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Thread: Darwin's Influence on Economic Systems

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    Darwin's Influence on Economic Systems

    I was born and raised within a Constitutional Republic. The Capitalist economic system adopted by America is not, in itself, a bad concept. And it has proven to be successful, even though it has been corrupted by greedy, upper-crust individuals who have taken advantage of 'laissez faire' opportunities to thoughtlessly exploit others and damage the environment in the process for the sake of profit.

    Early examples of this "I've got mine, to hell with everybody else" attitude of these "robber barrens":

    Deforestation without replenishment of timber.
    Strip mining without land restoration.
    Uncontrolled contamination of waterways.
    Uncontrolled pollution of the atmosphere.
    Disrespectful labor practices such as wage slavery.

    "John D. Rockefeller reportedly once said that the "growth of a large business is merely a survival of the fittest . . . the working out of a law of nature . . ." (Ghent, 1902, p. 29). The Rockefellers, while maintaining a Christian front, fully embraced evolution and dismissed the Bible's early books as mythology (Taylor, 1991, p. 386). When a philanthropist pledged ,000 to help found a university named after William Jennings Bryan, John D. Rockefeller Jr. retaliated the very same day with a ,000,000 donation to the openly anticreationist University of Chicago Divinity School (Larson, 1997, p. 183). Morris and Morris noted that the philosophy expressed by Rockefeller also was embraced not only by railroad magnate James Hill, but probably most other capitalists of his day (1996, p. 87). Morris and Morris have suggested that many modern evolutionists:"
    Aside from an ever increasing number of mortals who have willfully chosen to worship Satan and his minions, our battle has always been against the powers and principalities operating surreptitiously throughout this twisted world.

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