General term, referring to Aurignacian contemporaries of Crô-Magnon characterized by e.g. narrower faces and more ellipsoidal skulls than the type(s) exemplified by the latter (Cro-Magnoid). Combe-Capelle is the primary example, and Capellid is sometimes used synonymously with Aurignacid.

Alexander Skarsgård

Hallstatt Nordid, altered by Brunn. I would guess Tronder

Alexander Skarsgård also has a CM element, but clearly is more on the Aurignacid side, having a more oval jaw, less protruding facial bones like browridges, cheekbones, mandibles, etc. His physical build seems to be in line with that. Nikolaj Koster has more of an ectomorphic build with a tendency to mesomorphic. His head however is quite typically CM in bone morphology. So CM/Mesomorphic and Aurignacid/Leptomorphic don't always perfectly go together, even if they have a tendency to.

The morphology of the bonestructure and the soft parts of the head are what determines ones subracial phenotype mostly. Then usually things like pigmentation and body-build line up with that, but not always because of subracial intermixing (which practically everybody is a result of more or less), lifestyle (food in youth) and a factor of individual variation.

Trønder is usually described as a heavy built Nordid.

Brigette Wilson
Aurignacid, specifically Atlantid because of the eyeshape

Victoria Christina Hesketh

Nordid or Atlantid and Alpinid. There are these two basic components, the first Aurignacid, the second reduced Cromagnid.