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Thread: Climate Change - a CON

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    he described it as "poppycock" - a stance which he later said cost him his TV career.

    I always find it interesting when someone says some official idea has problems (Galileo is one of my favourites).

    I can't say I even pay much attention to the alleged "global warming" thing. I'm so pooor, don't even have a car and don't buy much. If the economy relied on me, there's be no polluion LOL.

    Anyway, wherever there is Big Money and pushing by the Status Quo then you should react with a healthy amount of "hmmm, not sure if I trust what they are saying" haha.

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    Rip david bellamy – nature tv star cancelled by bbc for climate change wrongthink

    David Bellamy is dead — and if his name doesn’t mean much to you that is largely the fault of the disgusting BBC.

    For a decade or so from the ’70s onwards, botanist and environmentalist Bellamy was just about the biggest nature star on British TV, only equalled in celebrity by his fellow David, David Attenborough. In some respects, Bellamy, the bearded eccentric, was the more famous and better-loved character.

    Attenborough specialised in wildlife; Bellamy in plants; both were superstars, even back in the 1970s; both were well on their way to becoming national treasures. But only one of them did. What happened to Bellamy?

    Simple. Bellamy was an early victim of what is now known as cancel culture. As a nature TV star, Bellamy ought to have been untouchable. As well as being personable, funny, happy to parody himself, instantly recognisable and loved by children, he was – unlike Attenborough – a trained scientist with a doctorate in botany. He was also a committed environmentalist, writing a paper for Nature on the Torrey Canyon oil spill and in 1983 was arrested and imprisoned for blockading Australia’s Franklin River in protest against a proposed dam.

    This is how many people of a certain generation still remember him. Here, for example, is Walking Dead star David Morrissey paying due tribute. Sad to hear the news about David Bellamy. A real character and a man who cared about nature and our environment deeply.

    But to anyone born in the ’80s or later, Bellamy will be completely unfamiliar because the BBC — and its rival ITV — abruptly cancelled his career and never had him back. Because Bellamy was guilty of wrongthink.

    Brave, outspoken, and committed to scientific truth, Bellamy refused to play the game on the global warming hoax. (He made it even harder for himself by campaigning for Britain to leave the EU: he once stood for the Referendum Party, a UKIP prototype, against then-Prime-Minister John Major.)

    In 2004 he described climate change as “poppycock” — and that was the end of his career. As he told the Independent in a 2013 interview:

    “All of the work dried up after that. I was due to start another series with the BBC but that didn’t go anywhere, and the other side (ITV) didn’t want to know. I was shunned. They didn’t want to hear the other side.”

    Bellamy remained one of very few television celebrities to speak out against the global warming scam.
    There have only been about three, in fact. Another of these heroes, Australian poet and broadcaster
    Clive James — similarly vilified for his scepticism — died last month. Now the only one still with us is former children’s TV presenter, mathematician, and musician Johnny Ball (whom I interviewed here for my podcast).
    As I wrote in the Australian Spectator:

    It requires courage to defy the climate alarmist establishment because the penalties for dissent are so great. If you’re a scientist – as we learned from the Climategate emails – it means being bullied and ridiculed by your peers, denied promotion or tenure, shut out of journals or, as in the case of Professor Peter Ridd at James Cook University, sacked on trumped up charges of ‘academic misconduct’. But if you’re a celebrity dependent on the goodwill of the luvvie establishment it can mean the end of your career.

    Compare and contrast the blessings and rewards heaped on those prepared to swallow any doubts they may once have had and convert to the green religion. While Bellamy’s career tanked when he expressed doubt about climate change, David Attenborough — a former sceptic, according to Bellamy — became a global icon after he draped himself in the mantle of climate change alarmism.

    There’s a lesson in there somewhere — but not, I hope, the one that the Greenies imagine it to be.

    Mark 8:36 puts it best:
    For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

    David Bellamy never sold his soul.

    RIP David Bellamy, one of the few sane, intelligent people around we are much poorer without him.

    Great presenter, because he really know his stuff. Enthusiasm incarnate. The Beeb prefers hacks who tow the party line.


    Do as your told and tow the party line or else . . .

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    Oh, I opposite think there is a problem if/then via global warming ...

    1.) many millions of Africans will try to get Europe
    2.) many millions of Southern Europeans will try to get Central Europe
    3.) many million of Central Europeans will try to get Scandinavia.

