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Thread: 10 Ways How Germanic Women Can Help Making Germanic Men Great Again

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    10 Ways How Germanic Women Can Help Making Germanic Men Great Again

    There are a lot of women who are very aware of what is happening in Europe and that we have to do something about it. Women have the power to inspire men to improve themselves or to drag them down. I will now list a couple of ways for the ladies to manipulate their boyfriend / husband or other males around them to wake up to the truth in front of their eyes.

    10 Ways How Germanic Women Can Manipulate White Men to Get Strong Like a Berserker & Wake Up:

    1. Don’t Let Yourself Go. Men feel very proud with a beautiful woman on their side and they will do a lot more to keep that woman compared to when she is letting herself go!

    2. Embrace Your Heritage. The aesthetics of our ancestors are very powerful and they have the ability to slowly but steadily awaken the need to learn who our ancestors were. That means that you should look up how the traditional woman of your nation look like and add it to your style! Talk a bit about the traditional woman of your nation to inspire your man even further.

    3. Traditional Women Were Feminine. Most women nowadays are not feminine anymore. Feminine women have become unicorns. Germanic women have to embrace their feminine nature and the men will all try harder around them!

    4. Sport! If you are regularly doing any kind of sport then your husband, boyfriend or male friends will want to try it as well. They will get hooked when they see the physical and mental gains from it and do them together with you!

    5. The Beauty and the Beautiful. Here is a little secret to creating a nationalist: Sports and nature. Grab your male friend and do sports with him outside in nature or in a park. Go camping with him, watch the stars and talk with him about the beauty of the stars. The more hard and beautiful realities a man sees the more he will wake up to the anti-white agenda.

    6. Support Him in Hard Times. Many women leave men in harsh times. Virtuous women don’t do that. If your man sees your loyalty, he will listen to you more when you talk about your nation, your people, your family, the anti-white agenda and how it is affecting you negatively.

    7. Watch the Awakening of the Germanic Spirit with Him.

    8. Watch “My People” by Laura Towler. Same rule: Grab your man and watch it!

    9. Visit a No-Go Zone. This is dangerous depending on where you will go. However, nothing awakens anyone more than the cold hard truth right into their face. Prepare yourself properly before you go into one!

    10. Explain to Him How the Anti-Germanic Agenda Harms Him and You. Tell him about the high taxes, the bad food which makes him weaker, the lies of the media and the most powerful way of all: That you want him to protect you because you are scared around all the Muslims and anti-whites. That will have his protector instincts kick in and he will love you for that without realizing it.

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