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Thread: Northern Ireland 'Punishment' Attacks Rise 60% in 4 Years

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    Northern Ireland 'Punishment' Attacks Rise 60% in 4 Years

    Northern Ireland 'punishment' attacks rise 60% in four years

    Exclusive: police recorded 101 shootings and beatings by paramilitary groups last year

    Paramilitary-style “punishment” shootings and beatings have surged again across Northern Ireland, with a 60% increase in such attacks over the past four years, according to the latest police figures obtained by the Guardian.

    News of the rise in republican and Ulster loyalist assaults on people within their respective communities came as the head of the
    Police Service of Northern Ireland revealed that some victims’ parents were drugging and getting their loved ones drunk before they were beaten or shot to offset the pain.

    The PSNI chief constable, George Hamilton, told the Guardian that some close relatives of those about to be attacked were plying their children with alcohol or giving them powerful painkillers before “appointments” with the “punishment” gangs.

    From 2013 to the end of last year the number of shootings and assaults from republican and loyalist paramilitary organisations has increased dramatically. Figures from the PSNI’s statistics branch show that in 2013 there were 64 such attacks from republican dissidents as well as ongoing loyalist paramilitary violence directed at their own communities. In 2017 the figure rose to 101 shootings and beatings. The level of these attacks was up almost 60% compared with four years earlier.

    The upsurge in paramilitary punishment attacks took a more lethal turn this year with the murder of Raymond Johnston on 13 February while he cooked pancakes at his home in west Belfast. The PSNI believes Johnston, 28, was targeted by the New IRA, a hardline anti-peace process republican faction that often uses the flag of convenience Action Against Drugs to target victims from within the Catholic/nationalist community in Northern Ireland.

    The statistics also show that republican dissidents appear more likely to use guns to shoot those inside their respective communities that they label as criminals or “antisocial elements”. According to the PSNI figures showing the total number of victims shot in this latest wave of paramilitary “punishment” attacks, dissident republican groups such as the New IRA or Continuity IRA have been responsible for 24 out of the 27 people wounded by firearms. Many of the victims are often savagely beaten after being accused by armed republican and loyalist factions of criminal actions such as drug dealing or car theft, without any form of legal representation or appeal.

    In 2013 four physical beatings were carried out by republican dissidents but within the past four years this has increased to 17.

    Meanwhile, loyalist paramilitaries, who are supposedly meant to be on ceasefire, appear more inclined to carry out beatings than shootings against those who cross them within mainly working-class unionist/Protestant areas.

    In 2013 the figures show that 34 assaults were carried out by those aligned to certain factions of the Ulster Volunteer Force and the Ulster Defence Association. In 2017 the number had increased to 57.

    Responding to the upsurge in paramilitary “punishment attacks”, which in the case of dissident republicans is a means of offering the nationalist community an “alternative quick-fix” form of policing to the PSNI, the chief constable said some parents were “acquiescing” in this system by bringing their children to appointments for beatings and shootings. Hamilton said: “You have a culture of lawlessness and fear in some of these communities where the victims know who is shooting them; the parent knows who is shooting their child. Sometimes parents are negotiating with these thugs to take the kid to certain places by arrangement.“It is not unknown to my officers that in certain circumstances parents have dosed their kids up with powerful painkillers and alcohol to remove the impact of the ‘punishment’ shooting or beating. By colluding in this they [the parents] are hoping to negotiate less severe beatings or shootings. There is something madly wrong with society whenever parents even countenance doing that with their own children.”

    Hamilton said he did not blame the parents but saw it as an indication of the climate of fear paramilitary organisations were imposing on the areas they operated in. He said those behind such attacks were “quasi-terrorists who were and are very good at covering their forensic tracks”.

    'He fired at my legs': Northern Irish 'punishment' victim still living in fear

    In the absence of forensic evidence Hamilton said even victims were reluctant to identify those behind attacks.

    Liam Kennedy, a Queen’s University of Belfast lecturer and long-term campaigner against paramilitary “punishment” attacks, said that given the young ages of many of those targeted the practice was “tantamount to child abuse”.

    Kennedy, the author of a major study into the long-term practice of alternative paramilitary policing in Northern Ireland titled They Shoot Children Don’t They?, said: “The trend is still alarmingly upwards. The last month has been a particularly vicious month. The victims are mainly young men from working-class areas, and not even children are immune. Last year three children were singled out for mutilation through gunshot wounds to the legs. This is child abuse of a kind comparable to the actions of paedophiles.”

