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Thread: Richard Spencer's Wife Divorces Him - Cites Abuse

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    His wife has also got Canadian citizenship afaik, so she will probably not go back to Russia for more than a holiday. She's actually part Georgian and hence isn't considered white by everyone in the alt-right scene:

    As a fellow Russian immigrant, I was also interested in what led her to marry a man who dreams of “an ethno-state that would be a gathering point for all Europeans,” especially since many of his followers would argue that Kouprianova’s Georgian roots would somewhat preclude her from his so-called “new society.”


    How much trolling do you get on a daily basis? You said you get trolled a lot from both liberals and self-proclaimed Neo-Nazis, how so? How does your Georgian ancestry play into some of the trolling you get from the right-wing?

    If there were no real-life repercussions, online “trolling” could even be called “amusing.” After all, there are days when Liberals smear me as a “Nazi White Supremacist,” while self-described “National Socialists” call me a “non-white Communist” at the same time, presumably because I’m ethnically ~1/4 Southern European (Georgian). Most amusing of all are pro-immigration feminist Liberals who suspend their own values with xenophobic and misogynistic “Go back to Russia, mail-order bride!” slogans.


    Do you think your being Russian has any relevance to why Richard Spencer wanted to marry you? Did he have any particular interest in Russian history or politics? Or do you think you just got along well for other reasons and things would have progressed in the same way if you were, say, Swedish or of some other European descent? What is it that drew you to him?

    No. Richard is a well-educated, well-read person, which means that his knowledge of Russian history and culture is above average. However, he does not have any particular interest in Russia beyond this general knowledge base. Our initial communication relied on the fact that we had similar interests in literature, theater, art, travel, politics, and a similar educational background in the humanities.

    How is his attitude toward women? I ask because there’s this interesting Rolling Stone piece, which says, “Spencer tends to see women as manipulative figures who are best when submitting to Alt-Right virility. Women, he tweeted during the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Trump, ‘should never be allowed to make foreign policy. It’s not that they’re ‘weak.’ To the contrary, their vindictiveness knows no bounds.’ Over drinks, he suggests that most women secretly crave Alt-Right boyfriends because they want ‘alpha genes’ and ‘alpha sperm.'” To you think this is a fair assessment of how your husband views women and sexual politics? Do you believe that a woman could or should ever be president in America?

    Some of these comments are obvious trolling.

    One of the main arguments that mainstream feminists use is that greater female representation in politics would give this realm more feminine, nurturing, peaceful qualities. However, looking at recent exemplars, such as Madeline Albright, Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, and others, and their complicity in the destruction of ex-Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, demonstrates that women—or, at least, these particular women—are no less warlike in positions of power than men.

    That said, I prefer female rulers along the lines of Catherine the Great of Russia, even though I realize that we tend to romanticize the past.

    Certainly, if an exceptional woman is qualified to be in a leadership position, she may become president in the U.S. and elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nachtengel View Post
    His wife has also got Canadian citizenship afaik, so she will probably not go back to Russia for more than a holiday. She's actually part Georgian and hence isn't considered white by everyone in the alt-right scene:
    Weirdly enough, she appears to have influenced his views more than he did hers. He's made pro-Soviet statements on twitter and in interviews quite a few times, going as far as to deny the Holodomor and praise Stalin

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