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Thread: Pelosi, the American Merkel

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    Nancy Pelosi’s Brother Charged with Raping Underage Girls

    The conspiracy theories don’t sound too crazy now, do they?

    Nancy Pelosi is back in the spotlight again.

    During the protest on Wednesday, it was reported that her laptop was taken from the Capitol Building.

    Initial reports said that Trump supporters took it.

    However, there are some theories that it was taken by special forces.

    Take a look:

    It is confirmed.

    Nancy Pelosi’s laptop has been stolen.

    NBC News confirms that the laptop was taken.


    Nancy Pelosi’s team claims that nothing incriminating was on it…

    While we CURRENTLY don’t know the contents of the laptop…

    While nothing has YET been made public…

    It’s interesting that an FBI “file dump” is suddenly going viral for the first time.

    We must note…

    These are NOT new documents.

    However, these documents were NOT widely covered by the mainstream media.

    It appears that Nancy Pelosi’s brother Franklin Roosevelt D’Alesandro was charged with rape.

    He was charged with rape at the age of 20 years old.

    The victims?

    They were aged 11 and 13.

    Yes… they were underage.

    Where was the outcry from the left? Where was the outcry from the feminists?

    It turns out that D’Alesandro wasn’t the only one who was tried.

    He was 1 of 12 men who were tried…


    He was the ONLY one that was able to successfully obtain an acquittal.

    What are the odds?

    Here is the official FBI report.

    You can also view it on the official
    FBI website.

    The pertinent section begins at the bottom of page 42.

    FBI Drop - Nancy Pelosi's brother charged with rape of ...

    10 I 2021.

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    Pelosi is worst then Merkel. At least Merkel came out against the banning of Trump from social media.
    'Let's Go Brandon!'

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    Democrats immediately move for a police state

    Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have shown that they are very afraid of the American people. They know that the vast majority of the citizens voted for President Donald Trump.
    (Article by Shari Dovale republished from

    However, assisted by a large Marxist-Democrat-Socialist network, the overthrow of the current administration and the subversion of the will of the people was completed on Wednesday, January 6th.

    They have blamed our legally elected President Trump for the storming of the US Capital as a distraction and excuse for their plans to turn this great country into a Communist Police State. It was shown that ANTIFA was involved in that destruction, though Pelosi refused to accept that, calling conservatives “Trumpites”.

    Trump called for peace and asked everyone to go home. The Communists in our government tried to suppress that truth and lie, saying he called for an insurrection.

    Trump has also said that there will be a peaceful transition of power on January 20th, the Constitutionally scheduled day for the inauguration of the next administration.

    However, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are afraid to give the people these 13 days, less than 2 weeks, to adjust to the change in our country. They are afraid to give President Trump these few days to close the books on this first term, in which he was so successful.

    In a statement, Schumer called for Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th amendmentto have President Trump forcibly removed from the White House. During her weekly press conference, Nancy Pelosi echoed these sentiments.

    They have already got their cronies at BIG TECH to
    censor President Trump by banning him from using their platforms. They believe this will keep him from reaching out to the people, or speaking his thoughts. Now they seem to want to begin their lockdown of all things conservative by keeping President Trump from doing anything else in these next 13 days. They have even begun making noise about the possible prosecution of this man.

    This is the beginning of the Police State. Increase the censorship of conservatives. Prosecute anyone that objected to their agenda. Punish the people of this country!

    Pelosi referred to Conservatives as “These People” and “Trump Thugs” during her press conference. This is nothing more than a call to punish anyone that does not endorse their radical Left-Wing agenda.

    There have been other calls, as well. Former Clinton Secretary of Labor from 1993 to 1997, Robert Reich, has proposed retribution against every politician that he doesn’t like or agree with, in the form of a ‘Truth And Reconciliation Commission‘.

    Pelosi, during her press conference, pointed fingers at any member of congress that challenged the electoral college votes.

