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Thread: European Nationalist Faith

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Smithwick View Post
    To keep the institution relevant, we need the Church to actually focus on and celebrate the British people (instead of Jewish-Roman folklore). We need the Church to include science i.e. the Theory of Evolution (Church owes Charles Darwin apology over evolution theory, says senior Anglican); a rundown on the laws of physics, biology, chemistry; an overview of psychology; etc. We need the history of the British peoples presented, and "our culture" showcased. There should be a review of general philosophy and all the theologies on the planet, with great emphasis on our monotheistic and polytheistic traditions in Europe.
    Just that the Darwinian "Theory of Evolution" is not science at all and a rather ludicrous attempt of imposing Materialist Preconceptions onto what is observed at present (Variety of Life). The reality is however that entropy is observed including in Genetics. So no from dust to doctor "Evolution". Any supposedly scientific theory whose adherents have to resort to deceit and fraud, needs to be rejected.

    As far as the Scientific Method is concerned it does have presuppositions that are faith based:
    - Orderly created universe that is ruled by laws that are intelligible
    - Human Faculty of investigating and understanding the Universe (But also the potentiality for error)

    The Materialists simply took over the orderliness assumptions and disregard the human propensity for error (and superimposing paradigms on what is observed).

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    The Germanic Faith, Twelfth Sermon

    The Germanic Faith is proud to announce that with all the tithing from our membership (currently consisting of myself and I) we can afford to make a new sermon.

    I don't really have anything, but just wanted to make a quick update.

    The Asatru Folk Assembly (which I think everyone should join) now has its third Hof. So whenever a feeling of isolation and despair creeps in:

    ..., think of the AFA, and perhaps pretend you're a Latvian who I feel have the greatest country in the world, because they have a strong communalism, and honor their unique paganism:

    Latvian Communal Dancing - YouTube
    Latvian Concert (2005) - YouTube
    If only Hitler had been a musician and had music festivals instead of "rallies", focused on technological development instead of trying to get their old lands back, ... what a better world it could have been.

    We British have "The Proms" but they don't sing any songs honoring our particular paganism from what I know:

    Long live our folk, long live our traditions, long live our nations.

    PS: I sometimes throw the odd sermon here: The British Faith - Stormfront

    And if you want to throw your version of a Germanic Faith "sermon" in either thread, ... you're hired.
    We need a reservation system for our people and our own ethnic-nationalist faith, where we'll have sermons about our people and nations, real history, science, philosophy, etc., in addition to our older religions. Throw in some open bar nights, comedy club hours, music and dance, etc., and it'll be a cracker barrel of good times lol.

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