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Thread: The Perilous State of English Nationalism

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    The Perilous State of English Nationalism

    The Perilous State of English Nationalism

    Over recent weeks I have followed the unfolding course of events regarding the notorious case of 'Tommy Robinson' and his most recent court appearance and I am deeply troubled. Most of my readers, certainly those who are based in England will be aware of 'Robinson's' pivotal role in the founding of the English Defence League in 2009 and then his subsequent abandonment of it in 2011. Since then he has managed to remain in the limelight often due to court appearances that have nothing whatsoever to do with the notion of 'defending freedom of speech'. Details of 'Robinson's' criminal record may be easily found on the Internet and I will leave it to my readers to carry out their own research in this matter as that issue is not really what this article is about.

    It is a common misconception that 'defending freedom of speech' was what his last conviction was for, particularly in the USA where 'everything goes' as far as the media circus surrounding trials is concerned. This is not the case in England where judges (for good reasons) place restrictions on the reporting of judicial proceedings to prevent either the miscarriage of justice or from trials which are linked being jeopardised. This was the case in the matter of the recent trial of the Huddersfield grooming gang. If the trial had have collapsed or the defendants appealed against their convictions then an expensive retrial would have been necessary. This is why responsible journalists-REAL journalists obey judges' instructions. I will not comment further on this particular case regarding 'Robinson' as judge Nicolas Hilliard QC, the Recorder of London has referred the matter for further consideration to the Attorney General for England and Wales.

    Since Robinson's latest period of imprisonment between May and August 2018 he has received a great deal of attention, sympathy and last but not least donations of money from supporters all over the world. My understanding is that a 'former assistant' has revealed that the total sum is £2,000,000 (see the Daily Mail (21/10/18). If this is the case then no doubt much of this money will be spent on lawyers. There are unconfirmed reports that a substantial quantity of the said funds have their origin in the USA. If this is true then this does not surprise me as much of the propaganda support emerges from that country.

    One of 'Robinson's' principal backers in terms of funding his legal fund, propaganda and publicity is the Middle East Forum, an American 'conservative think tank' based in Philadelphia, founded by Daniel Pipes, a 69 year old American Jew. The focus of the organisation is on Islam and middle eastern affairs. It apparently advocates 'stronger ties with Israel'. It is generally regarded as being 'zionist'. One of 'Robinson's' former employers is Rebel Media who briefly employed him as a 'journalist'. Rebel Media was founded by Ezra Levant, a Canadian Jew and that website is supposedly 'far right'. In reality it is amongst other things a platform for anti-Islam propaganda.

    At the time of 'Robinson's' latest spell in prison the US government appears to have exerted pressure on the British government. President Trump's 'Ambassador for International Religious Freedom', Sam Brownback reportedly told the UK Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch that Breitbart had "contacted him about Robinson's imprisonment" and reportedly "suggested the UK should be more sympathetic" to 'Robinson' or the US government "might publicly criticise its handling of the case." (See The Independent, 17/7/18). If this is true then once again we see the meddling interference of the US government in the affairs of a sovereign state, something which it would not tolerate if such interference were aimed at them! What Brownback fails to understand is that unlike the USA the judiciary in the United Kingdom is entirely independent of the executive arm of government-something which at least we should be thankful for!

    Breitbart News is yet another 'far right' website, its former Executive Chairman was Steve Bannon, who declares himself to be a 'Christian Zionist'. (See the article by Amanda House,, 13/11/17.) Bannon you will recall was until recently the White House Chief Strategist and Senior Counsellor to Trump. Trump's son Donald Trump, Junior tweeted in support of 'Robinson': "Reason #1776 for the original #brexit. Don't let America follow in those footsteps."

    The support for 'Robinson' is clearly gaining momentum and much of this support is coming from 'respectable' and 'mainstream' sources. UKIP leader Gerard Batten is in favour of changing the rules of UKIP to make an exception for the admittance of 'Robinson' into the party. At the moment former members of the BNP and the EDL are not permitted to join that party. Former leader Nigel Farrage is against such a move and has warned that the party faces "total and utter marginalisation" if such a move were to go ahead. Shortly after his latest court appearance 'Robinson' was 'wined and dined' in the House of Lords by Batten and UKIP peer Lord Peerson. (See the Evening Standard, 24/10/18). These are all moves aimed at improving 'Robinson's' 'respectability' and no doubt a cynical attempt to resurrect the fortunes of UKIP at the ballot box. This is a huge gamble by Batten. He will either succeed or his party will effectively be destroyed in the attempt. What votes may be gained from the knuckle dragging uneducated few will result in the lost votes of the respectable many in the next elections.

