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Thread: Ukip leader Gerard Batten denies reports that he is plotting to install EDL founder Tommy Robinson at head of his party

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    Ukip leader Gerard Batten denies reports that he is plotting to install EDL founder Tommy Robinson at head of his party

    I have been predicting this for months now and finally the media are saying it. Although 'Tommy Tiny Timmy Robinson' (real CURRENT name Paul Harris, previously called Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, Stephen Yaxley, born Stephen Lennon and also the pseudonym Wayne King-say that quickly and it sounds in Cockney like Juan King) is currently not allowed to become a member of UKIP due to his former membership of the EDL and BNP I dare say that with the mass exodus of responsible politicians from UKIP the knuckledragging elements of the membership will no doubt vote to change the rules to allow Harris to join. I have also been saying for months now that if admitted he will not be content with just being an ordinary member but ultimately his goal would be the leadership itself.

    Since Gerard Batten has appointed Harris as a 'Special Political Adviser' on Islam (a religion which he knows very little about it) there has been a mass exodus from the UKIP with 3 former leaders, 1 former deputy leader and MEPs resigning. It is fast going the way of the BNP and the National Front. Infiltration of 'far right' political parties by agents of the Mi5 and Special Branch is the modus operandi of the intelligence agencies in order to cause their implosion from within whenever they start to become an electable force. I do not know if Harris is working for them or not but I know that he most definitely is a Zionist and has thus far succeeded in destroying the credibility of UKIP without even being a member. Whilst UKIP will attract the support of the knuckledragging beer swilling street thugs they will certainly scare aware the majority of responsible and reasonably educated people who want nothing to do with skinhead troublemakers.

    Ukip leader Gerard Batten has denied reports that Tommy Robinson is being lined up to take over as Ukip leader.Multiple sources inside the party have reportedly claimed there are secret plans by Mr Batten to install the English Defence League (EDL) founder as leader when he stands down. However when the reports were put to Mr Batten by MailOnline, he dismissed the reports as 'completely untrue' and 'fake news'.

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