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Thread: Feminists Have Gender Identity Disorder

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    Feminists Have Gender Identity Disorder

    I recently heard from a friend that HipsterRacist may soon abandon his blog and move on to new things. Hipster has been a well known blogger in the American White Advocacy sphere for a few years. While I don't agree with much of what he writes (the only good hipsters are nerdy girls who like Indie music...) he did have some good ideas.

    This was, IMO, his most useful blogpost:

    Feminists do not feel humiliated dressing like men, instead, they feel it gives them some sort of power, almost like cargo cult masculinity. It doesn’t usually work this way in reverse, so therefore, misogyny, according to feminists.

    It seems like feminists have gender identity disorder. While a normal woman will crave masculinity – in a man – feminists seem to crave masculinity in themselves, and then are outraged that a man would not crave femininity in himself. In fact, the desire of men to not be feminine is called “toxic masculinity” by feminists. But I don’t desire femininity in myself, I desire femininity in a woman.That doesn’t make me a woman hater or a misogynist. In fact, it seems like it’s just the reverse – feminists hate their own femininity because they associate it with weakness. You would think the “women’s movement” would have created a culture and a movement around femininity – instead, it’s a movement and culture centered around women acting and dressing like men.
    It's a well known fact that an extremely disproportionate number of leading feminists are lesbians. This is obviously not just a coincidence. It's very obvious to me that the two engines which drove the feminist movement were: 1. Jewish women spreading toxic ideas to the gentiles (Bella Abzug, Golda Steinem, Betty Frieden, etc.) 2. White lesbians with gender identity disorder allying with the former.

    This 'feminist alliance' then pushed its propaganda on confused young women. Often those who had been abused by violent men at some point in their lives.

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