    Somehow at that point ... I care very little will it be caused by so called natural cycles of Earth or humans actions or both.

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    Australian Police Arrest 180 Arsonists for Bushfires. Someone Tell Russell Crowe…

    Australian police investigating the bushfires have arrested more than 180 alleged arsonists in the past few months. But apparently they forgot to send the memo to Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, both of whom insisted in their Golden Globes acceptance speeches that the Australian bushfires were in fact caused by ‘climate change.’

    “Make no mistake. The tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate change-based,” declared
    climate expert Crowe on Sunday, in a speech read out for him at the Golden Globes by Jennifer Aniston, supposedly because Crowe was too busy at home “protecting his family from the devastating bush fires.”

    But the evidence from Australia appears to contradict this.

    According to The Australian:

    Police arrested 183 people for lighting bushfires across Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania in the past few months. NSW police data shows 183 people have been charged or cautioned for bushfire-related offences since November 8, and 24 arrested for deliberately starting bushfires.

    Various theories have been advanced for the motivation of the alleged arsonists. Some have theorised that it in some cases it may be a form of ‘arson jihad’, as advocated last year by Islamic State.

    Others have suggested it may be the work of fanatical greens as a way of drawing attention to their pet issue, climate change.

    But the truth, in most cases, may be much more prosaic. Melbourne University Professor Janet Stanley, quoted in the Australian, said that the arsonists were typically young males aged 12 to 24 or older men in their 60s – generally from an unsettled background. She said:

    “They are often kids not succeeding in school, or they have left school early and are unemployed. The boundaries between accidentally and purposefully are unclear because many arsonists don’t plan on causing the catastrophe that occurs. Often there is not an intention to cause chaos and the penalties for accidentally lighting a fire are far less than purposefully lighting a fire.”

    Bush fires in Australia will rise in proportion to the growth of their Muslim demographic. The more Muslims they import the more bush fires they’ll have. And the more the Muslims breed the more bush fires they’ll have.
    We’ve seen in France how they very much like burning things. Very low IQ people are akin to animals in their fascination with fire. Then throw into the mixture a lunatic religion that tells them they have a duty to destroy the kaffir and his property and you’ll have very busy fire departments.
    The low IQ Arab will always be a danger in civilised societies. If they work at all they’ll hardly ever rise above minimal employment. Thus, in the First World city they’ll traipse around on unemployment benefit whilst seeing high-end cars and well-to-do properties everywhere.
    The only way he’ll get any these is through crime and in the odd case rap music. But even with crime there’s a limited market. So they’ll always be a big percentage of these walking around in an unstable frustration and very ready to be enticed into jihad or arson.
    You can take the tribesman out of the desert but you’ll never take the desert out of the tribesman.

    Australian Police Arrest 180 Arsonists for Bushfires. Someone Tell Russell Crowe…07 I 2020.

    It was never mentioned that the Muzzies burnt Notre Dame and got away with it.

    The peoples of the West are surprised that they are being slaughtered in their own streets, homes, churches? The sinister elites, globalist hidden hands of power orchestrated the carnage. The end game is the destruction of the nation state, the West and the establishment of a one world government prison planet which they control.

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    Trying to memory-hole ‘climate hysteria’ will only create more climate change skeptics

    Environmental organizations protest against the commissioning of the North Rhine Westphalian power plant in Germany, January 24, 2020. The placard reads "The climate crisis is killing!"

    Germany’s literary establishment has declared a moratorium on the phrase “climate hysteria.” No wonder “climate denial” is epidemic – there’s no better way to convince people something’s not real than making belief mandatory.

    An annual ritual by German linguists and journalists to exile a term from the language subjected the term “klimahysterie” (“climate hysteria”) to the linguistic equivalent of burning at the stake earlier this month, naming it the “un-word of the year” because it “defames climate protection efforts and the climate protection movement, and discredits important discussions about climate protection.”

    One might think that painting the climate debate in black and white – evil “climate deniers” versus saintly Greta Thunberg and her Extinction Rebellion carbon cult – would be more discrediting to the climate protection movement than begging for some realism from a narrative that is rapidly taking on religious trappings. Implying the keening end-of-timers gluing themselves to trains at rush hour are just as rooted in clear-eyed science as legitimate climatologists is frankly insulting to the latter, and implying both are too sacred to be described with a term like “hysteria” harms the environmental cause far more than any slick oil industry PR.

