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Thread: Dutch Military of The Netherlands , especially Holland 's Navy

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    Cool Dutch Military of The Netherlands , especially Holland 's Navy

    The Dutch Navy had been pretty successful in the Golden Age of the 17th century ,
    but declined during the following century , probably leading to the downfall of the
    Dutch Republic during the French Revolution and occupation by Napoleonic Troops .
    The war, contemporary with the War of American Independence,
    broke out over British and Dutch disagreements on the legality and conduct of Dutch trade with Britain's enemies in that war.
    The war proved a disaster for the Netherlands, particularly economically.

    One website I could find about the Dutch Navy is .

    Although there is much hype or even populism about German submarines , especially during World War Two,
    the foes of National Socialist Germany had a very capable submarine department , too .

    The Dutch O-21 even sinking the German submarine U-95 in the Mediterrean Sea south of the Spanish Coast .
    Following the German invasion of 10 May 1940, the O 21 was hastily commissioned,
    still incomplete, and sailed for England on 12 May together with her sister O 22 and the tugboat B.V. 37,
    to be finally completed at the Navy yard in Rosyth.
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