    He called on international human rights organisations to speak out more against the practices, which he said were “week-by-week serious human rights violations”.

    Guardian, Northern Ireland 'punishment' attacks rise 60% in four ...

    Mon 12 Mar 2018.

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    A very alarming read. I am sure that many of these 'victims' were as bad as the paramilitaries that carried out the 'punishments' although that does not excuse it and it does go to show how lawless Northern Ireland still is. The parents are complicit in these criminal actions. Thank the Gods that I live in England!

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    Northern Ireland kneecapping victim 'shot four times'

    For years the number of paramilitary style attacks has dropped but figures show 41 were carried out last year 2008, more than double the year before.

    David (not his real name) was watching Big Brother on TV in a bedroom with his girlfriend when four men forced their way into his house. "They pulled out a gun and pushed me down," he said. "One punched me in the face, and someone knelt on my back. I was kicking my legs and they told me to stop or it would be worse. They shot me four times."

    I was shot in the shin, thigh, ankle and calf. I was in shock but shouted to my girlfriend,'Call an ambulance'. Then I passed out.

    Punishment shooting victim - They had scarves round their faces and balaclavas on to disguise their identities.
    One held his grandmother in the lounge, while the others went upstairs to carry out a punishment shooting, also known as a kneecapping. "I was shot in the shin, thigh, ankle and calf. I was in shock but shouted to my girlfriend, 'Call an ambulance'. Then I passed out."

    David says they thought he was a drug dealer, which is something he denies. It's believed a rebel republican group called Oglaigh na hEireann was responsible for the attack. It's a splinter group from the Real IRA, thought to be behind the bomb which was placed under a policeman's car earlier this month.

    His family say no one's ever been charged over the attack and criticised the police for not doing enough to help them.

    Shootings rise

    The police say they're working with local communities to prevent paramilitary-style attacks and have had significant success at stopping them. David's mum said the police needed to do more: "A majority of people in the local area are in these dissident groups or supporting them. The police need to stop it from happening."

    For decades, paramilitaries in both loyalist and republican areas used punishment shootings as a way of controlling communities. With policing often absent in parts of Northern Ireland, the attacks were carried out on those believed to be guilty of anti-social behaviour.

    There was a distrust of the police force, particularly in the Catholic community. They viewed it as being largely Protestant and felt that the Catholic community was unfairly targeted, a feeling that's exploited by the paramilitaries.

    According to police figures, there were 186 punishment shootings in 2001, of which most were carried out by loyalist groups. Since then, the total number of attacks has fallen dramatically, to just six in 2007. In 2008 the figures rose slightly to 16 attacks but the latest figures show 41 punishment shootings were carried out in 2009 and all but one was blamed on rebel republican groups, such as the Continuity IRA. The number of punishment beatings last year also went up, to 81, compared to 40 in 2008 with most being blamed on loyalist groups.


    Harry Maguire is an ex-IRA prisoner who was convicted of murder. He now works for Community Restorative Justice, an organisation who try to stop punishment shootings. "A number of the shootings that have taken place over the last year have been done in a very haphazard manner," he said.

    Paramilitaries told me I had 48 hours to leave the country or else I would be severely dealt with.

    "They're unprofessional with what they're doing. There's been a number of these punishment shootings where the intention has been to shoot someone in the knees. On one occasion a person was shot in the shoulder."

    Father Gary Donaghan is from the Holy Cross Church in Belfast and explained the different sort of attacks.
    "There are beatings, and then kneecappings," he said. "Then there's what they refer to in a very sadistic way as a six-pack. Somebody shot in the elbows, knees and the ankles."

    Paramiltaries sometimes warn him a punishment attack is about to take place.

    He says he negotiates with them to stop them taking place. He said: "They would contact the monastry, say they belong to an actual organisation and say that a person was under critical threat, and say within a certain period of time this person is to be shot."

    'I don't feel safe'

    Often negotiations will lead to a person having to leave their home. It happened to this man, who again, didn't want to be identified. He said: "Paramilitaries told me I had 48 hours to leave the country or else I would be severely dealt with. It could be anything, your legs or arms broke, even shot in the head. Executed as they would call it."