    By trying to shame the concept of “climate hysteria” out of existence, the establishment is simply drawing more attention to it. Smearing those who are merely pointing out an unscientific tendency in a supposedly scientific movement only encourages more people – including those who were on the fence about the climate issue before – to question the entire narrative. With Thunberg herself at Davos for a second year in a row, testily reminding the international ruling class that “our house is still on fire,” it’s impossible not to notice that there’s a bit of irrationality in the air. While she herself once said “listen to the science,” a
    multi-billion-dollarhysteria-driven vaporware economy has arisen at the same time, proclaiming “listen to Greta.” Carbon offset firms, green branding agencies, “sustainability consultants,” the notorious ‘green social network’ We Don’t Have Time that shot Thunberg herself to stardom – none of these would exist without “climate hysteria,”as they provide no value to a society not in its grip. An official diktat declaring it doesn’t exist merely adds weight to all criticisms of the climate change movement, whether or not they have merit.

    There’s no faster way to convince someone a narrative is false than to make belief in it mandatory. And carbon-centric anthropogenic climate change is quickly taking on this level of gravitas – Soros-funded nonprofit Avaaz has declared war on so-called “climate denial,” releasing a report accusing YouTube of “driving its users to climate misinformation” that attempts to shame advertisers into pulling their money from the platform until it starts de-platforming (or at least hiding videos from) those pesky “deniers.”

    The use of the word “denier” is deliberately meant to elicit an emotional response. Many of the wrongthink-perpetrators Avaaz takes issue with don’t deny the climate is changing, and some would agree that human activity plays a role in this change.

    However, the slightest difference of opinion is framed as heretical, and the perpetrator placed in the “climate denier” camp. Such a divisive approach naturally makes people more curious about those who have been smeared as “deniers.” If the narrative managers are trying to shame us for questioning the wisdom of prosecuting meat-eaters for “ecocide,” or stamping global corporations like Bayer-Monsanto as “net zero” carbon emitters as a reward for their voracious appetite for carbon offsets, the reasoning goes, what else are they lying to us about?

    Independent-minded individuals wonder why so much energy is being spent to discredit people who find fault with the prevailing climate change orthodoxy. Most wrong ideas are merely ignored – no one wastes time campaigning against flat-earth videos, for example – so surely, they reason, “climate deniers” must be a threat to the status quo. From the crumbling Douma gas attack narrative, still defended in the mainstream media, to Russiagate, to ‘weapons of mass destruction,’ flimsy establishment narratives have been shored up by demonizing their opponents (as “Assad apologists,”“useful idiots,” and “Saddam apologists,” respectively) because the narrative managers know they cannot win an argument with their critics.If climate change proponents are making a conscious decision to throw their lot in with these epistemologically bankrupt charlatans, they shouldn’t be surprised when “climate change denial” becomes epidemic.

    In case there was any doubt that the climate narrative is being imposed from above, “climate hysteria” wasn’t even the most popular choice to be given the 'un-wording’ treatment for 2019. “Old white men,”“flight shame,” and, yes, “climate deniers” all got more votes – the ritual is open to public comment in the spirit of democracy – but all three were mysteriously disqualified by the five-person linguistic-journalistic panel for violating the selection criteria. Receiving almost twice as many votes as “climate hysteria” was “environmental pig”, the newly minted pejorative at the center of a controversy over a “green” children's song last month – but that, too, was disqualified. Democracy, it seems, has its limits.

    like most hysterical movements, climate change is a for profit enterprise. When not directly, then by delegating control over one's life to the Sociopaths In Charge. Too many are addicted to hysteria as a replacement for reason and logic. If one screams loud enough they don't have to hear any one else.

    BlackRock C.E.O. Larry Fink: Climate crisis will reshape finance. As the wisers always knew, Climate change, Greta Thunberg, Al Gore and all the Soros' puppets are a financial world affair, simply. Real environmentalists and scientists know that the real problem with the period of warming our planet is going through is due to a solar cycle, that it is not new and not forever sustainable. BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager with nearly $7 trillion in investments, and who's behind it is a certain Lord Rothschild. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out.

    R T:
    1984 was not an instruction manual: Trying to memory-hole ‘climate hysteria’ will only create more climate change skeptics 26 I 2020.

    The real ‘elite’ exercise their control of the masses with another episode of fake news . The SHOW must go on.

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    It isn't solely a Down Under conspiration , conspiracy theory .

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