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Thread: Migrants Run Amok In Gelsenkirchen

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    Migrants Run Amok In Gelsenkirchen

    Migrant Youths Riot in Gelsenkirchen Central Station

    A group of 20 to 30 predominantly young migrants on Saturday in Gelsenkirchen Central Station triggered a large-scale deployment of the police. Among other things, they mobbed passersby, sprayed with fire extinguishers and threw gravel stones at employees of the tram company Bogestra, the police said. An employee then called the police.

    According to testimonies, the suspects are supposed to be young people with a migration background. The Bogestra employees, some of them also with a migrant background, had concluded on the basis of the language of the adolescents among themselves that it was, inter alia, Turkish and Syrischstämmige persons, reported Focus-Online. The police also speak of "young people, predominantly with a migration background".

    Suspects flee after the arrival of the police

    Upon arrival of the officers, who were assisted by forces of the Federal Police, the persons fled. Three of them were arrested at the main train station. Another suspect could be caught in the immediate vicinity of the station. According to the police, he resisted the arrest and collided with the police officer against the glass of a pizzeria. The disc broke and both fell into the pub.

    The officer was seriously injured by the broken pieces and hospitalized. The suspect had to be treated with cuts as well as ambulatory and was taken from there in police custody, as there was a warrant against him. All those arrested have a German passport, said a spokesman for the police Gelsenkirchen to the Junge Freiheit. He did not want to give more details.

    Similar incidents around the central station in Gelsenkirchen were more common in the past. Therefore, a fast reaction force of the Federal Police has been in action for about two weeks. The federal police is relying on a stronger presence in the main station, said a spokesman for the Federal Police.


    Original article

    (Translation via Google)

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