National Socialism: A 'Left-Wing' Movement-Some Observations and Suggestions for its Development

I have recently had an opportunity to reread Povl Heinrich Riis-Knudsen's excellent National Socialism:A Left-Wing Movement (1984) and National Socialism: The Biological World View (1987). It has been many years since I initially read these booklets but my own Weltanschauung has gradually developed along the same lines as Riis-Knudsen.

It is a common mistake made not only by our enemies but also by people who regard themselves as National Socialists that it is regarded as a 'right-wing' political philosophy. This is a mistake-a serious mistake. Words matter and how we define National Socialism matters for this shapes how we view the world. The concepts of 'left' and 'right-wing' are out-moded concepts which date back to the days of pre-revolutionary France when supporters of the king sat to his right in the National Assembly whilst those members who supported the revolution to his left. This may have worked very well in 18th century France but has little relevance to politics in the 20th and 21st centuries and yet people foolishly use these terms with very little forethought.

National Socialism was and is a revolutionary movement and philosophy which seeks to overturn the current political system. Therefore if we are going to use the terms 'left' or 'right wing' then we can only conclude one thing: National Socialism is a 'left-wing' movement. It does not seek to sustain the system but to completely abolish it. Riis-Knudsen makes the valid observation:

"If National Socialism is, in its essence, a left-wing movement, it is, of course, paradoxical that National Socialists should have devoted so much time and energy to catering toward traditional right-wing attitudes, whereas they have shunned all openings to the left. Is it any wonder that all attempts to create a National Socialist movement on this basis have been utterly unsuccessful?"

Over many years I have never understood the attitude of many ethno-nationalists and white nationalists who tend in their attitudes to be very scathing of issues relating to the environment, trade unionism and by and large, especially the American ones, tend to support the system of capitalism, which has so spectacularly failed in the 'west' and has on many occasions been propped up by the tax payer (vis-à-vis the global banking crisis of 2008). Capitalism is a system that benefits the elite at the expense of the many. Americans are quick to point out that Communism 'never worked' and yet there are countries in the world where this system has worked and where it has it is the majority of people who benefit and not the few. Of course the weakness of the Marxist variant of Communism is its lack of spiritual vision: Marxism is purely a materialist philosophy concerned purely with economics. By contrast National Socialism is an holistic world view.

Capitalism by contrast has helped to create the current immigration crisis in the 'west'. The western armaments industry and its bought political whores agitate for war after war in order to maintain a market for these merchants of death to sell their disgusting weapons. We have seen an acceleration of arms sales since Trump helped to kickstart the new 'Cold War' in 2017, a 'Cold War' which shows every sign of turning into a real war involving Russia and/or China. (I will discuss this in a future article if the 'button' has not been pressed before then!) War inevitably results in refugees. Now I realise that many of the so-called 'refugees' that find their way to the shores and borders of northern Europe are not genuine refugees but there are many who are and these are the ones that tend to move to the next safe country as they genuinely are fleeing for their lives. The ones that make their way to northern Europe are not in my opinion genuine. This refugee crisis suits the capitalists very well as it helps to push wages down as the workforce is artificially swelled due to their presence. Thus capitalism creates the problem and then takes advantage of it! Capitalists are the true parasites and they have no loyalty to folk or land. They are truly cosmopolitan: they are thus the true enemy of National Socialism and of the people.

Trade Unions in the 1960s were still to a certain extent Marxist free and were concerned soley with the improvement of their members' conditions of employment, not engaging in irrelevant political campaigns. However the educated student generation of the late 1960s have since entered spheres of influence and have not entirely shed their Marxist indoctrination from their university days. My late brother was a university student, the first time in the late 60s and early 70s and went through a youthful phase of being a Marxist and an anarchist. By the time that he died at 58 in May 2009 he was by his own admission a 'Conservative' (whether this was of the small 'c' variety or the capital 'C' I am not sure!). However many of these people entered very influential positions in the field of law, politics, commerce and education. It is largely these people who have set in motion the cancer which has afflicted our society; the cancer of politically correct ideology. However there is nothing wrong in essence with the concept of a trade union movement. Some of my readers may be aware that some of the greatest of our racialist writers in the English speaking world were also socialist! I am thinking in particular of the likes of Jack London who was both a racialist and a socialist. Even William Morris who is lauded as a Marxist had very clear folkish leanings and translated the Volsunga Saga and produced works of fiction based upon Germanic heathenism. These people saw no contradiction in this. This article may be of interest: Jack London: When Socialism was Racist

