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Thread: William Walker's Story: How to Conquer Third World Countries With Style

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    William Walker's Story: How to Conquer Third World Countries With Style

    IMO, William Walker was one of the most fascinating men in American history:

    In 1854, a civil war erupted in Nicaragua between the Legitimist Party (also called the Conservative Party), based in the city of Granada, and the Democratic Party (also called the Liberal Party), based in León. The Democratic Party sought military support from Walker who, to circumvent U.S. neutrality laws, obtained a contract from Democratic president Francisco Castellón to bring as many as three hundred colonists to Nicaragua. These mercenaries received the right to bear arms in the service of the Democratic government. Walker sailed from San Francisco on May 3, 1855, with approximately 60 men. Upon landing, the force was reinforced by 110 locals.[17][18] With Walker's expeditionary force was the well-known explorer and journalist Charles Wilkins Webber as well as the English adventurer Charles Frederick Henningsen, a veteran of the First Carlist War, the Hungarian Revolution, and the war in Circassia.[19]

    With Castellón's consent, Walker attacked the Legitimists in the town of Rivas, near the trans-isthmian route. He was driven off, but not without inflicting heavy casualties. In this First Battle of Rivas a school teacher called Enmanuel Mongalo y Rubio (1834–1872) burned the Filibuster headquarters. On September 4, during the Battle of La Virgen, Walker defeated the Legitimist army. On October 13, he conquered the Legitimist capital of Granada and took effective control of the country. Initially, as commander of the army, Walker ruled Nicaragua through provisional President Patricio Rivas.[20] U.S. President Franklin Pierce recognized Walker's regime as the legitimate government of Nicaragua on May 20, 1856.[21] Walker's first ambassadorial appointment, Colonel Parker H. French, was refused recognition.
    Long story short: Walker was a racialist who wanted to expand Anglo-American civilization into the tropics. To further his quest, he amassed an army of 60 men and made contact with dissidents inside Nicaragua. Upon arriving in the tropical country he rallied (and bribed) forth 110 volunteers. And with that tiny army, of 170 men, he overthrew the government of Nicaragua and ruled the country for a year before a second revolution chased him away.

    Side note: if it weren't for NATO & the current international order, this sort of thing would still be 100% feasible.

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