    Make no mistake if 'Robinson' is admitted I very much doubt that he will be satisfied at just remaining an ordinary member. Only the leadership of the party will suffice. If that happens then it will go the way of the BNP. Indeed subsequent to coming to this conclusion I have researched the UKIP Daily website and found a comment by a poster called 'Tacitus' who speculates that Batten views 'Robinson' as a potential successor to himself (Tommy Robinson: Result = Intention, 27/10/18, 4.26pm). I invite my readers to study the comments and articles on that forum. It makes for disturbing reading. Clearly UKIP, possibly in a bid to regain populist support is now trying to court the anti-Islamic vote, something which under the leadership of Mr Farrage it steadfastly refused to do. However in my opinion the admittance of 'Robinson' into UKIP will divide the party as he is most certainly a divisive figure in British society and the comments of some of his fanatical supporters on YouTube regarding muslims are extremely disturbing. Any attempt at educating some of these people in my experience results in one being called a muslim and/or a 'paedophile'. Indeed one supposedly 'Christian' woman accused me of 'bestiality'. THAT is the level of discourse sustained by these knuckle draggers. It truly worries me that these people have the electoral franchise. What a mistake that was to extend it to the masses!

    In addition to the support of the current UKIP leader 'Robinson' has been invited by Republicans to the USA to deliver a speech to the US Congress. This would be very interesting as the last time that 'Robinson' attempted to gain entry into the USA he was convicted of "possession of a false identity document" in 2013 when he boarded a flight from Heathrow to New York. He used a passport of a friend, Andrew McMaster. He travelled back to England the following day. This time 'Robinson' or to use his real name (or is it?) Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon (born Stephen Christopher Yaxley, sometimes known as Stephen Lennon) used his own passport-in the name of Paul Harris! Yes, sometimes the 'truth is stranger than fiction'. In the words of the judge: "I am going to sentence you under the name of Stephen Lennon although I suspect that is not actually your true name, in the sense that it is not the name that appears on your passport." (See Daily Telegraph 7/1/13). The Daily Telegraph reports on his previous convictions and no doubt they were the reason why he used someone else's passport as they would have prevented him from entering the USA legally! So effectively the US government would have to give special permission for 'Robinson' to enter the USA if he were to address Congress.

    'Robinson' is not in my opinion a genuine 'nationalist', not in the sense that those of us who are folkish are wont to use the term, in the sense of ethno-nationalism. The pseudo-nationalism of most modern day recently constituted British 'nationalist' organisations is very much a civic one, where anybody born in England is regarded as 'English' and anyone born in Britain is 'British'. This civic nationalism is promoted alongside anti-muslim sentiment and such organisations are often zionist. One frequently observes Israeli flags amongst the massed ranks of EDL and 'Robinson' supporters and demonstrators. Indeed 'Robinson' freely admits to being a zionist. (See The Independent, 5/7/17) The 'anti-racist' credentials of the EDL were spectacularly demonstrated when they were photographed burning a Third Reich Swastika flag in a disused office block in Luton, standing in front of a poster saying: "English Defence League. Black and white unite." (See Daily Telegraph, 10/10/09). These are not the actions of ethno-nationalists. In fact they are the very opposite and should be viewed by real nationalists as part of the problem, not the solution. Indeed it is ironic that 'Robinson' is lauded by his followers as an 'English hero' when the truth of the matter is his parents were Irish immigrants from the Republic of Ireland. He is thus a 'second generation immigrant'.

    It is civic nationalism and not ethno-nationalism which is gathering support these days, no doubt due to the efforts of such organisations as the EDL and the Britain First party which is also anti-Islamic, pro-Christian and pro-Jewish. Zionism has effectively co-opted nationalist sentiment in England and transformed it into being multi-racial and pro-zionist. Thus zionism has succeeded in remodelling nationalism into a vehicle which it can use to oppose muslims in the 'west' in the furtherance of its aims for a 'Greater Israel' beyond the current political boundaries of that state. Furthermore the stoking up of anti-Islamic sentiment also feeds in to the zionist narrative of continual war in the middle east against those states who oppose the hegemony of the Tel Aviv-Washington axis. Civic nationalism promotes the faulty thinking that simply being born in a country or having the passport of that country magically transforms that person into being part of the 'nation'. It does not!

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