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What we see now is the return of those in-group preferences.

We see AfD increasing in recent elections; we see Lega perform well in Italy; and Sverigedemokraterna are apparently now the largest party in the labour movement. This is identity politics for European people. Is has been pushed for coloured races for years, and now the Europeans want a piece of that pie as well.

What are the main parties to do? Backtrack on the policies that they have pushed for years? Looking at Sweden, the groups within the Social Democratic Party, SAP, that have pushed identity politics have used the benefits it has given them to gain power and to entrench themselves within the party and the state. I cannot see them reversing course voluntarily. They will use their power to defend that power, and in doing so they will use it to pull the party down with them.

If Löfven manages to turn the party towards sanity.... as Jimmy Åkesson says: "Why vote for a copy when there is the original?"
Bear in mind that in GROUP preferences are generally weaker with Whites than with non-White ethnicities. White folks, especially the more Northern types tend to be more individualistic. On the other hand there is also similarity preference, meaning folks prefer to interact and live with people similar to themselves most of the time. When it came to ethnicity and when Whites did it, this has been demonized for more than 70 years now. Combative vocabulary like "Nazi" and "Racist" were outcomes of this demonization process and believe me, it was a long process to coin those words with the renown emotive load. Needless to say that the Holocaust narrative and remembrance played a major role in that coining process. However those words are loosing their fire more and more. One reason being the inflationary use of them, especially since 2000. Another reason being sobering up as result of experience with non-Whites and the outcomes of multicultural policies.

That's probably also the reason intellectuals like Molyneux are daring to tackle related issues and breach norms of political correctness. More jumping on that train will speed up the process of deteriorating political correctness and cultural Marxism further.