    Keith Olbermann, notorious conservative-hater, said before the election,
    The task is two-fold: the terrorist Trump must be defeated, must be destroyed, must be devoured at the ballot box, and then he, and his enablers, and his supporters, and his collaborators, and the Mike Lees and the William Barrs, and Sean Hannitys, and the Mike Pences, and the Rudy Gullianis and the Kyle Rittenhouses and the Amy Coney Barretts must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society while we try to rebuild it and to rebuild the world Trump has destroyed by turning it over to a virus.”

    And the list will continue.

    Pelosi is obviously afraid that Trump might … what? Release classified documents, or possibly issue executive orders, or even pardon someone that might go against her agenda?
    Pelosi is afraid, and it will only get worse. She seems to be calling for a right-wing revolution to justify what the Left is already planning to do. As other Totalitarian regimes have all shown, when they fear the people, they react even worse. The Marxist-Democrat-Socialist Party has stolen the country from it’s citizens. As I have said before, this is the deliberate, and planned, eradication of our way of life, of our freedoms, of our civil liberties.

    The Marxist-Democrat-Socialist agenda will include a $4 trillion tax hike. The former vice president wants to repeal the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, cut the child tax credit in half, get rid of the small business deduction, double the corporate income tax to over 40 percent, and add a 15% minimum tax on businesses. But they won’t stop there.

    In Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, those earning $50,000 to $75,000 received an average tax cut of over 13%. I wonder how the people in these Swing States will feel when they are paying more in taxes than they are taking home?

    Joe Biden’s plans will mean tens of thousands of missing jobs, thousands of dollars in new government burdens for families, and even lost revenue for state governments.

    Are you ready for the Communism?

    Democrats immediately move for a police state 25 I 2021.

    Here is another way to know a coup has happened: Pelosi is so afraid of being shot for it she's requiring all congress critters to go through a metal detector!

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    Queen of Investing: Just how did Nancy Pelosi build a $120mn fortune on a $223,000 annual salary?

    Queen of Investing: Just how did Nancy Pelosi build a $120mn fortune on a $223,000 annual salary?

    The Democrat House speaker has become the latest member of Congress to show the rest of us how to make money on Wall Street. But please don’t put it down to insider trading, because that’s illegal.

    In case you missed it, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) is being panned by the Twitterverse, if not by regulators and ethicists, for a series of stock transactions conducted by her husband Paul.

    “The week before the House Judiciary Committee voted on reigning in big tech,”
    reported Fortune in July, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband exercised a bullish bet on Google-parent Alphabet, in a timely transaction that netted him $5.3 million.”

    See? It’s really easy.

    All you have to do is become a party leader in Congress with access to information that no one else has, and bingo, you too can become a dot-com, or Big Tech, or biotech millionaire, by trading on that insider information. Of course, that’s not really how it happened in this case. According to a spokesperson for Pelosi: “The speaker has no involvement or prior knowledge of these transactions.” That hasn’t stopped some voters expressing, well, some skepticism.

    While technically the practice of insider trading is illegal, if you are a member of Congress, it seems you don’t really have to follow the laws they make for the rest of us. Insider trading has a long and hallowed history amongst ambitious, yet hungry politicos, who find the six-figure salary that comes with public power inadequate to their national position. Former Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) made money off of Obamacare and oil stocks back in 2008. He sold oil stocks in the summer of 2008, right before the historic energy market crash that precipitated the real estate meltdown and nearly a trillion dollars in federal bailouts – and invested the proceeds in healthcare stocks that he later regulated while punishing the oil companies that he also regulated. That might be how he accumulated a fortune of $10 million while in public office.

    That’s small beer for Pelosi, 81, who’s represented California since 1987 and whose husband owns a venture capital, financial consulting and real estate firm. She has an estimated net fortune of $120 million, while her congressional salary is $223,500 a year.

    A study done in 2011 tracked investment returns of members of Congress between 1985 to 2001 and found he politicos had a more than 6% advantage over the general investor. A previous study by the same group found US senators had an even bigger advantage in the stock market than House members.

    These people are obviously not only great, upstanding politicians, but stock market wizards beyond compare. Studies show that professional money managers never consistently beat the market, yet somehow, politicians like Reid, Pelosi and their peers in Congress manage to do what Warren Buffett can only manage on his very longest-held investment types.