    David now hopes to get on with his life and can now walk again but he still has nightmares.

    He's planning to leave the area, even though that means leaving his family behind. "I'm still scared," he admitted. "For a long time I couldn't leave the house. Now I'm starting to go out more but I'm nervous. I don't trust anyone." His mum told Newsbeat she was also trying to move house but couldn't find a new home. She said the whole family was struggling to get over what happened. "We've all gone through the whole process of nightmares, medication, counselling," she said. "It's something that's never going to end. I don't feel safe. I don't think anyone feels safe."

    BBC Northern Ireland kneecapping victim 'shot four times ... 28 Jan 2010.

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    I'm waiting for this type of thing to happen over here. I wonder how many commies will strut after they get their kneecaps blown off.

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    The conflict in Northern Ireland is a very tragic one . . For sure . .

    It started when the kings of England tried to conquer Ireland and when they couldn't really succeed they 'planted' people there from the U.K. . . The famous 'plantation'. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astragoth View Post
    I'm waiting for this type of thing to happen over here. I wonder how many commies will strut after they get their kneecaps blown off.
    Brutal retaliatory force delivered to the rioting urban apes during the late sixties brought sudden closure to their BS. But the force used fell short of permanently ending what has become our present predicament, which will eventually require the same brutal response to end it as well.

    I told one of the badly warped 'ladies' who attends our private events that I refuse to love those who hate me. This means I reciprocate the hatred all of these two-legged beasts feel for me tenfold. I have absolutely no compunction about exterminating the whole damn lot of them anymore than I have about killing any other kind of vermin whenever and wherever I find them.

    The very thought of my sweet little lady being brutalized by these vile creatures because she doesn't want to associate with them infuriates me.
    Aside from an ever increasing number of mortals who have willfully chosen to worship Satan and his minions, our battle has always been against the powers and principalities operating surreptitiously throughout this twisted world.

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    29-year-old journalist Lyra McKee shot dead during riots in Derry

    A burning car in the Creggan Derry after petrol bombs were thrown at police last night.

    A MURDER INVESTIGATION has been launched after a journalist was killed in a shooting in Derry last night. The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) have named the 29-year-old woman as Lyra McKee, who died after shots were fired in the Fanad Drive area of Creggan in Derry. McKee was at the scene of rioting last night, with reporters present saying police came under gun fire and a petrol bomb attack.

    The PSNI says that a single gunman fired shots in a residential area of the city and as a result wounded the deceased. Officers at the scene administered first aid before transporting her in the back of a police vehicle to hospital, where she tragically died from her injuries.

    Assistant Chief Constable for District Policing Mark Hamilton said the woman was killed during “orchestrated violence” in the area, and that police believe the killing was carried out by a dissident republican. “Not only is this the murder of a young woman, it’s an attack against the people of this city,” he told reporters at a press conference. “It has had horrendous consequences, and will affect people for many years.”

    ACC Mark Hamilton says ‘our thoughts are very much with the family & friends of Lyra McKee’. He says her murder ‘demonstrates all too starkly when terrorists bring violence & guns into the community members of the public are placed in severe danger’.

    Hamilton also expressed his condolences with the family and friends of the deceased, who was a journalist based in Belfast. “This murder demonstrates all too starkly that when terrorists bring violence and guns into the community, members of the public are placed in severe danger. “It is abundantly clear that they do not care who they harm.”

    Property searches

    The shooting followed a number of searches by police in the area, starting from 9pm. The PSNI believed that dissident republicans were storing weapons and explosives for a number of planned attacks, possibly to have taken place over Easter weekend in the city. They say that after searches began, a crowd gathered and that around 50 petrol bombs were thrown at officers. Two vehicles were also hijacked and set on fire. By 11pm, around 100 people had gathered in the area, including young people and members of the media. PSNI believe that it was around this time that the gunman fired a number of shots.

    29-year-old journalist Lyra McKee shot dead during riots in Derry 19 Apr 2019.

    Murder is always tragic. If this was your sister or daughter how would you feel?

    These mostly nationalist paramilitary groups, including these dissident republicans, control their communities with regular ‘punishment shooting’.This was obviously a response to the PSNI coming in to raid houses in their area and the intended victim was the Police /PSNI.

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