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Thread: Angela Merkel = Second Jewish Ruler of Germany and First Communist Ruler

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huginn ok Muninn View Post
    None of these "leaders" need be a Jew. Madness for power, along with knowing who holds the keys to power, is enough. The Jews themselves prefer such willing servants as their puppets, because they put a nice goy face to everything.
    And Merkel isn't a Jew neither. She got some prices from Jews orgs (one wonders for what), but that's it. Jan Smuts wasn't an Englishman, but got prices from the English for his services to the empire. He also had more support from Anglo-South-Africans than from Afrikaners for exactly that reason. Despite that nobody would say that he is "crypto-English" Or something like that.

    I don't know what is it with people. When they don't like a politicians (for good reasons) the story is conjured up that this is somehow a crypto Jew, got Jewish ancestors or whatever. If that's not immediately contradicted, it becomes "a fact". When it is contradicted, those promulgating the thesis, become indignant, they come with pseudo-proof, because some grand mothers name "sounded Jewish". When shown that they misinterpret evidence, they quickly find something new.

    I'm not saying that there are no "crypto-Jews", but not everyone doing the Jews bidding, is one. In fact many of those suspect characters are more like Shabbos goys, folks that dance to the tune of the Jews for some sort of reward. Merkel fits that profile, a lot of other figures as well. I would say that Nelson Mandela was a Shabbos Goy, given that his handlers were mostly Jewish. Just look at the Prosecution sheet who his co-accused were.

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