    A 6% advantage may seem small, in dollar terms, but over an extended period of time, it’s a huge advantage, guaranteeing nearly risk-free investing returns compared to the general investor.

    Enjoying average market returns of 10% over 20 years, a member of the investing public would see $10,000 grow to $61,159, while a member of the House – with the advantage of that extra 6% – would see the amount grow to $167,765, nearly three times the amount made by ordinary folk.

    And here’s the thing: Insider trading is not a victimless crime, or a fringe benefit of public office, like tickets to the Met Gala. For every trade a politician makes on their inside information, there are many others buying or selling investments while denied the information that politicians have about the prospects of an investment, and therefore at a real disadvantage. Many of those people are teachers, firefighters, policemen and others who have retirement savings with money managers.

    Even more, as we saw in the Pelosi case with the Alphabet trade over the summer, the fact that politicians trade in investments over which they enjoy regulatory power adds an extra dimension of ethical wrongdoing that even the most predatory of Wall Street wolves can’t equal. Small wonder that the investing world has a new meme: Nancy Pelosi, star stock-picker, with thousands following her – well, her husband’s – very shrewd trades.

    Unlike the prohibition on expensive gifts such as Met Gala tickets, constituents have very little recourse against members of Congress who do trade on inside information. While in 2012, Congress passed a law that supposedly required reporting of stock trades by members without delay, the fines for non-compliance are small. Business Insider reported that this year, 37 members of Congress failed to report stock trades in a timely manner.

    “While lawmakers who violate the STOCK Act face a fine, the penalty is usually small — $200 is the standard amount — or waived by House or Senate ethics officials,” said Businessinsider.

    That’s hardly more than a transaction fee for stock trades involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. And it doesn’t address the core issue of cheating the investing public and voters while serving in Congress. Cheating may seem like a small thing to Congress, but is a big thing to the rest of us.

    Insider trading laws – as people learn when studying to become investment executives – were enacted to restore the trust that stock markets aren’t a rigged game, with members of the public the marks in a con controlled by the people who run the markets.

    More important today is that we restore the trust that government is not a rigged game, with the public the marks in a con controlled by the people who run the government.

    The pandemic has gone a long way towards reinforcing the idea that there are rules the government makes the rest of us follow, but from which those in power are always exempt. And disclosures of million-dollar stock trades that benefit Pelosi and her husband just make it clearer politicians prosper from the rules they force on us but which they ignore.

    It’s time to ban stock trades by our political leaders while they are in office.

    She stands next to the money faucet and turns it on and off, tells hubby to buy and sell for personal gain. DC is the District of Corruption.

    Queen of Investing: Just how did Nancy Pelosi build a $120mn fortune on a $223,000 annual salary? 13 X 2021.

    Democracy is also a form of religion. It is the worship of jackals by jackasses. - H. L. Mencken.

    The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol at his head. Put it in his hand and it's goodbye to the Bill of Rights. H.L. Mencken.

    A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar. - H.L. Mencken.

    The much vaunted libertarian journalist and commentator H.L. Mencken once wrote: “I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.”

    Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under. - H. L. Mencken.

    A corrupt evil witch.

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    US politicians make a fortune from trading stocks in office. It’s time they were stopped

    Media reports have revealed how amazingly successful members of Congress are at investing, with a series of uncannily well-timed trades of stocks just before key legislation is passed. This crazy conflict of interest has to end.

    A hot topic in US politics right now is whether members of Congress should be able to trade stocks while in office. Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff plans to introduce a bill that would bar members and their immediate family members from trading individual stocks in the stock market, which comes in the wake of a massive congressional
    insider-trading scandal in 2020 and a five-month investigation by Business Insider into federal lawmakers’ personal finances.

    To briefly summarize, that investigation revealed at least 54 members of Congress and 182 senior-level congressional staffers had violated federal conflict-of-interest laws. It also found that the STOCK Act, which exists to punish this kind of behavior, is inconsistently applied – if at all.

