One could argue that the history of political leadership has provided us with 'many' competent female leaders. But of all the pernicious male leaders who have wrecked lives and nations, females granted leadership roles have proven to be proportionately more foolish with their flagrantly extremist policies. This is an indisputable fact from what I've gathered.

As a Christian, I understand that women were created for specific reasons. But they were never meant to be placed in positions of power over men; as they have been throughout history. And what has this defiance of reason led to?

"A common argument amongst feminists (in addition to their emasculated white knight and soy boy allies) is that women are better suited for leadership positions in the modern world. It doesn’t matter whether it’s being President, Prime Minister, Chancellor, or CEO, because men are just “too violent” or “too corrupt” or “too sexist”, and will inevitably ruin things for everyone like they have for many millennia."

"However, they are dead wrong. Female leaders throughout the course of history have proven themselves capable of dishing out just as much wanton violence as their male counterparts, and a string of female leaders in modern times have equally proven themselves to be corruption-riddled grade-F garbage.
This article will showcase fifteen prominent examples, and make a valid argument that men should continue to be the best choices to run a country or corporation."

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