In the mid 1960s trade unions in Britain still campaigned AGAINST mass immigration for they realised that this threatened the jobs of native workers. This inconvenient fact of history is deliberately ignored by modern day trade unions for it challenges their myopic view of the recent past. I see no reason why National Socialists should not be actively involved in trade unions. It is interesting to note that those trade union leaders and representatives who are more moderate in their approach tend to be ineffective. The Marxists understand this and they are not afraid to challenge employers. National Socialists too must not be afraid to be radical.

I dare say that some of my American readers will be uncomfortable with some of the points and suggestions which I am making in this article. Americans whether they be white nationalists or not tend to view Europe as being 'socialist' and by comparison with the USA they may well be right! However this observation is not made in a positive way as the prevailing culture in the USA is pro-capitalist and antagonistic to anything which may be viewed as 'socialist'. White nationalism is not in my opinion a genuine political philosophy. It is devoid of any true vision or Weltanschauung. It is reactive, seeking only to return society to a recent mythical past. Instead National Socialism looks forward, seeking revolutionary change, not conservation. Thus there can be no real accommodation between white nationalism and genuine National Socialism which in my opinion is only to be found in Europe.

What passes as 'National Socialism' in the USA is generally a fetishism for Third Reich uniforms, 1930s haircuts and toothbrush moustaches. It is costume play, nothing more. We also must not confuse National Socialism with 'hate'. Genuine National Socialists do not hate others because of their race or religion. They seek not the genocide or annihilation of other races but their preservation. THIS is true multiracialism, not the forced race-mixing found in modern day 'western' countries. It is only when diverse races and peoples are forced to live alongside one another that 'hatred' arises. The architects of our replacement, of our genocide are the true 'haters', not us.
Too often I see on various websites knuckle dragging comments made about other races including Jews and Muslims and these comments demean the people who make them. Their behaviour is far from 'Aryan'. Idiots who promote genocide of other races do our cause a great deal of harm and these cretins must be actively opposed at any and every opportunity. I will not tolerate any fool attempting to make such idiotic comments on this blog-they will not be published. Our battle is against Zionism, not Jews per se. Many of these knuckle draggers fail to understand that Zionists can be of any race or ethnicity and many of them are not Jewish at all and indeed many fundamentalist Christians tend to gravitate towards supporting the goals of Zionism and even declare themselves to be Zionists (Steve Bannon et al). There is nothing to be gained by targeting a particular ethnic or religious group. Such action is counter productive and is the worst kind of publicity imaginable. By behaving in a hateful fashion one is conforming oneself to a Hollywood stereotype. Unfortunately too many people go down this route and achieve nothing but a lengthy prison sentence.

National Socialism is an age old philosophy known and practiced by our ancestors before the term was invented in the 1920s for it follows the cast iron laws of nature. It is a philosophy that may be applied to any and all people, not just the Aryan. Even if man were to cease to exist National Socialism will not end for it is reflected as I say in the laws of nature. However I have come to the conclusion that the use of the term 'National Socialism' in a public context should be avoided. It carries too much historical and negative 'baggage'. The philosophy and goals need not change but the terminology must. Likewise those of you who believe yourselves to be National Socialist who have a penchant for Third Reich costume play must desist from engaging in this infantile behaviour; it is moronic and has nothing to do with genuine National So
cialism. It is also high time that people stopped using the fylfot (swastika) as a symbol of this philosophy. It does absolutely no good in this day and age. Whilst in 1930s Germany it may have exerted a magical influence upon the collective psyche of the Volk it is now practically useless as a public symbol. It should be reserved for personal and esoteric use only.

There is no point at all in attempting to promote an overtly National Socialist agenda as this cannot succeed. It would be far better for National Socialists to embrace the causes which are normally associated with the 'left' whether these be to do with environmental issues such as climate change or fracking or trade unionism. We must take the ground that is currently occupied by Marxist Socialists and win this ground for genuine National SOCIALISM.