    One of the most high-profile members implicated in these investigations was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is reported to have deep holdings in Tesla, Disney, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) and Meta (Facebook’s parent company). So, it should come as no surprise that the speaker came out against barring members of Congress from owning stock. Speaking on December 15 at a press conference, Pelosi made her position on the matter clear. “We are a free-market economy. They should be able to participate in that,” she told reporters.

    To be fair to Pelosi, there is an argument that members of Congress should be allowed to participate in the market while in office. People often believe that members of Congress are paid too much, given their six-figure salaries. However, since members are legally obligated to pay all of their own travel expenses, plus shell out extra housing costs to actually live in Washington, DC, bills can quickly rack up. In fact, some political scientists argue that raising congressional salaries could actually reduce the trading, since eliminating the need to have extra streams of income to support one’s career on the Hill would reduce dependencies on special interests or individual donors.

    But this does not really hold up well under scrutiny, considering that being a member of Congress ends up, in most cases, turning into a highly profitable venture. That’s not only because they are virtually guaranteed a high-paying lobbying position on K Street after their political careers are over, but because being a member of Congress affords them certain privileged information that can help in the stock game.

    On specific issues,at least 75 members of Congress have invested in Covid-19 vaccine makers, many have invested in sectors like tech and cryptocurrency, and there are at least 15 members directly shaping defense policy who are invested in military contractors.

    A recent report on congressional trading in 2021 by provides some pretty interesting details of how brazen the practice actually is, and how statistically unlikely it is that their wild success in trading is owed to anything else but their membership in Congress.

    For starters, Congress managed to beat the market in 2021. The report notes that, on average, House Democrats and Republicans had returns +14.7%, Senate Democrats had +15.4%, and Senate Republicans had just under +13% (plus independent senator, Angus King, made two trades +16.5%). Meanwhile, the returns of $SPY during that same period were +13.6% – which means that the average member of Congress outperformed the market.

    This success, the site claims, was due to some pretty conveniently timed sales that made some members significant sums. For example, House Republican Brian Mast got a +563% return after selling Tilray stock he purchased just before voting for the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act in late 2020.

    Another House Republican, Kevin Hern, who sits on the House Committee on the Budget, bought up to $100,000 in Lockheed Martin shares just two weeks before it was announced the company won a $10.9 billion contract to modernize the Air Force’s F-22s.

    It wasn’t only Republicans who were successful. House Democrat Kathy Manning, who sits on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, also bought up to $30,000 in Lockheed Martin shares two weeks before news of that contract dropped.

    Likewise, House Democrat Zoe Lofgren is reportedly up 71% on a $15,000 Lucid Motors investment she made on October 13, having previously co-sponsored legislation for electric vehicle tax credits.

    Oh, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi disclosed exercising 150 calls on Microsoft on March 19 of last year at a strike price of $130 – less than two weeks before the US Army announced a $22 billion augmented reality deal with none other than Microsoft. She’s now sitting pretty, up 160% on this investment. If we are to take Pelosi at her word, this is all just a happy – and statistically unlikely – coincidence. But as politically divided as the public and Congress are, they’re pretty unified on this issue. According to a recent poll by the Convention of States Action, 76% of voters believe members of Congress have an “unfair advantage” in the stock market – and we can see from these investigations that both parties in Congress are making this advantage count. This is clearly not a partisan issue, but one so transparently wrong that anyone with two brain cells to rub together can recognize it.

    The question is, given how financially interwoven Congress is with the corporate elite, how can we expect members to actually pass any legislation when it is literally against their interests? Eliminating systemic conflict-of-interest must obviously be a prerequisite for any meaningful legislation to come out of Congress.

    We should monitor our politician's income and give all to charity that we do not pay them in wages. The people who are there for the money are not the best people to do the job.

    Its time they were tried and executed. Screwing people and stealing are jobs 1 and 2 on their list and they have no others.

    They all should be sent to prison for insider trading which is illegal.They should all be sent to prison for being politicians. They should all be sent to prison for impersonating politicians.

    Corruption and running scam is part and parcel of the politics in the United States of evil 🤒 it's called lobbying.

    R T:
    US politicians make a fortune from trading stocks in office. It’s time they were stopped13 I 2022.

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