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Yes, the US is still there where it always was too

Where we were always
Just for the records.

Yes, the United States of Afro/Asia are where it always was. lol You shall be hard enemy indeed.

You are the best example of a polak.....
Thank you. However you are a shame of the Krauts

Just because you guys cant rais your kids right to stay with thatr own, does not mean i cant to that.
Lots of luck! ROFL I can already see a new little generation of Germanic hip-hopers on your streets.

Besides you lost the argument,
On what? That Third Reich was stronger than USSR. HAHAHAHA Ok if you say so, you're right, and Hitler won the war against weak untermansch Slavs. Happy now?

you totaly changed from what you were saying in the beginning, now its not even the same subjekt anymore......
That was the subject dummy. lol your Master race memory is not so bright.

So why dont you just finaly shut up? Im sure Internet cost you a lot, dont dont wast your money with making yourself look like every German knowes you polaks....
Yes, you are beginning to bore me.
Ta ta you silly little man!