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Thread: Where Have All the Good Men Gone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by velvet View Post
    Maybe it's because people have three jobs and still dont make a living? This is fairly common in America for some years already, and it starts spreading here in Europe as well.

    And there's this old saying that America's economy depends on illegal immigration. Immigrants (both legal and illegal btw) keep the wages low, the job market inflated, limit job opportunities, all the while in recent decades about 70% (!) of production work jobs have been exported to "cheap labor" countries to make things even worse (incl the machines & the patents and then the west rubs his eyes in surprise why all innovation in technix now come from Asia LOL). People are horribly underpayed in the few jobs still available. At the same time, the "bachelor" and higher job market has been flooded with university degree would-be employees, pushing wages down in that field as well, dramatically. A university-degree job does no longer guarantee a living-wage income either. Muh "evil state" has been replaced by now "private sector" (stock exchange) companies who are more interested in "profit" than investing into infrastructure, which would mean millions of good-payed jobs, thus a stable consumer market for all sorts of local business = more jobs. IHK (Industrie&Handelskammer, our org for all producing/craftmen jobs) whines for years about a dramatic shortage of employable school-leavers, with a surplus of open training jobs remaining free, universities whine about that half of their students arent fit for studying, thus, the fairytale of "trained labour shortage" is homemade, which in turn serves as excuse to import millions of (also unemployable) immigrants to "fill the gab", but in truth they inflate the job market and push wages ever further down, plus them being a racial and cultural problem on top.

    But yeah, ignore all that and blame it on women and make it just another case about "patriarchy". It's not. It's a fundamental design error in how the socalled "West" functions, based on globalised economy and gone-berserk "financial markets" which suck the countries dry, a structure established from and by that oh-so great "patriarchy" who was always quick to become traitors for some extra bucks of profit.
    It's not a design error at all. It was designed to destroy European-derived peoples and cultures.
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    China, robotization, overtaxation, stagnant wages, addiction, student debt, the import of cheap illegal labor - and yes, feminism - they all play a role. What plays the biggest role is hard to say, but if a woman becomes a CEO of some company, then there's one less CEO women will be able to marry, that's obvious. The issue here is that the article blames men for being broke due to not having their act together, hence the controversy it causes online - and which in some cases is actually true - but it does not identify any of the other, more prevalent causes. If you're only an expert in one field of manual employment and you lose your (decently paying) job to someone in China then it doesn't matter how much you have your act together.
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