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Thread: Can The Existence of God be Proven?

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    "God" is a metaphor or a mental "place holder" for a mystery that goes beyond all categories of human understanding.
    Close observation may result in feelings of horror, wonder and awe at world you find yourself inhabiting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SineNomine View Post
    What proof of God is there to begin with?
    I think there is no solid proof about the existence of a god, otherwise there wouldn't be agnostics.
    "Cuando la Patria está en peligro, todo está permitido excepto no defenderla"
    José de San Martín

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    There are many different ways of thinking in the world. To be different is to be special.

    When it comes to religion and morality there are pretty much two sides. On the one side, there is that of the slave, of the sheep with their shepherd, and, on the other, that of the noble, of the “poet, artist, and philosopher.” The former is embodied in the Abrahamic religions where the participants are “God’s chosen people,” and the latter by those who are “themselves fashioners of images and coiners of ideas.”

    “The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want.”

    Whether it be the Jews, the Christians, or the Muslims they all are, to their “One God”, the chosen. Either one follows the 10 Commandments, is saved by Jesus’ sacrifice of himself for Adam’s sin which pissed God off so bad he kicked us out of his Garden, or takes over planes and flies them into buildings, it makes no difference. It’s either their way or the HIGHWAY. I don’t know what the Jews do ( ? ), but the Christians are all high and mighty and if one ain’t in the Church they are going to burn in hell, and the Muslims have it so bad with whatever pillar called Jihad they blow themselves up.

    Then, there is a way of looking at divinity other than, Our Father who art in Heaven, whose will, we pray be done, it has been done, by every polytheistic people everywhere as they come into contact with other culture’s ideas of divinity as they sought to find similarities, make connections, and ultimately express them very selves. In our own Germanic legacy there is the calling of Odin, Thor, and Tyr as Mercury, Hercules, and Mars by Tacitus. And, even Alexander the Great’s respect for the religions of all the folks he conquered heralding the Hellenistic Age.

    Some dude named Joseph Campbell wrote books with names like The Hero with a Thousand Faces, and The Masks of God to get across the point above that there is another way of thinking about divinity other than just to “Fear the Lord thy God“. There is the closed minded way of my way or the Highway, and there is the open minded way of it’s just a Highway. This brings to mind a story about the search for the Holy Grail..that no one can find it by the same road.
    A distinction must be drawn, through all our studies of mythology, between the attitudes toward divinities represented on one hand by the priest and his flock, and on the other by the creative poet, artist, or philosopher. The former tends to what I would call a positivistic reading of the imagery of his cult. Such a reading is fostered by the attitude of prayer, since in prayer it is extremely difficult to retain the balance between belief and disbelief that is proper to the contemplation of an image or idea of God. The poet, artist, and philosopher, on the other hand, being themselves fashioners of images and coiners of ideas, realize that all representation--whether in the visible matter of stone or in the mental matter of the word--is necessarily conditioned by the fallibility of the human organs. Overwhelmed by his own muse, a bad poet may imagine his visions to be supernatural facts and so fall into a posture of a prophet--whose utterance I would define as “poetry overdone,” over-interpreted; wherefore he becomes the founder of a cult and a generator of priests. But so also a gifted priest may find his super-natural beings losing body, deepening into void, changing form, even dissolving: whereupon he will possibly become either a prophet, or if more greatly favored, a creative poet.

    The Masks of God: Volume III, Occidental Mythology page 518
    I must say that I have it figured that there is such a thing called a “collective unconscious” and that it is here that deep “channels” are dug by the constant flowing of energies which take a life of themselves is those who posses them.

    Of course I offer some of Jung’s famous Wotan quotes..

    "[T]he gods are without doubt personifications of psychic forces..." (6) And when one is possessed by such a god there is not much one can do about it and in the case of Wotan we're talking about "a fundamental attribute of the German psyche." (7)
    "Because the behaviour of a race takes on its specific character from its underlying images we can speak of an archetype "Wotan". As an autonomous psychic factor, Wotan produces effects in the collective life of a people and thereby reveals his own nature." (8) But we must remember, cautions Jung, that, "It has always been terrible to fall into the hands of a living god. Yahweh was no exception to this rule, and the Philistines, Edomites, Amorites, and the rest, who were outside the Yahweh experience, must certainly have found it exceedingly disagreeable. The Semitic experience of Allah was for a long time an extremely painful affair for the whole of Christendom. We who stand outside judge the Germans far too much as if they were responsible agents, but perhaps it would be nearer the truth to regard them also as victims." (9)
    Sorry if this seems unconcluded..

    141. Then began I to grow and gain in insight,
    to wax eke in wisdom:
    one verse led on to another verse,
    one poem led on to the other poem.

    142. Runes wilt thou find, and rightly read,
    of wondrous weight,
    of mighty magic,
    which that dyed the dread god,
    which that made the holy hosts,
    and were etched by Othin,

    Havamal, Hollander trans.
    Thank You Mrs. Lyfing for stirring these thoughts in me head the other night..


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