship the devil aboard the frigate HMS Cumberland. As Christianity is eased out, all faiths and unfaiths are being encouraged to fill the gap.

    from the book.

    Same story in every country in Western Europe. The stage of national decline is proportion to the level of 'Globalist' control.

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