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Thread: The Battle of Monte Cassino

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    Merkel is of German and Polish descent. Her paternal grandfather, Ludwik Kaźmierczak, was a German policeman of Polish ethnicity, who had taken part in Poland's struggle for independence in the early 20th century. He married Merkel's grandmother Margarethe, a German from Berlin, and relocated to her hometown where he worked in the police. In 1930 they Germanized the Polish name Kaźmierczak to Kasner. Merkel's maternal grandparents were the Danzig politician Willi Jentzsch, and Gertrud Alma née Drange, a daughter of the city clerk of Elbing (now Elbląg, Poland) Emil Drange. Merkel has mentioned her Polish heritage on several occasions, but her Polish roots became better known as a result of a 2013 biography.

    Angela Merkel | Wiki | Everipedia | Background and early life

    Two thoughts, the distillation as it were of the points raised by Anders and Wisniowski at their ten-minute conference, dominated the minds of every Polish soldier as they clambered on to the massif. First was their intense hatred of the Germans, a hatred so passionately expressed that it might have taken the French aback. It certainly seemed rather over the top to many British soldiers. . . . .The soldiers actually relieved by the poles were made equally aware of this lust for revenge. One officer wrote:

    At night we took them around the battle positions. We got along very well together, though they could never wholly conceal their slight impatience with our attitude. They hated the Germans, and their military outlook was dominated by their hate. Their one idea was to find out where the nearest Germans were and go after them . . . They thought we were far too casual because we didn’t breathe blind hate all the time.

    Previous post.

    This obsessive Polish hatred of Germans would explain a lot of Angela Merkel’s behaviour and why she encouraged the mass migrant invasion, especially from 2015 onwards.

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