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Thread: The Thot Audit (It Has Begun)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Þoreiðar View Post
    Can PayPal really be described as a 'bank', though? It's more of a payment service provider.

    But either way, I agree with the concern about large financial companies, which de facto hold pseudo-monopolies on specific services, have the ability to ban individuals or companies according to their own liking. Just that this time, the malpractice was used for something good.
    True but this game of banks and payment processors just "deciding" they won't do business with you is flat out unconstitutional.

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    So some video game dorks who've been separated from reality want to throw some money at fantasy women.... eugenics in action?

    Why this would concern anyone is beyond me. It's softcore porn, you're not going to ban it.

    And maybe these dorks like being ripped off. Maybe they get off on it. I've heard some years ago, some gay men that liked paying gay junkies online to go drugs on camera while they watched, that would be needle drugs.. Some men like the fantasy with a lack of real contact. Oh ya, and gay men will pay men around the world to jerk off on camera, like watching porn or going to a bar isnt good enough; i talked to an Uber driver who was getting paid doing that. He was over 32, shortish and small, ehh looking. Said the men could be like in Hungary or some other European country.

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