without wallace No peirce ?

Wallace was a system hack drug out to stop Commander Rockwell
I was there in Milwaukee when Rockwell led mobs turned back the police and Lucifer king. turning back King was not near as hard as stading up to a jew dominated police force that had whites with germanic mane as titular heads.

Rockwell led tens of thousands in Chicago, I rmemeber older poeple coming and telling me

''they killed Rockwell, everyone at work was crying''

You new comers have no idea how close Rockwell was in the MIdwest.

these neo conservatives like him and buchanon and goldwater are whipped out to offer Whites who ought to get off their asses
an excuse to make it look like they are doing something.

Dr Pierce was a member of the party founded by Commander Rockwell, Dr Pierce and Matt Koehl had a major falling out,

Pierce left and formed the NA.